Dating a Journalist in 2023: Things to Know, Pros, and Cons

Some professions have a profound impact on your lifestyle and can even be integral to your identity. It spreads into many other areas of your life, including dating. One such profession is journalism. It creates an unusual schedule, tight deadlines, and an inquisitive and thorough mind. All of this makes journalists interesting people to date.

Going on a date or being in a relationship with a journalist has unique ups and downs. Their work is important to them, and it will spill over into your conversations and impact your dates. Not every person is the same, but dating a Journalist is sure to be a fun rollercoaster ride.  

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Things to Know When Dating a Journalist

Things to Know When Dating a Journalist

Journalists are a particular type of writer; they can be known for being opinionated. That, combined with the crazy working hours and inflated ego, can all make for a dating experience where you just don’t know what will happen next.

There are lots of things that you’ll need to get used to, like carrying a notebook around, often being one step ahead of you, and a tendency to be critical about everything. Knowing and talking to the right people counts in journalism, so expect them to spend plenty of time networking and handing out business cards.

Dating someone from an exciting and high profile profession can give you a glimpse into another world. You get new experiences, learn tips and tricks, and discover new ways of seeing and doing things. This is one of the best parts of dating: opening yourself up to someone else’s world.

Pros When You Want to Date a Journalist

Dating a journalist can be a lot of fun, and it certainly has its good sides:

Pro 1: They Are Masters of Good Conversation

Journalists know just the right questions to ask. That means they’re great at getting a conversation flowing on a first date. Their questions aren’t just ice breakers, though. They know how to make people open up, since asking the right questions is part of their job. Interviewing sources and getting to the bottom of a story is what they know best.

All of these questions will lead to them getting to know you well. Words are a journalist’s tool, which means when you introduce them to friends or family, they’ll know the right thing to say. Communication is key to any relationship, so dating a journalist means you’re off to a good start already.

Pro 2: Punctual

A journalist’s life is all about deadlines. They know they need to get their copy in by this time on this day, or the piece won’t run. They might be rearranging sentences and proofing paragraphs up until the last minute, but they respect arrangements and turn up on time.

Punctuality is great for dating. They won’t leave you waiting at a restaurant or make you miss the first part of a movie. They might still be getting themselves together on the way to your date, but the frenzied activity of a journalist is all part of being on time. They use every second and minute available. This leads to them valuing your time too.

Pro 3: They Can Handle Anything

The work-life of most journalists involves a large amount of variety. They will cover stories on several different topics throughout their career. They talk to all sorts of people and end up in some crazy situations, which means they know how to handle a curveball.

Dating someone who is rarely flustered is a big positive. They have a unique mix of patience combined with an adventurous streak, which will lead to some fun dates. You’ll be dating someone who feels calm and capable in most situations. They won’t want to tiptoe around difficult subjects and will always be straight with you.    

Pro 4: They Tell Great Stories

Apart from being a good conversationalist, being a journalist gives you 101 amazing anecdotes. As the person they are dating, you’ll get to hear all of their sad, crazy, and funny stories. Instead of recounting a boring day at the office with water cooler gossip, you’ll hear something insightful and interesting. However, it can border on dark and depressing.

You’re extremely unlikely to run out of topics for conversation when dating a journalist. It’s not just their anecdotes they can share. They’ve researched tons of subjects, and they can speak about them with passion and just the right words that will make you fall in love with them all over again.

Pro 5: They Are Energetic and Dynamic

Journalism is a distinctive craft. You need to be artistic and have a way with words. It also requires a particular type of intelligence that involves an inquiring and analytical mind. When you put these two qualities together, you get a remarkable individual that is intriguing and persuasive.

It takes a lot of energy to get a story together. Journalists are used to giving it their all and drawing on their best qualities to get the job done; then it is on to the next one. You can expect that energy to flow over into your dating life, which leads to some intense and thrilling moments. You might need to be there for them when they burn out too.

Cons of Dating a Journalist

Dating isn’t perfect, and being with a journalist isn’t either. Here are some downsides you might want to prepare for:

Con 1: They Can Let You down with No Notice

Journalism is often about what is happening at the moment. If a big story is breaking or their source has finally surfaced, then any writer worth their salt will drop everything and get to work. The consequences for your dating life is that they might have to cancel plans at the last minute.

You could be taking things to the next level after your date or inviting them to an important event, but if their office calls, they need to take it. The news doesn’t stop, so neither will the journalist you are dating. It can be frustrating to have to work to their schedule so much, and it still means you have to cancel every now and then.

Con 2: They Are Always Working

Even if a journalist hasn’t been called away to report on a big story, it can be difficult for them to switch off their inquisitive mindset. If their ears prick up at a certain detail, you might find them following their nose to get a story. They’ll start asking questions and wanting to know more about random things because that’s how their brain works.

At the same time, whenever they tell people that they are a journalist, they’ll inevitably get story ideas thrown at them. One in every dozen might be interesting, but most of the time, they’ll be looking for tactful ways to turn people down. That is when they aren’t answering questions about the famous people they’ve met.

Con 3: They Have a Critical Eye

Writing an article or a commentary piece involves sifting through the facts and scrutinizing everything. Many journalists will have written reviews at some point in their careers, which means they analyze just about anything they come across.

Whether it is the movie you see, a political documentary on TV, or the restaurant for your date, you can expect a journalist to have an opinion. All that analyzing can tend to turn a critical eye into a negative view of the world.

Bottom Line

Not every journalist will be punctual, just as not every one of them will always have work on the brain. However, it is useful to know these common traits that lend themselves to the profession. In fact, some of these attributes are brought out by the daily work of being a journalist.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who writes articles for a living, you can expect them to have a way with words. This is great for interesting stories and for stimulating conversation. On the flip side, they might tend to analyze everything with a critical approach.

Perhaps the biggest downside is when they have to rush off to cover a big story. There are plenty of positives to having a journalist in your life. They’re energetic, capable, and knowledgeable, which are wonderful attributes for the person standing by your side in everything you do. Their thick skin will mean they are direct and truthful with you, and their creativity and intelligence will win you over.

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