Dating a Man with Kids: Pros, Cons, Things to Know

dating a man with kids Dating a man with kids. It may sound daunting at first, but it’s actually quite fun, and surprisingly less stressful and time consuming than you might think. Let’s see what this type of relationship entails.

We get it. You have the hots for a guy and just found out he has kids. While it may seem like this type of relationship could come in between you and your date, it’s not all as bad as it seems. Many people go through breakups and divorces, and having children does not prevent this from happening. 

We can’t expect men who have children to stay single forever, and why would we want to? It may come as a surprise, but most people who date men with kids actually are much happier than you’d think. 

Though it may come with a few downfalls, of which actually aren’t that bad, it also adds astronomically to the relationship as well. This is why we’ve created this article, so you’re able to be rest assured that this type of relationship isn’t actually bad at all.

Dating Men With Kids: Things To Know

You’ll Get To Practice Being A Parent

The first thing you’ll get to experience is the act of parenting. You’ll likely be around your date often, which means you’ll get to see both the ugly and pretty aspects of parenting. 

You’ll get to experience their birthdays, the aspect of discipline, and all other parts of what is parenting. It’s essentially a behind the scenes view of what it could look like when you yourself have your own little ones running around.

The Kids Will Be Sick

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, although much of it is! You should expect the kids to get sick at least more than a few times per year, realistically speaking. Kids go to school, and more often than not, are in very close proximity to other children. 

This raises the chance of becoming infected with a virus such as the Flu significantly. This isn’t really that big of a deal, though. It’s just an inconvenience that’s worth putting up with for love!

You’ll Explore The Community Together 

Probably one of the better aspects of dating a man with kids, is the opportunity it gives you to explore your community. Kids love doing things, and parents love helping them. 

Activities such as museum visits, restaurant outings, and other fun and exciting things are definitely in the equation if you date a man with kids. This is where we move into our next topic, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Expect To Share Time 

It’s no surprise that you’ll definitely have to share your time with the kids, in terms of who gets his time. Maybe you have an event that you’re stoked to go to, and want your new boyfriend to also attend. 

Unfortunately, you’re told that his daughter has a clarinet recital that same evening. Obviously, he’s going to attend his daughter’s recital instead. This is an example of one common scenario to expect if you date a man with kids. 

No worries, though, because men are generally actually great at handling their time between kids and relationships.

Introducing The Kids To New Things

This is where you get to experience time with his kids together. Maybe you love playing a certain sport, so you invite them to learn how to play. This could also be something else you’re interested in, such as traveling or even violin practice. 

The point of this is to build a relationship with the kids, allowing you all to explore what life has to offer. Especially important if you plan on staying with this man long-term.

Things To Remember

Don’t Move Too Fast 

When you first start dating a man with kids, it may be very exciting to get things moving and settle into the new life. 

This could be a bad idea in some cases, however. You have to remember that while the kids may indeed like you, their parents have gone through a separation. 

This means that on top of being a little upset over that, they now see their father being obsessed over the new girl in town. Just take it slow at first, and everything will work out.

He May Have Scrambled Finances

One of the few downsides of parenthood, despite being an undoubtedly rewarding experience, is that it cost lots and lots of money. Parents put their children at the top of the priority lists. 

This means that he may not be able to have the best wedding in town, nor purchase the most luxury BMW from the lot next to the Starbucks that he stays away from to save money. 

Don’t take it the wrong way — this doesn’t mean that he’s broke. It just means that he has his priorities straight. That happens to be a very good quality.

Talk About The Future First

As mentioned before, because kids are involved, you must take it slow. This also involves talking about the future. We also mentioned that, if given enough time, the kids will like you. 

This means that if separation occurs after a year, for example, the kids will be heartbroken. The chance of this happening could easily lower if you and your boyfriend just talked. 

Before you introduce yourself to the kids, ensure that this is what you both want. It’s not a guaranteed prevention, but it could help. You want to make sure you’re both committed, before separating over something insignificant. 

Final Thoughts

Dating is a natural attraction to partake in. If you plan on dating a man who happens to have kids, then you’ll need to play it just a little different than usual. This doesn’t mean the entire relationship will revolve around the kids, of course. You’ll still be able to have those sexy dates, fun trips to the beach together, or other adult friendly activities.

Kids may add a few things that aren’t necessarily attractive, but it adds so much more positive to the mix. You’ll have your own little family when things permit. It’s actually quite fun to have kids, according to many women. It’s what you make of it; it will not determine the relationship itself, the situation just requires you to approach things a bit differently than you would otherwise if no one else was involved.

In fact, we recommend that you do date men with kids, as they often receive blind discrimination. This is often due to many misconceptions, a few of which are noted in this article! Give it a chance, and if you are already dating a man with kids at the time of reading this, don’t sweat it. Believe it not, there are actually women who prefer to date those who already have little minions running around.

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