Rules on Modern Christian Dating

Did you know that there are specific rules on modern Christian dating? Some people may think that these rules no longer apply since we are in the 21st Century. But the truth is, as a Christian, it is necessary to follow these rules. These rules will ensure that you won’t make things complicated for you and your dating life.

Modern Christian DatingIn today’s century, it can be hard to follow all the Christian values when it comes to dating. Yes, this can be true especially if you are surrounded by people who won’t encourage you to do what is right. Dating as a Christian can be challenging, but if you are well disciplined and you know what’s right and wrong, then you won’t have any problems.

Maintaining the Christian values that you have are important. Yes, there may be Christians that no longer care about these values, but if you are not like them, then stand up for it. These rules on modern Christian dating will surely help you keep your values in the most efficient way possible.

You’re Not Different From the Others

Modern Christian DatingAlways remember that everyone is the same. This means that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, people give in to pressure because they are too weak or feel weak during that situation. Some people think that just because you are Christian you have full control of your libido. But the truth is, you’re not different from the others. There will always come a time that you won’t be able to control it, and you might give in, which will be against your Christian values.

Avoid Being Too Private

Modern Christian DatingAs the Christian values say, secrecy thrives in the darkness to avoid being too private. Always remember that when it comes to dating, it should be both public and private. All you have to do is to find the right balance. Always let your friends know about your situation and if possible, still date in groups. The reason behind this is because if you keep your relationship in secret, you will be prone to compromises.

Have a Mentor

Modern Christian DatingFor you to be able to maintain specific values and standards when it comes to relationships, it would be best to have external mentors. It is ideal that you have a mentor with whom you can say everything. You need to be very open and transparent with her or him. When choosing a mentor, you need to make sure that your mentor has a Christian convictions and character. It would also be great if your mentor is marriage and someone who has a good record when it comes to being married. In this way, your mentor can thoroughly guide you.

Avoid Saying Things Too Early

Modern Christian DatingTypically, when we are attracted to a person, we often say things that we are not even sure of. Especially at the start of the dating stage. Women are the ones who are quickly moved by everything that they hear. The best thing that you can do is to avoid saying things too early, as you surely don’t want your relationship to move faster than your commitment level.

For people who don’t know, emotions that are rush are usually caused by words. Now, if you want to ensure that your values will be kept intact, you need to hold off icy talks or any kinds of conversations. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you will stay within specific discussions that will assist you in deciphering the type of person that you are dating and if you are going to commit with that person for a long term.

Things That Are Not Going Anywhere

Modern Christian DatingNow, if you see that things are not going well or going anywhere with the one that you are currently dating, it would be best just to end things. You surely don’t want to break people’s hearts. So the best thing that you can do is to stop things early in the relationship if things are going south. Of course, you can’t just decide instantly. You need to get to know the person first before creating a decision that you might only regret in the long run. Now, once you have finally decided that there are no feelings or the relationship is not going anywhere, then communicate with your date and share what you feel.

Date a Christian

Modern Christian DatingAs you all know, when two persons keep pulling against each other, then this can only ruin a relationship. So if you are a Christian, dating another Christian would be best. This will help you ensure that both of you are on the same page. This will also help make sure that you and your date share the same values. The reason behind this is because if both of you have the same values, then the chances of having a great relationship also increases.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Modern Christian DatingOf course, it would be best to have preferences and standards that are reasonable. Forget about your physical preferences, because appearances fade. Always put in mind that nobody is perfect. Stop incorporating someone with a saint, because that’s never going to happen. The best traits that you should look for is someone who is thriving to be a great Christian, someone who can grow, and someone with true faith.

Always Pray

Modern Christian DatingLastly, no matter what the situation is, it would be best to pray. The reason behind this is because saying a prayer will help your sensitivity to listen to God and will also help increase your focus on him. Praying will also help you to create better decisions when it comes to your relationship.

These are some of the rules of modern Christian dating. You don’t have to worry about anything because these rules are pretty easy to follow. Always remember to avoid compromising your values for anything that you are not even sure of. Follow these tips above, and you will surely be able to date in a Christian manner all your life.

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