Dating A Sex Worker/Cam Girl: Need To Knows in 2023

As a society, we have made excellent progress especially in some of the more controversial subjects. One of the big movements is the acceptance of sex workers and cam girls. Neither are new concepts, but it seems to be a bigger crowd of people than it was before.

Is the girl who caught your eye a sex worker? Do you even understand what that may mean, exactly? All of your questions can be answered! We cover the details on dating a sex worker or cam girl.

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What Does A Sex Worker Really Do?

What Does A Sex Worker Really Do?

What is the first thing you hear when the term sex worker is mentioned? If your mind jumps to prostit, you’re not alone, but this is actually an incorrect understanding of the term! Sex work relates to anything that is adult and sexual in nature, so it does include escorts, but it’s not limited to them exclusively.

Other forms of sex work include porn stars, strippers, exotic dancers, cam girls, and anyone who makes a profit for sexually natured jobs. This may even include erotica writers or other forms of adult entertainment.

Cam girls are the most common type of sex worker in America. This is followed by strippers, but the thing with cam girls is that their type of job can be done right from home, and anyone can do it.

What Do Cam Girls Do?

Cam girls are pretty much exactly what they sound to be. Amatuer performers who have shows on webcam that are streamed online, often which require payment to view. Every performer has her own set of prices, rules, and things they’re willing to do, but the idea behind it is a more personal, customized porn show.

Many cam girls also run social media accounts to promote their work like Snapsex, or may sell subscriptions to explicit Snapchat or Patreon accounts as well. Other cam girls may sell pictures, videos, and other forms of content without ever broadcasting a live show.

These are all forms of being a sex worker!

Need To Knows About Cam Girls & Sex Workers

Dating a cam girl

Still have questions? No problem! Understanding the world of sex workers is a bit complicated, but it’ll start to make a little bit more sense soon.

The legality of sex work varies depending on what exactly you mean, and where you’re located. Prositituion is not legal in the USA, but there are no laws relating to the act of selling your own adult content. Cam girls, strippers, and other media entertainers in the industry are not breaking any laws.

Is It Safe?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many laws or regulation in place to protect sex workers. Strippers and cam girls have to take precautions and measures to help protect themselves, but if you’re curious if you’re safe while dating a sex worker the simple answer is yes.

As long as you both remain in the law and have rules in place for outsiders to follow, such as distribution of paid performances, you are both safe.

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What Are They Really Like?

A cam girl is like anyone else! Porn stars have often been looked at items or objects instead of genuine people, and cam girls or other forms of sex workers suffer this same stereotype. These women are real people, too, and they have hobbies and a past just like everyone else.

Their decision to be a sex worker comes from a place of confidence and acceptance in their body, so it’s harmful to assume that all cam girls have “daddy issues” or fall into the cliches often attached to strippers or porn stars.

Pros Of Dating a Cam Girl

Though you probably haven’t set out with the objective to date a cam girl or sex worker, you may find yourself in that situation. There are plenty of cons that you think of first, but what goes underappreciated in the sex working world are the great positive aspects of dating someone who cams or sells their own content.

They are confident and sexually assured

Of course, everyone has their own insecurities, but in order to sell your body online, you need a level of confidence. These girls got that and then some! They know what they like in bed, and they’re usually very good at what they do. Both inside and out, they are confident and happy with themselves. 

The money is pretty nice

Most sex workers make amazing money

Most sex workers make amazing money! Some cam girls and strippers can bring in thousands a month. One popular internet personality Belle Delphine makes several thousand a month just by selling subscriptions to her adult content online. Other celebrities like Cardi B started as a stripper and made their fame through that money.

You’ll feel very special

While some people are a bit more insecure in their relationship, you get to have the knowledge that the girl you’re dating is so admired by many, yet has eyes only for you! That would make anyone feel special, right?

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Cons Of Dating a Cam Girl

With anything, there is a set level of downsides to consider. There are a few common, shared frustrations when it comes to dating a cam girl or sex worker, so take these into consideration before making anything official.

