Cougar Date UK Review in 2019

Are you from the UK and you want to meet up with some hot old and attractive women in your area? Then checking out Cougar Date UK would be best. But before you hit that sign up button, it would be best to read this Cougar Date UK review.

Cougar Date UK ReviewDating someone older than you is a normal thing nowadays. Back then, people are embarrassed when their family and friends asked about the age of their partner. But today, having a more significant age gap doesn’t matter at all. It no longer matters if you’re a guy dating a younger woman, or a guy dating an older woman. What matters is you are both enjoying and that you like each other. This may also be the reason why there are now more cougar dating sites today, such as the Cougar Date UK. Let’s get to know this dating site by reading the information provided below.

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Cougar Date UK Review

Cougar Date UK, as the name says, is specifically catered to people who are living in the UK. Young men can use the site to look for an old yet hot woman that they can date. If you check the website, you’ll love how the site looks polished. Whether you are a first time dating site user or not, you will surely find it easy to use Cougar Date. Unfortunately, according to some, the site is more on style but falls below its substance. But worry not because the site is very much usable and will give you your money’s worth.

Pricing At Cougar Date UK

If you’re on a budget, then you should know that Cougar Date is not that affordable, unlike other cougar dating sites today. This dating site is more expensive despite the fact there it has nothing new or exclusive to offer. When it comes to the cost, I think other sites are cheaper. Here are their prices:

  • 12 months of premium membership will cost £149.95
  • Six months of premium membership will cost £95
  • Three months of premium membership will cost £59.95
  • One month of premium membership will cost £29.95

They also have add-ons that you might like, which can boost up your chances of finding that hot cougar woman:

  • One month of reading notification will cost you £2.99
  • For VIP search, it will cost you £2.99 per month

Just by looking at the prices above, if you want to save more, then getting the 12-month premium membership will give you a great value. The reason behind this is because it will only cost you £12.50 every month. But, if you are someone who doesn’t like spending that much on dating sites, then it would be best to look for other cougar dating sites.

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Features of Cougar Date UK

  • Cougar Date UK ReviewCougar Date UK offers some features that can help you find the right person with whom you can connect with. Here are some of their features that you might like:
  • Get help from a client support team from the UK, in addition to the site’s FAQ section.
  • Get add-ons for a paid membership to make the most out of the site.
  • Dating tips are available on the website itself.
  • Members can upgrade their profiles so they can connect with more members and enjoy other advantages.
  • View images of members in high quality, so you can see how they look like.
  • See who is online and list of the newest members who have just signed up, so you can message them right away.
  • Use filters when searching for members so you can find someone that matches your ideal date.
  • You can rate the picture of members, and if they liked yours back, then it can be considered as you both match each other.
  • Registration is, so you can start finding a date almost immediately.


With all the being said, if the price doesn’t matter to you, then by all means, hit the sign up button. But if it does, then you can try out other great cougar dating sites. Start dating that hot cougar by signing up today!

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