Dating a Bodybuilder in 2023: Pros, Cons, Things to Know

When you hear that someone is dating a bodybuilder you might have a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in your head, and that could very well be accurate. Some bodybuilders are into competitions and going to places like Venice Beach in Southern California where bodybuilders show off their bodies. Others do it for themselves because they like it.

The experience of dating a bodybuilder will definitely vary depending on what kind of bodybuilding your romantic partner is into. This dating guide will explore both kinds of bodybuilders and their pros and cons as romantic partners.

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Things to Know About Dating a Bodybuilder


Bodybuilding can be a hobby and a lifestyle. The casual bodybuilder might work out every day after work while bodybuilders who compete are in the gym for hours on end, every single day. There are competitions and exhibitions to attend. Every item of food is scrutinized for peak nutritional value.

Bodybuilders enjoy the attention that they receive. They enjoy showing off their hard work and they enjoy having a partner who will complement their look. Having a partner who also enjoys fitness is a definite plus.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys an active lifestyle and enjoy going to the gym, dating a bodybuilder can be a fun experience. However it’s important to understand that for the bodybuilder who competes professionally, this is a job and it can take precedence over everything. You need to know what you’re getting into when dating a bodybuilder.

Pros of Dating a Bodybuilder

Great Bodies

dating a man bodybuilder

Physical fitness is a major part of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. The result is that they have great bodies. Professional bodybuilders have incredible muscle mass and definition. Casual bodybuilders are in peak shape as well. If you’re attracted to physical attributes then dating a bodybuilder is perfect for you.

What’s more is that bodybuilders enjoy showing off their physique. They put their bodies on display and when you’re dating a bodybuilder your partner will always look good no matter where you are.

Active Lifestyle

Bodybuilders love to work out. One of the great things about being a bodybuilder, or almost any kind of fitness enthusiast these days, is that workouts can be done outside the gym. You might run stairs or go hiking, or lift weights in a park.

Dating a bodybuilder is an opportunity to be with someone who not only enjoys physical fitness but who lives an active lifestyle. This can be incredible motivation if you want to get out and change your fitness habits. While you might not want to be a bodybuilder yourself, you might find that your level of fitness increases when you’re with someone who loves going to the gym.

Always an Adventure

Like dating a movie star, dating a bodybuilder is always an adventure. Bodybuilders attract attention and they love it, so there will always be people looking at your partner. What’s more is that bodybuilders who compete will often end up in exotic locations for national and world bodybuilding competitions, so if you’re lucky enough to tag along you’ll be able to enjoy the trip while also supporting your partner.

Cons of Dating a Bodybuilder

They’re Always Working Out

female bodybuilder

Working out is a job for professional bodybuilders. They’re in the gym all day every day. They practice their poses ahead of competition and they are careful about calories and the kinds of food they eat.

While having an active partner isn’t a bad thing, if you want to go on a date and he has a competition coming up then you will have to work around his schedule and make sure that whatever food is served fits into the meal plan.

Even the casual bodybuilder can become obsessed with her looks. She might not be looking to add massive amounts of muscle mass but when people catch the fitness bug it’s easy to turn a hobby into an obsession. That obsession can go from working out an hour a day to several hours per day, so if you’re not a gym rat then this can be a major issue for the relationship.

They Will Want You Workout Too

If you started your relationship before she became a bodybuilder, you might not share the passion for going to the gym that she does. However, as the hobby becomes a passion or a profession, you might be expected to hit the gym too.

Your partner probably won’t expect you to become a bodybuilder as well, but there will be an expectation that if you’re out together you present a certain look. Some bodybuilders only want to be seen with other fit people and if you don’t fit the mold then you’ll either need to change or acknowledge that this isn’t the relationship you’re looking for.

It’s also hard being around so many fit people all the time. Let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy your double cheeseburger while everyone else is sipping protein shakes and this can be a major wedge for the relationship.

You Might Be Asked for Help with Grooming

Female bodybuilder

Personal grooming is a very important aspect of bodybuilding. For competitions, bodybuilders often get their bodies waxed, they get spray tans and they apply oil before going on stage. As his partner you might be asked to help with these things

You might be asked to accompany your partner to the tanning salon, or to help apply spray tanning lotion at home. You might have to help with waxing, or accompany him to the waxing salon. You’ll be asked to critique different bikinis or speedos.

Bottom line: If shaving back hair isn’t your thing, then dating a bodybuilder probably isn’t for you.

Can Be Very Self-Absorbed

There’s a stereotype about bodybuilders being self-absorbed. As with all stereotypes there is some truth to this notion. While not all bodybuilders are self-absorbed, consider that some of them spend a lot of time in front of mirrors and putting themselves on display. This habit usually travels out of the gym and continues whenever there is a mirror present. Department stores, casinos, car windows. There will be flexing and posing on the sly.

When you go out on a date, it’s possible that he won’t compliment your new dress because he’s busy looking at himself in the mirror.

Focus on the Negatives

It will be easier for some bodybuilders to see your flaws than your accomplishments. Though you lost five pounds she might still tug at your love handles while she’s flexing in front of the mirror.

It’s not that they’re being mean on purpose here. It’s that they live in worlds where they compete for a living, and that means being judged constantly. Sometimes their eagle eyes can focus on flaws much faster than on the positive things and after a while it can be hard to be under that kind of microscope.

Wrap Up

Dating a bodybuilder is an experience. Much of the success of the relationship depends on the partner who isn’t a bodybuilder. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, then the relationship isn’t going to work well because that is your bodybuilding-partner’s home base.

Professional bodybuilders hone their bodies to perfection for a living, so don’t expect them to change their ways for the sake of your relationship. If bodybuilding is something you’re interested in, then your relationship can flourish.

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