Dating A Cougar: Tips On Making It Last

Have you been dating a cougar and you’re wondering how you can make it last? Did you know that this is possible? Find out how you can make your relationship with a cougar last and be successful by reading the tips below.

Dating A CougarFor people who don’t know, a cougar is a woman who is single and someone who is at the age of 35. They are usually women who don’t have a problem when it comes to dating men who are younger. Majority of men who have dated cougar can attest as to how fun it is. Not only because they are older, but because of their experiences in life. This may be the reason why more and more young men are interested in dating cougars.

Some young men love dating a cougar because of the maturity that they have. Cougars are more mature in different aspects of life compared to younger ones. They are also mature emotionally and financially stable. So if you are young men who don’t like supporting a younger woman, then a cougar may be the one for you.

Now, for you to ensure that your relationship with a cougar will last, you need to know some tips. These tips will help to date a cougar last long and be successful.

Taking Good Care of Yourself

Dating A CougarThe first thing that you need to do is to always take good care of yourself. This is one of the essential rules when it comes to dating a cougar. Always put in mind that cougars may be old, but this doesn’t mean that they will just settle for a man with an appearance that is sloppy. In fact, cougars are very conscious about their looks because they always want to look pretty.

You also need to make sure that you are well groomed and that you regularly exercise. One of the reasons why cougars don’t like dating older men is because they are not as attractive and fit as younger men. So ensuring that you maintain good looks will also ensure a long-lasting relationship with her.

Practice Being Bold

Dating A CougarYou need to be bold if you want to catch the interest or the attention of a cougar. For instance, if you find one online and you decided to both meet up, the best thing that you can do is to talk and maintain eye contact. The reason behind this is because cougars think of this as aggression, which they love. Of course, these cougars are also very bold and are not afraid when it comes to dating younger men.

Just put in mind that cougars are not fond of beating around the bush or doing mind games. They very much know what they all want and they, of course, expect the same thing from you. So practice being bold and you will surely be able to catch her attention in no time.

Join Cougar Dating Sites

Dating A CougarSome men are having a hard time looking for cougars, and that is because they keep on looking in the wrong places. Yes, it may be possible to meet cougars in bars and dating events, but online dating is more effective. The reason behind this is because there are a lot of cougar dating sites that you can join in. Typically, cougars are also joining dating websites for them to be able to meet young men who are into women like them.

Of course, before joining a cougar dating site, it would be best to read reviews about it. The reason behind this is because there are websites that are full of scammers. So ensuring that you won’t fall victim to them would be great.

Be Mature Enough

Dating A CougarYes, you may be young, but a cougar will still expect you to be mature. The reason behind this is because cougars won’t tolerate men who will act stupid and childish. Of course, it is okay to have a sense of humor but make sure to do this in moderation for you to avoid looking immature. Always put in mind that cougars are no longer teenage girls who will fall for foolish guys. Cougars are wiser and older, so it would be ideal that your humor should be a variety of intellectuality.

The best thing that you can do is to start talking about specific topics, including current affairs, music, literature, and art. Avoid talking about your past relationships or even college parties. If you want a long-lasting relationship with a cougar, then being mature is your ticket.

Date Her

Dating A CougarSome young men think that cougars are only interested in young men with whom they can have intercourse with. But the truth is, the majority of cougars today like it when they are being invited out for a date. Treating your cougar well will help you to have a long-lasting relationship. You can take her out on a date to fancy restaurants once in a while. You can also take her to other places. These things will surely help your relationship to last long.

Avoid Being Too Clingy

Dating A CougarWhen dating a cougar, it would be best to avoid being too clingy. Yes, you might like her too much, but this doesn’t give you the right to be clingy. Cougars are busy women who have a lot on their plates. Adding up to their busy lives by being too clingy will just cause problems. So avoid this at all costs.

On the other hand, once they call you, it would be best to be available readily. You need to be available no matter what. It’s like being on call any time of the day and week. Failing to do this can again cause a problem and can even cause your relationship with her to fail.

These are some of the tips on ensuring how you can make dating a cougar last for an extended period. Follow these tips, and you will surely have a long and fruitful life with her.

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