Dating a Short Girl in 2023: Pros, Cons and Need To Knows

Ask a random sampling of guys and they will all agree that there are lots of benefits to dating a short girl. For some guys, it’s about the look of having a short girl with him. Other guys prefer to be taller than the woman they’re with. These are but a few of the reasons guys enjoy dating short girls.

Though it might seem strange to consider a characteristic like a girl’s height when it comes to dating, these things are actually pretty important to some people. If a guy is over a foot taller than she is, he’ll constantly be bending down to kiss her. Holding hands will be a different experience with a short girl than it would if he was with someone closer to his own height.

Dating a short girl comes with all kinds of considerations, from what a couple looks like in pictures to always being able to see over her head.

However, most guys are in agreement that dating a short girl comes with so many benefits that the pros far outweigh the cons.

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Things To Know about Dating Short Girls

Things To Know about dating a short girl

Most guys have experience dating short girls thanks to high school romances. During the teenage years it’s not uncommon for boys to experience growth spurts that send them towering over the girls that in many cases were taller than they were in middle school. That means there are lots of prom photos out there with a tall guy and shorter girl.

This is where the personal preference for dating short girls usually develops, and it continues into the college years.

There is no “typical” short girl, but short girls are often characterized as being fun, spunky, energetic and feisty. Their outgoing personalities give their taller significant others a run for their money and most men love it.

However, there are a few downsides to consider, including sensitivity to her stature and not always being able to enjoy things in the same way.

Pros of Dating A Short Girl

A Short Girl Makes Her Man Look Bigger

Guys who want to give off the ultimate Alpha Male vibe enjoy dating women who are physically smaller than they are. A woman who is taller than he is destroys the image of a strong man, so being able to stand taller than his girlfriend is a huge turn on.

Dominant men enjoy having physically smaller partners to enhance that sense of dominance, and many short girls are thrilled at being the object of their affection.

Fun In The Bedroom

Speaking of enjoyment, there is a belief that short girls are lots of fun in the bedroom. There’s a lot of truth to this one. Having a short girl in bed can yield some incredibly fun encounters. And it helps that her feisty personality makes her adventurous in her amorous pursuits.

Sleeping with a short girl is very rewarding as well. They’re the perfect size for cuddling and spooning, and she will love your arms around her as much as you will enjoy holding her close. In a lot of ways she’s like a teddy bear, and you’ll love holding her close all night long.

Sexy Heels

when you’re dating a short girl you don’t have to worry about high heels because she’ll still be shorter than her man

Guys love a pair of sky-high stiletto heels on their girls. However, those sexy heels can make a girl taller than her guy. But when you’re dating a short girl you don’t have to worry about high heels because she’ll still be shorter than her man and that is a very big turn-on for many men.

Outgoing Personalities

Short girls are known for their zest for life. They’re feisty and fun and they bring a lot of flavor to any relationship. Men looking for women who will keep them on their toes often find everything they’re looking for in short women who are ready for any challenge.

Cons of Dating a Short Girl

Short Girls Can Be Sensitive About Their Height

While short girls embrace their height and love everything about being short, they won’t want reminders of how short they are. Terms of endearment should avoid height at all costs. “You’re so adorable” is one thing, but “You’re so cute and tiny” is something altogether different and it could lead to a heated argument.

It might seem contradictory that a short girl is sensitive about her height, but it falls in line with a guy who works out a lot and isn’t thrilled about the size of his arms. “Look at those guns” is very different than “I love your little arms” and the same can be applied to a woman’s height.

You might find a girl who is absolutely comfortable in her skin and she won’t mind that you consider her tiny. The best course of action is to ask her how she feels. It’s one awkward conversation, but it will save a relationship filled with problems if you do it early on with genuine concern about understanding her needs.

Towering Above The Crowd

Another downfall to dating a short girl is that she won’t be able to see things the way you do. If you’re at a concert or sporting event, her field of vision could be blocked by taller people standing in front of her while you enjoy an unobstructed view. Though it’s not necessarily a problem, it will change how she experiences some of the things you like to do together.

While you might be able to put your short girlfriend on your shoulders at the beach, you can’t give her a boost in day to day situations, and limiting your activities can wear on the relationship.

The Bottom Line: Dating Short Girls Rocks

Superficial details like height shouldn’t weigh too heavily on dating decisions, but height is an important consideration. Being a full foot taller than your partner changes the way you view things. Then again, hugs from a girl who is a foot shorter can be amazing.

The bottom line when it comes to dating short girls is that there are far more benefits than detriments, but it’s important to understand your own desires and concerns before making snap decisions like “She’s too short for me” or “She’s not short enough for me.” If height is something that you consider when dating, and your prospective new relationship involves someone who doesn’t meet your standards, think about her other attributes and whether they make up for her height. Dating short girls is almost universally an amazing experience for guys who have done it, and odds are good that you’ll enjoy the experience as well because short girls rock!

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