Dating a Nigerian Man: What to Expect?

Dating a Nigerian Man

Nigerian men are uniquely amazing people, so we’re not surprised that they typically have it easy finding partners. Let’s look at what to expect if you plan on dating a Nigerian man.

Nigerian men are widely known to be some of the most fruitful, opportunity pursuing and passionate people on the planet. This is largely due to their Nigerian culture, where love and dedication is a large part of their life. Dating a Nigerian man comes with a few different kinds of things that are a little different than the typical western way of life, however.

That’s exactly why we’ve written this article too, so you can have a more in-depth view of what you can expect when dating a Nigerian man. It’s actually quite the joy in most cases, considering all of the things they put first for their women. They’re very ambitious individuals, who aim to give their family a quality of life that is desirable.

They often love to embrace new ideas, take advantage of opportunities and just go above and beyond. They’re extremely approachable, and strive to be a positive impact in their partner’s life. They frequently treat their women like queens according to most, so let’s take a look at a few reasons why they’re worth a try right now.

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What To Expect When Dating a Nigerian Man

A Jammed Packed Culture

Nigerian Culture

The Nigerian culture is certainly one that is capable of lending notes to others. It’s a rich culture packed full of food, religion, people, and embracing new ideas. If you plan on dating a Nigerian man, expect to be exposed to openness in terms of ideologies, society change and food. 

A very common, yet excellent aspect of Nigerian men, is the fact that they are typically very independent and think for themselves. They evaluate everything from the outside and inspect it cautiously. Everything they do, whether it be relationships, food or religion, is done with a lot of thought and seriousness.

They’re the free-thinkers of the world. Nigerian men are a part of something bigger, a culture full of different ideas and influencers, which is why they’re all so good at thinking for themselves. 

Extremely Approachable and Loving

The culture that surrounds Nigerian men is very specific in terms of the way their lady partners are treated. This means that this culture has been ingrained into their lifestyle. 

They can be called extremely old-school, at least in terms of relationships, such as dating. They take everything to heart, and expect themselves to be the utmost best to women. Nigerian men consider relationships to be sacred, in a sense. They’re extremely passionate, and strive to be the best partner imaginable. 

Unfortunately for those of us who are actually looking for a commitment, western society can sometimes seem like relationships are casual and not all that important. Nigerian men are the furthest from this, taking each relationship they’re in very seriously. They still love to have fun at the right times, though, so don’t think it’s all serious business.

They Embrace Everything 

Nigerian Culture

Nigerian culture has a lot that western society can learn from. The men are very vocal and proactive about it as well, especially when it comes to their cultural ideals. They love to embrace the good in people, and take advantage of new opportunities. 

Society can sometimes seem a bit closed in terms of new ideas, but Nigerian men love to embrace revolutionary ideas and new people. If you’re curious about what dating a Nigerian is like, then you’re probably not a Nigerian yourself. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, because Nigerian men love embracing new societies and people alike! 

If you have any hobbies or interests that aren’t particularly common with Nigerians, expect them to embrace it with you anyway. They’re a very wide spectrum in terms of partnership qualities, so look forward to a lot of fun!

They Treat Their Partners Like Queens

Nigerian Marriage

If there is one common trait to point out within the men of the Nigerian culture, it’s the way they treat women. Nigerian men view relationships at a nearly sacred level. They are extremely devoted to providing well for their partners. 

They love to provide the ability for their partner to dress well, eat good food and to live a high-quality of life. They’re also reported to be extremely romantic, and strive to impress their girlfriend to the fullest extent they can.

Their ability to have a smooth relationship with nearly zero difficulty is like no other. They’re typically in it for the long-run, and usually don’t mess around like many in the west do; especially with short-term, often meaningless relationships. They put their best foot forward in nearly every scenario, wanting to make real connections.

They’re Responsible 

This is a statement that covers a broad amount of territory. Nigerian men are typically very interested in academics, such as college. It’s not at all uncommon to see a Nigerian man pursuing a degree in a professional field such as a doctor or lawyer, for example. Many even travel abroad just to continue or start their studies.

As mentioned before, they generally plan for the long-term, which is why college is essential to most of them, so that they’re able to provide for their family accordingly. This also holds true for other major things of life, like relationships. Nigerian men love to settle down rather quickly. 

Don’t misunderstand this, however, because they also love to travel and explore new territory. They’re extremely passionate about maintaining a healthy, professional, culturally rich, yet fruitful lifestyle. Even though this is such an important aspect of their morality code, they still love to have fun whenever possible!

Final Thoughts

Nigerian men are usually very friendly and accepting of new ideas. They are raised to embrace the best in people and strive to take advantage of new opportunities. This means that if you plan on dating a Nigerian man, you will have full backing in everything you do. 

They aim to have a strong ability to provide well, receive a good education, and to show affection like no other. Many of them are also religious, typically within the Muslim or Christian faith. They typically are very accepting of other beliefs too. However, if you plan on finding a Nigerian to date online, be careful. 

While the vast majority of Nigerians are honest and hardworking people, sometimes when it seems too good to be true, it is. Be very careful with Nigerian romance scammers. They often claim to be sons of princes or rich businessmen. Nonetheless, most of them are very good people, who definitely have many positives to offer and pros to consider. 

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