We live in a judgmental society

Cam girls are shamed online frequently

Cam girls are shamed online frequently, and often under fire for being too promiscuous, not valuing their bodies enough, or straight up being called cruel names. Some sex workers have been bullied or tormented because of their choice of career, and when you care about someone… that is always hard to watch.

There may be some jealousy issues

Society has been very possessive in relationships for most of history. Though this is a hot moment right now for sex workers and open or polyamorus relationships, old habits die hard. Jealousy isn’t an organic feeling, so it can be conquered, but it always hurts having to deal with it. A sex worker has her body enjoyed by many, and that can cause an issue or two.

They are very concerned about their looks

While confidence is one major plus for sex workers, you’ll notice that they may put more time, money, and care into their looks than other girls. Their diets and workout routines are pretty strict so they stay looking their best, and money has to be spent on makeup, nails, clothes, lingerie, hair, and heels. It’s a lot looking that great!

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5 Ways To Win Them Over

Dating and attracting a sex worker or cam girl is quite similiar to pursuing any other woman in the world, but there are a few things you can do better that will entice them more than ever. So, you fell for a sex worker, and now you have no idea how to stand out enough to get a date? No worries!

1. Be respectful

Part of the job as a sex worker is dealing with mysgonist, rude men. Sad, but true, it’s just part of the day of the life. Cam girls deal with disrespectful comments, opinions, requests, and even attitudes on the daily. You want to be noticed by a sex worker? Be respectful!

This doesn’t only require that you’re respectful to them alone, but to women, and sex workers, in general. They pay attention to these things, and they’ll often be very supportive of their fellow women and sex workers. Cam girls especially can be a close-knit bunch, so if you’re cruel to one, they’ll all know about it. Having a sex-positive attitude is a great way to get in tight.

2. Compliment their intelligence or talents

Think about how many times a sex worker has their body commented on a day

Think about how many times a sex worker has their body commented on a day. They’ve heard every compliment in existence about their chest and behind, and everything in between physically. As appreciative as they may be about it, something different will catch their attention better.

In the beginning, steer clear of physical compliments, and instead pick something more personal. Is she smart? Does she have a passion for games? Compliment those things about her! Paying attention to the other, less physical qualities about her and showing you notice that will do wonders for your chances.

3. Ask them out on a formal date

Too many times, sex workers are regarded as just sex-obsessed, easy women. This is so far from the truth! Like anyone else, a cam girl will want to be romanced and made to feel special, and like a person. How do people in other careers date? They go out on dates.

Ask her out! Maybe for a movie, or rollerblading, or even the traditional dinner. No matter what it is, make sure they know it’s a date, with no expectation for extra afterwards. You want to make them feel seen and special as a real person, and not just a doll for adult entertainment purposes.

4. Don’t expect sex!

Like mentioned above, sex workers are too often compared to just machines for pleasure. This isn’t true, so don’t tie those beliefs to your date. Keep things casual and lowkey at first, and don’t go into a relationship with a cam girl expecting nonstop sex or some sort of nymphomaniac.

These women are just like anyone else. They’ll have their moods, their headaches, and their bad days at work that could affect their sex life. Try to keep your expectations realistic, and don’t pursue a sex worker just for the sexual benefits that may or may not be involved.

5. Ask them questions about their life

Separating the performer from the woman is a great idea when it comes to getting to know a sex worker, especially with the intentions to date. Sure, maybe she makes sexual movies, or dances in clubs, or web cams twice a week… but she is more than that.

Get the dynamic details about who she is. Ask about her family, or her vacations, or what she wants to do in the future. This is really just a standard part of beginning a relationship with anyone, but thanks to society giving a bad representation of cam girls in the modern age, this is an essential step so often skipped with these women. Make her feel valued.

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Wrap Up

Sex workers are nothing to be intimidated by! Despite society having such upsetting opinions towards them, these women are genuine human beings too, and if you treat them as such… they’ll like you in return! Dating one of these career-oriented girls isn’t any different from dating anyone else. If you’re worried about the downsides and negative aspects of sex work and having a relationship with a cam girl, consider all the great things that come out of it! Changing your attitude towards this can help you in many ways, especially in your sexual life. Open-mindedness is an attractive thing in 2019, so don’t keep living in the past.

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