Color Dating App Review in 2023: Feature, Pros, Cons

The topic of interracial marriage and mixed-race children used to be a taboo. However, the world is changing. Luckily, people nowadays are free to love whoever they want, no matter the race.

What is more, new generations see the notion of racism as an anathema. As they age, the situation for minorities in the dating world is only improving.

With the modern, accepting attitudes in mind, the Color Dating app has come to existence. Its goal is to make interracial dating not only possible but also fun.

So, no matter your preference, all you need to do is download the app. You’ll meet a person you like in your area or halfway across the world – it’s up to you.

Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this newcomer on the market to help you gauge whether this is what you’ve been waiting for and seeking on other dating platforms.

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Color Dating App Review

Color Dating App

While most dating apps allow you to state a racial preference, that doesn’t necessarily yield positive results at all times.

Color Dating thinks of those individuals in search of interracial relationships in particular. So, they created a community to bring together people who don’t mind or even prefer interracial dating.

The Idea Behind It

A US entrepreneur named Vu Tran has created the Color Dating app. He believes that most of the straightforward dating platforms either push away minorities or have them conform to social norms and date within their race, even if they don’t want to.

In his words, the digital ghetto is as alienating as the physical one.

So, Tran, a native-born Vietnamese, created this community and dating platform in the attempt to solve this mismatch in modern-day society. His idea came from life in black US areas, where he’s often been told by girls that ‘they don’t date Asians.’

His creation works to encourage people of various ethnicities to date each other. It aims to help people, but also break down the cultural barriers he experienced growing up.

In an interview, he said that race is part of people’s physical attributes. Most don’t want to discuss it, but it plays a role in the way people select partners.

He thus promotes a community of individualism, hoping that people will see race and ethnicity as part of their potential partners, but not the defining characteristic.

The app has seen positive feedback to date, with over 60,000 downloads in the first year. The message is getting through to people.

When it comes to the membership base, over 50% of the women are African-American, and 30% of men are Asian – the two most underrepresented groups in the mainstream dating community.

In the future, Tran hopes to expand his community and make it more accepting of other characteristics, such as socio-economic standing, religions, hobbies, and jobs.

Getting Started

Getting Started on colors dating app

If you keep finding yourself struggling to meet exciting singles from another race or community, or you have a fetish for interracial dating, it’s time that you download the Color Dating app.

Once the app is on your phone, the very signup process is quick and seamless, asking only the necessary info before your profile is up and running. If you want to speed things up even further, use your Facebook account for logging in.

The latter option means that the app will take the information from your Facebook page and use it for your dating profile. Then, import some flattering pictures and start your interracial dating experience.

Usability and Matching

The Color Dating app already caters to a niche, so it doesn’t add many bells and whistles to distinguish itself from the competition. It’s thus straightforward, working pretty much as you’d expect any dating app to work.

Color follows a Tinder-like approach of creating matches. You get to see profiles and swipe right or left on them. The former option will show the other side you’re interested in, while the latter means you won’t see them again.

Once you get a match (a mutual swipe right), the app notifies you, and you can go on to chat up your new possible partner.

To refine what you see on the app, you can add filters. If you’re seeking nearby singles, set a maximum distance only miles away from you. The app will then stop showing you members that live too far away.

Other preferences you can choose to see include age, specific race and ethnicity, and certain other characteristics. The app gives you full control of who you see.

Members and Messaging

Although the community at Color is still quite small, they’ve recently hit 300,000 members. The majority of users come from big US cities such as Los Angeles and New York. One in three users identifies as white.

The app is accepting towards people from the LGBTQ+ community, allowing you to disclaim your orientation early on and not discriminating against any preference.

Paying and non-paying members alike may browse through all profiles available on the app. All descriptions and photos are available in full format.

Once you find a match, it’s time to communicate with them. You do so through the live messaging system, which lets you send text messages, gifs, and media content.

Safety and Security

Dating apps are tricky when it comes to the protection of users’ personal information. However, Color seems to be doing a good job, keeping all member data safe and sound.

Their privacy policy states that they only gather data necessary for the app to function, that they don’t track your location, and that they share your information with no third-party clients.

They also encourage users to contact them in case of any issues and allow you to require your data deleted once you close your profile.

If you’re still unsure whether the Color Dating app is right for you, our lists of advantages and disadvantages could help you decide.


  • A diverse membership base
  • App catering to a niche
  • Convenient filters based on race, ethnicity, distance, and age
  • Easy to use and find local singles
  • Intuitive, beautiful interface
  • Available for iOS and Android users


  • The app glitches sometimes
  • The authorities require 5-star ratings in exchange for special features
  • You don’t get to block members
  • No matching algorithm

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

Not everyone is ready to pay for dating app services, and it makes sense – you can’t be sure what you’re getting until you give it a try yourself. When it comes to costs and services you get as a standard and paying member, we have both good news for you.

First off, you can download the app for free at the App Store or Google Play store. Once you do, you may also sign up free of charge. All the basic features of the services become available to you – you get to fill in your profile, like members’ profiles, and send messages.

However, if you decide on investing in your interracial dating experience, the Color Dating app will cater to you.

Purchasing a membership brings you the VIP version of the app. Doing so gives you bells and whistles here and there, while at the same time increasing your chances of finding a date. There are two main uses of VIP membership.

Profile Highlighting

VIP members have a priority in profile searches. When people browse through members, your VIP profile will be the first to come up. As a result, you get more connections and dates.

Moreover, free members get a restricted daily number of likes, while paying ones enjoy unlimited swipes.

Inside Peeks

Being a paying member also lets you have a glance at the activities related to your profile.

The app will show you who liked your profile, which makes it easier to kickstart a conversation. This feature is excellent for those insecure and shy about making the first move.


In comparison to other dating services with a similar purpose, Color is quite affordable. You can even save money by signing up for longer. You can sign up for one, six, or twelve months. As is the norm, the prices of longer subscriptions are much lower.


As Color is new on the dating market, it keeps seeing upgrades and new features still added from time to time. However, even the current version boasts seamless performance, leaving the users with little to no complaints.

The functionalities of the app are far from innovative, but the fact it caters to a niche makes it worth checking out if interracial dating is your thing. This dating app will save you the trouble of finding a partner of a particular race or ethnicity on more general apps. We’d suggest it to anyone not looking for many extra features in their dating platform and find Color’s goal resonating with them.

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