Top Restaurants That Are Christian Friendly

Are you looking for restaurants that are Christian dating friendly? Did you know that there are a lot? Find out what these restaurants are by reading the information provided below.

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyLet’s admit it; there are just restaurants that are not that Christian friendly. This is, of course, okay, but if you are one of the many Christians today that values their beliefs so much, then this is important. Finding restaurants that are Christian friendly can be challenging, which is why I decided to help you out. These restaurants will surely make you and your date feel comfortable while enjoying their sumptuous meals.

Some of the restaurants below are very much vocal about being a Christian friendly one. Some will be closed during Sundays, while there are some who have printed scriptures on materials. Of course, there are some restaurants which are being discrete about it to avoid controversy and such. So you’re probably eager to know what restaurants are Christian friendly. Continue reading and get to know them all.

Here Are Restaurants That Are Christian Friendly

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a California based food chain, which is privately owned. Back in 1987, they started printing verses from the bible for the packaging of their burgers and cups. The idea is the son’s chain founder, Richard Snyder who said that he just wants to do it. The family insisted on keeping this tradition even after Richard Snyder died. Up to this day, many customers haven’t noticed these printed verses. If you are going to take your date here for Valentines Day, then you can point out the seams of the pouches. This is where the verses are found. There are also verses on the cups’ underside.


Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyChick-fil-A was established by Southern Baptist Truett Cathy in the year 1946 in the state of Georgia. A statue of Jesus who is washing his disciple’s feet is featured at the headquarters. The verses from the bible are proudly displayed at the chain’s entrance. Chick-fil-A has more than 1,500 branches in 39 different states, and all of their branches remain true to their respective values. In fact, they are all close during Sundays. The reason behind this is because Truett has always believed that everyone deserves to have a rest day. It is considered as their recipe for success.

Giovanni’s Pizza

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyGiovanni’s Pizza is located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. BJ Blackburn, which is a co-owner is fond of sharing the love of God with everyone he gets to meet. He is also known to serve as a pastor. He also printed faith statements and bible verses on the receipts of the customers each week. According to Blackburn, some customers are not religious, but they let him know that they are proud of him for taking a good stand. His major goal is to ensure that he is sharing as much blessing as he can.

Cook Out Restaurants

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyCook Out Restaurants is available in 211 different locations in the US. It was founded originally in Greensboro, North Carolina. While dining in, you will be surprised that the music that they are playing are Christian ones. They also have printed out scriptures at the bottom of the cups’ milkshakes. There are also printed ones in the wrappers of the burgers.


Domino’s Pizza

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyDomino’s Pizza was founded by Tom Monaghan and his brother in the year 1960 together with Ave Maria Foundation. Both brothers had grown up from a Catholic orphanage after the passing of their father. Over the years, millions’ of Tom’s funds were donated to pro-life and conservative issues. Before he had sold the company, he ensured that a chaplain would be hired that will hold mass each morning in the corporate cafeteria.


Carl’s Jr.

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyCarl’s Jr. was established by Carl Karcher and his wife. They first started with only four stands of hot dogs. But since their Catholic faith was strong and he attended mass every morning, they decided to leap of faith. He also hands out cards with prayers and coupon to people who are on the streets. Whenever there is a company meeting, he always recites a prayer. This has been going on until today. At the age of 90, Carl Karcher passed away, and some things have already changed. But its religious principles remains.

Brushfire Tacos Y Tapas

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyBrushfire Tacos Y Tapas was established by Clint Berkey’s due to his missionary work. He used the restaurant to assist him in raising funds for different causes all over the globe. The restaurant is located in Peoria, Arizona. Their main desires are to build communities, invest in career development, profit share, and of course to give back. Berkey’s primary goal is to give the restaurant’s half profit to non-profit and philanthropic organizations.

Cafe Pierrot

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyCafe Pierrot is a bakery and restaurant that is family owned. The restaurant was established on three different principles, family, faith, and food. Laura and Rich have been running the business for 27 years. They have two different located in New Jersey. In fact, there were featured on Holy & Hungry on Cooking Channel’s in the year 2015. They used that time to share their path with the audience. The one that they have in Andover is for takeout lunches, while the Sparta one is open every breakfast, lunch, and as well as dinner.

Elite Cafe

Restaurants That Are Christian FriendlyElite Cafe was purchased by Joanna and Chip Gaines. The cafe is located in Waco, Texas. They are very vocal when it comes to their religious belief. So don’t be surprised seeing bible verses or hearing Christian songs. After shutting down, they started serving breakfast, brunch, and as well as lunch.

These are all of the restaurants that are Christian friendly where you can take your date this Valentine’s day. There are still plenty of restaurants that are Christian friendly, but the above list will surely make your date night extra special and comfortable.

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