Important Rules When It Comes to Christian Dating

Did you know that there are important rules when it comes to Christian dating? These rules may seem complicated for some. But if you are devoted enough to your religion, then these rules won’t be a problem.

Christian dating has a lot of rules that they need to follow. Some are quite difficult to comply with, including to the only date in groups or no kissing before getting married. If you are someone who is a part of the Christian community or you know someone who is in one, you probably know these rules as well. With today’s technology, Christian dating is now also a part of the virtual world. This is where Christians talk virtually and eventually meet up if things go well online.

Whether you are planning to join a Christian online dating or you are already a member of one, knowing the essential rules when it comes to Christian dating is essential. Below are some of the rules that you should put in mind to avoid compromising your beliefs.

Love The Lord 

Christian DatingThis is the first and most important rule when it comes to dating as a Christian. If you don’t love the Lord, that means that you will never truly love anyone else. The same goes with your partner, if she doesn’t love the Lord, then her loving you is quite impossible. According to Christians, the initial step when it comes to dating is a person’s faith when it comes to the Lord. Devoting your mind and soul in him is essential. If a person’s mind and heart are not yet ready, then that also means that getting into is not in their mind yet.

Avoid “The One”

Christian DatingNot necessarily avoid, but you should stop looking for that “The One.” Stop asking as to when you will meet the one, because honestly, “The One” does not exist. Yes, dating can be fun, and some people think of every person that they are dating as “The One.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist at all. Typically, people consider the one as someone with whom they are compatible with. But the truth is, it is all about commitment despite the differences and difficulties. If you like the person, you will accept them for who they are no matter what.

Know Your Trajectory When Dating

Christian DatingChristians know that they should only be dating people with whom they see marrying in the long run. This rule simply means that if you are currently dating, it means that you are planning to marry the person when the right time comes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are only allowed to date, one person. While this is, of course, awesome, it is not realistic at all. The reason behind this is because there are instances wherein you thought that this person is already the one you will marry, but once the both of you are in a relationship, you end up realizing that the both of you won’t work out.

Now, if this happens, the best thing that you can do is to end the relationship as early as possible. This will help avoid hurting each other too much.

List Your Christian Values

Christian DatingThe next rule that you need to do is to list all the values that you have. This is very important and should be followed no matter what. Some people list down their Christian values, and they end up compromising them especially if they are dating non-Christian. Now, once you have the list avoid being legalistic. You don’t have to interview the person during your first date just to see if they meet all of your requirements. The reason behind this is because the list will serve as your dating framework.

Avoid compromising your list just because you are settling, impatient, or being frustrated. If you and your partner have the same list of Christian values, you don’t have to worry about anything because the two of you can work together not to compromise the list.

Getting Married or Not

Christian DatingOf course, at the beginning of the dating period, your mind is not yet in the stage of marriage. This is fine, but when the time comes that you think you’re ready, then letting the person know about it would be best. Also, some Christians prefer not getting married for different reasons. Don’t get pressured just because your friends are getting married or because your family is pressuring both of you. Always put in mind that marriage is a kind of divine ordinance. So there is nothing wrong if you don’t get married in the future.

Going a Christian Community

Christian DatingIf you still have no Christian community then joining into one would be best. If the person you are dating has a community, then it would be best to join in. The reason behind this is because the community will be the one to speak for your relationship. Always put in mind that when you’re in a relationship, getting your feelings deceived can be a problem. The people around you will be the one to see issues and inconsistencies.

Some people are into the relationship who refuse to listen to advice from the people around them. This can lead into a failed relationship, or worse, marriage. So it is best to join a community and make sure that you trust the people in it before you let them speak about your relationship.

Date Christians

Christian DatingIt may sound bad, but it would be best just to date your fellow Christians. You both need to love the Lord, so you have someone at the center of your relationship. Christianity will help you in handling problems that may arise in your relationship. Some Christians who were in a relationship with non-Christians end up drifting away from the Lord or from their partner itself. So it would be best to date a Christian as well.

These are some of the important rules when it comes to Christian dating. Follow them religiously, and you will surely have a great relationship not just with the one you’re dating, but as well as with the Lord.

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