Cougar Passions Dating Site Review in 2019

Are you into cougars? Is that the reason why you’re at this Cougar Passions review? Then you have come to the right place by reading the information provided for you below.

Cougar Passions Review

Dating someone who is older than you is no longer an issue nowadays. The reason behind this is because more and more people are becoming open-minded when it comes to dating. Finding a legitimate cougar dating site is no easy task. There are hundreds of fake sites out there that want to waste your time and take your money.

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Cougar Passions Review

Cougar Passions is a dating website that specializes for cubs and cougars. This website is part of the 300 other cougar dating sites that are connecting both young and old people. Cougar Passions is also free for everyone to join so young men can meet older women and create a casual relationship. Everyone can join the site for free, or you can also choose to use all of the features by paying for a membership. 

Cougar Passions was established in the year 2004 and has been in the top due to the services that it offers. The site does not only cater to young men looking for older women, but also for older women seeking for younger men. 

Features On Cougar Passions

As mentioned above, everyone can set up an account and get a free membership at Cougar Passions. This will help you access different features, including online chat, photos, webcam chat, audio, and as well as email. There are also some features that will make communicating easier, such as adding friends, instant messaging, creating a favorite list, sending virtual gifts, bites, smooches, and hugs. 

This online dating site has a section especially for members wherein they can discuss different topics that they are interested in. Some of the forums include “Wanna Meet Now,” “Friends with Benefits,” and Cub Seeking Cougar.” 

Also, as a free member, you have the ability to send in emails, but you can only send in 10. According to Cougar Passions, this is mainly to avoid spam. But there is an exception for this. Once a specific member adds you to his or her list, you will have the power to send more than ten messages. 

Additional Features On Cougar Passions

  • Browse through different groups and choose where to join and interact with people
  • View fun stuff and videos that are shared by other members
  • View members who are online and view newly joined members
  • You can purchase cougar books if you are into reading books like this.
  • Check the members who are popular so you can send them a message.
  • You can chat members who are interested with you or with whom you are interested with
  • The site will help you to find nothing but the best matches based on your filter options and the advanced search feature at Cougar Passions

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Members On Cougar Passions

As mentioned above, Cougar Passions caters to younger men and older women. Both cubs and cougars can create a free member account. They can also create their own profiles and upload photos. Members have the option to search for cubs and cougars around their area and use the different features of the site to contact a particular member.

The profiles on Cougar Passions which will usually include every members’ necessary profile information may be searched through search engines. The site won’t be able to do anything about this. So if you are not comfortable with this, then you can opt out in joining Cougar Passions.

Downside Of Joining Cougar Passions

Plenty Of Ads

Once you visit the Cougar Passions’ homepage, you will instantly be bombarded with different ads. There are just too many ads on the homepage, and some people may even get confused as to what is going on. There are also ads that are about other cougar dating sites, which can be confusing. It can be a warning sign when a dating site is trying to send you somewhere else. 

Typically, the majority of the legitimate websites will always do their best to keep you on their site. They will inevitably not push you away and let you go to other sites. 

Old Looking Homepage

Once you visit the homepage of Cougar Passions, it will feel like as if you got transported to the past. The homepage looks very old, and it’s as if no one has ever updated it for years. Typically, this is a warning sign because if a dating site has a regular flow of member, they will always see to it that their website is updated. Having an old webpage means the site may not have the funds to update their website. 


With all these being said, if you are okay with ads and an old looking homepage, then try out Cougar Passions. You can check the site out and decide whether this is the dating site for you or not. Of course, you have the option to choose  a better cougar dating site.

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