Best Christian Dating Sites in 2019

Christians are raised in a conservative environment taught to be virtuous and family oriented. However, meeting can be a challenge hence the necessity of Christian dating sites. These sites when used appropriately are the best places to find a life partner. Although at first they were controversial, Christian dating sites have now become a popular option for Christians looking to mingle with people who share the same religious beliefs.

Although it sounds quite simple, it actually isn’t. Because of the growing demand there are many dating sites coming up daily making it hard quite hard to ascertain what is legit and what is just a scam. To help Christians chose a trustworthy site; this review has narrowed down 10 of the best Christian dating sites based on the features, success rate, quality and member accounts. The views expressed in this detailed reviews are completely unbiased.

Best Christian Dating Sites in 2018

Christian Mingle

This one of the most popular dating sites globally that is targeted at specifically serving Christian Singles. It is driven by beliefs of faith-based matchmaking and the sole objective is to help Christian women and men to find love. This is not about casual hook ups but rather about getting in contact with a potential lifetime partner. Love and commitment are the end goal. This is arguably the largest Christian-exclusive dating site that consists of a strong user base of people with the same faith.

The best thing about this particular dating site is that the user-base is highly active and you would be able to be matched with many Christian singles who attach their photos and personal information. The profiles are detailed and elaborate so that all users get a clear idea of what a person is about and what they are looking for in a potential partner. Since this site is focused on long term relationship there is a feature known as ‘Relationship Readiness’. This is basically an inbuilt test in the system that aims at determining your character, values as well as parenting IQ. This is important because it helps to determine compatibility which is the key to building a long term relationship.

Another tool worth mentioning is ‘colour code’ which is an elaborate personality test that assigns subscribers with a colour based on their personality. This tool is important because it helps gives a rough idea of your personality to anyone who is looking at your profile. Although the site does look a little bit outdated, there is no doubt that its functionality is exceptional.

Big Church

This is another great Christian-based dating site that is focused on helping subscribers fin love but in a fun way. Signing up to join Bug Church is pretty easy. All it entails is to build a profile with your information to help create a profile that your possible matches will see. The personal details needed to create your profile include basics about your appearance such as hair colour, height, ethnicity and eye colour. You may also choose to share some other personal details such as occupation, personal likes and hobbies.

You can also include the type of relationship that you are seeking which in a Christian site is a friendship that hopefully will lead to long-term commitment. This is important so you attract people with the same interests. Once these detailed are filled, you can now come up with a headline that will attract what you are seeking. The headline is simply a short and attractive description of yourself so you can get attention from plausible candidates. What is particularly impressive about Malaysian Cupid is their detailed profile section.


Are you looking for a sincere human connection with someone who has the same interests as you? EHarmony is one of many Christian dating websites online. Is it a great choice? In this brief but nonetheless detailed review we are going to enable you understand what eHarmony is about and if it worth your time, emotional investment and money.

What exactly is eHarmony?

This is a premium dating website that is designed to help you connect with men and women looking for friendship, love or even serious relationships that can lead to long term commitment. According the information provided on the site anyone one can sign up whether you live in the United States or any part of the world.  The site about description goes on to say that they are committed to helping users find their ideal/perfect woman or man. Within a couple of minutes you can sign up and start browsing profile of potential matches.

Like most modern dating site it also comes with a dating app that you can easily download. Once a user has installed the app they are able to:

  • Log into eHarmony or sign up from wherever you are in the world without any difficulty
  • Edit, update of create a profile that represents you in the best light possible. It is best to provide truthful information that will attract a potential match who will want you for you.
  • Upload photographs
  • Look for matches in the database made up of numerous singles looking for a connection
  • Ability to communicate through advanced messaging features
  • Receive instant notification in case of possible matches
  • Upgrade membership to access more features that boost the chance of attracting a great match.

How does eHarmony work?

It is pretty straightforward just sign up and you are ready to go! There are three simple steps;

Sign Up

This will simply require your basic information and email address. While signing up you also need to include a detailed and personalised dating profile that will help match you up with potential singles. In this detailed personal dating profile some of the important information required includes hobbies, interests and a description of the kind of person you desire. A photograph is a great addition.

Search for possible matches

This is the interesting part because you finally get to go through different profiles for a potential match. From browsing through the profiles you can find someone who is potentially what you are looking for.

Upgrade to paid member to access more features

It is best to upgrade to premium version so that you access the most important features that will help you get better potential matches and be able to communicate with them more effectively.

  • Final Verdict

The similarity between all these three sites is that just like most other dating sites joining is completely free. While simply joining is absolutely free, you are not allowed to use most of the features when using the free version. For instance, with the free version you can search and actually get matches. However, to communicate with the matches you must pay. So what does this mean? Technically this site is free but functionality requires payment. Most former and current users advise first getting some viable matches before you choose to upgrade to the premium version.

The lowest paid membership deal which is called the premium version is a great choice. The free package will only help you get the matches to actually talk to the matches you must make a payment. Christian dating sites are becoming popular each day thanks to people trying to connect with persons with the same interest and beliefs. This is a great place to look for love and long term commitment because you are sure that the other person has the same set of beliefs as you and they are looking for love, and the opportunity to seek a partner who is compatible with them.

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