Dating a Model in 2023: Things to Know, Pros, Cons

Are you dating a model? Are you thinking about dating a model? If so, there are things that you should know about what it can be like to be with a model and things that you should expect. The more you know, the more successful your relationship will be.

The modeling industry has evolved a great deal over the years, especially now that companies want a variety of models to reflect what everyday people look like. However, traditional runway models still have the lithe, linear look that is commonly ascribed to models, and super tall and thin women are still in high demand.

If you are dating a model, or thinking about dating one, your relationship will be much more successful when you take time to understand what models do and what their lives are like. It might look glamorous all the time, but it really is hard work.

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Things To Know When Dating a Model

Things To Know about dating a model

There are many types of models. There are hand models, foot models, catalog models, runway models, high fashion models and just about anything in between.

Your experience dating a model will depend on the kind of model he or she is, but for the sake of this article we will assume that the model is a fashion model who appears in fashion shows and runways, and does magazine spreads and ads for popular clothing, makeup and perfume lines.

Models work long hours, often arriving very early to photo shoots for hair and makeup before getting to work. Each wardrobe change means new makeup or hair, so it is very possible for a model to work upwards of 12-15 hours a day.

The rewards for being a model are great. There are lots of perks and unique experiences to enjoy, but there is a small window to enjoy them given that every year there are new people trying to break into the modeling industry and only so many jobs to go around.

Pros of Dating a Model

Fascinating Lives, New Locations

Models usually do their photo shoots on location, which means going to new and exciting places on a regular basis.

Models usually do their photo shoots on location, which means going to new and exciting places on a regular basis. For fashion models, the more exciting the location, the better. She might be in a tropical rainforest with a colorful bird or snake, or she might be on a week long trip to the Hawaiian islands for a swimwear shoot when you are stuck at home in the snow.

Successful models are always working in beautiful places. They are constantly surrounded by beautiful people and they will have lots of stories to tell about each job.

Always Changing Looks

One of the best things about dating a model is that you never know what she will look like when she gets home. If she has a big photoshoot that day she could go to work as a blonde and come home a brunette.

She will have a team of makeup artists there to bring each look to life. She could go through a dozen wardrobe, hair and makeup changes each day. It isn’t easy to get made up for all of those looks, but it means that she could come home looking like a completely different person, which can really add some spice to a relationship.

Perks, Perks, Perks

Dating a model comes with lots of perks. If she is a well-known model, she will be invited to all kinds of parties, restaurant openings, red carpet events and all kinds of industry parties. She will be able to get into clubs without waiting in line, and there will be lines of people willing to give her things in order to get a photo with her.

As her faithful boyfriend, you will be there with her. You get to go to the circus, too, and that means you get to experience the finer things in life with her. You will meet celebrities, you will get into once in a lifetime events, and you will see things that you would never be able to see without having her access.

The slight downfall to all of these amazing perks is that you will be on display, too, which means you might be outside of your comfort zone. You will also have to deal with people hitting on her, buying her drinks and all of the things that come along with being beautiful and famous. Be ready, because it can lead to jealousy if you are not secure in your relationship.


The “Instagram Boyfriend”

The “Instagram Boyfriend”

You’ve seen him. He’s the guy taking pictures of his hot girlfriend all over the place, standing in the middle of the sidewalk or getting hit by waves in order to secure the perfect picture of his girlfriend.

He’s an Instagram Boyfriend.

If your model girlfriend or boyfriend is also trying to hit it big on Instagram in their off time, then you might be called upon to be the unofficial photographer. That means you’ll be holding purses, finding the perfect light and trying to take the perfect picture for use on her social media accounts.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing, but over time it can become very annoying. You are not just her caddy, there to lug her gear and take photos. It is the kind of thing that can break a relationship apart if she sees you as her staff rather than her boyfriend.

Dietary Restrictions

When you’re out to eat with a model, be ready for dietary restrictions. She might be under orders from her bosses to lose weight, or maintain a certain weight. If she’s trying to lose weight, be ready to hear about fad diets, sudden-onset gluten intolerance and occasional cleanses and fasts.

It can be a lot to handle if you’re the kind of person who likes to eat real food. You might not want to try the latest vegan restaurant, or you may hate couscous and tofu.

When you’re with a model, all of a sudden your culinary world could be turned upside down and if you’re a meat and potatoes guy, this can be a rough transition.

Constant Scrutiny About Looks

Like an actor, models land jobs based on their looks. Someone younger and better looking will always be waiting in the wings to take her place, so your partner will always be worried about her looks.

When you’re with someone who worries about looks, it can mean that she eats like a bird when you go out for dinner and she might work out every spare hour of the day to stay in shape. It can be a lot to deal with when she’s asking if she looks okay (of course she does) when she thinks she looks terrible (when she clearly doesn’t).

She’s in an industry where looks are at a premium, and when her managers and photographers tell her to worry about her looks, she will worry tenfold. It can lead to eating disorders and unhealthy habits in general. As her supportive boyfriend, you need to be sure that you are in a place where you can handle her insecurity when it rears its ugly head.

Financial Worries

Models tend to be paid by assignment, so if they aren’t out working then they’re not being paid. When they do get paid, they are usually paid very well but it comes as one lump sum payment for the entire job. If there is a delay in being paid, or if there is a dispute about hours worked, then it can mean no money until the delay or dispute is resolved.

That puts pressure on you to provide for him or her when the money doesn’t come in. For some new couples, this is an automatic deal breaker. Make sure you have a very open and honest conversation about where you stand before you start paying for things so that you’re not left with a mess if things don’t work out.

The Bottom Line

Dating a model can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of perks to being a model’s boyfriend or girlfriend and those perks can make life very interesting.

As with any profession, there are pros and cons. With a model, you are dating someone whose looks, or perhaps a particular body part, make up their livelihood. That means certain activities where injuries are possibly are out, and she won’t necessarily want to join you for a late night Taco Bell run if she has to fit into her wardrobe for a shoot.

On the other hand, there are the perks. You’re dating a model, and that means you have a model on your arm and you’re getting into clubs and trendy restaurants because of her influence. She knows people, and you will be able to navigate her social circles with her.

Though it all feels like fun and games when you are out together enjoying the fruits of her labor, make sure that you don’t allow jealousy to get in the way. She will have people in her inner circles who know every intimate detail of her life because they spend so much time together. She could have a man helping her dress each day, so he sees her naked as much as you do. This can be hard, but if you know what you’re getting into you can make it.

Dating a model is an adventure and you should both enjoy it. Just make sure that you’re communicating openly and honestly with each other, and have fun.

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