Can a Scammer Fall In Love With His Victim? (2023)

Can a Scammer Fall In Love With His Victim?

Oftentimes there are articles written about scammers who fool women into entrusting them with all kinds of money and giving them gifts, “Romance Scammers,” they are called. Could a romance scammer ever fall in love with their victim, however? This article will explore that concept, but first, it needs to be broken-down how there are a variety of romance scammers who exist.

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Romance Scammers

There is a wide range of romance scammers. There are catfish scammers who trick a woman on the internet into thinking they are someone they actually are not–proceeding to fleece the woman of all kinds of money with zero intention of ever meeting her.

Some romance scammers don’t begin the scam until after they meet there, “Mark,” a lonely woman whom they convince they care about and encourage to give them money and lavish gifts before they eventually leave her for someone else.

Yet another kind of romance scammers are those who are foreigners and want to trick a woman into loving them so they can come to America with, “Fiance,” visa, also known as a K-1 Visa. As soon as they get married and are given citizenship or at least a Green Card however they leave the woman who they tricked into marrying them only to abandon her with a broken heart.

Usually, romance scammers are simple con men who will flee once they get what they want from their victim, but in some cases, things can turn violent. One well-known incident is the true-crime, “Dirty John,” case which was written about a great deal and actually turned into a television show.

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It was a case where a romance scammer was trying to steal money from a woman but when her daughter found out the man attempted to kidnap the daughter so his lie wouldn’t be exposed–and he ended up being killed by the daughter when she defended herself!

These cases of men tricking women and then running away, or in darker cases trying to physically hurt the women (or people who attempt to warn the women) are the most common ones, but as asked earlier, can a romance scammer fall in love with their victim? Depending on the situation, the answer is that is indeed possible.

Falling In Love?!

Certain kinds of romance scammers seem to be more or less prone to actually fall in love with their victim. Almost never do catfish scammers truly fall in love with there, “Mark.” They never meet the woman and instead of string her along with big promises that are impossible to fulfill. By not having to see their victim face-to-face these catfishing romance scammers don’t run as much of a risk of getting caught or developing feelings for their victim.

Note that it is POSSIBLE for a romance scammer engaging in catfishing to fall in love and actually decide to meet their target and see if they have feelings, but such a case is rather unlikely.

Romance scammers who prey upon lonely woman for gifts and money generally don't fall in love with their targets.

Romance scammers who prey upon the lonely woman for gifts and money generally don’t fall in love with their targets. Many of them are textbook narcissists or sociopaths who simply are not capable of love. The only person their brain will allow them to care about is themself, and if that means breaking the heart of women to get fancy clothes, cars, watches, or cash, they generally do not care.

Now, a romance scammer who doesn’t do it a lot and is maybe a man who is simply desperate and willing to try a romance scam may, in fact, fall in love with his victim, as he is already hesitant to pull a romance scam. The kind of romance scammer men who do it all the time though scientifically may lack the brain chemicals for empathy or caring, so it is just truly impossible for them to fall in love with their victims. They only care about if they feel good, and as soon as the good feelings stop, they leave their victim.

Romance scammers who pull the scam of making a woman fall in love with them so they can get American citizenship are by far the most common cause of romance scammers falling in love with their victim. People will often read stories about men who will say they just wanted to come to America and we’re looking for any woman they could target to bring them to the country under a K-1 Visa, but then these men fell in love.

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It makes sense this would happen as these men don’t have the ease of only using the internet and aren’t sociopaths or narcissists like romance scammers just after presents–these are normal men from another country who simply are desperate to get to America even if that means lying about being in love.

Once they come to America however, they will spend almost 100% of their time with their new fiancee, and even if they didn’t truly have feelings at first, through spending immense time with the woman who brought them to America and really cares about them, they too may begin to develop feelings for the woman who clearly cares a lot about them and wants to help them not only have a better life in America but a happy married life with her.

There have been plenty of articles written about men who thought they just wanted citizenship or a green card but then found themselves falling in love with the woman who brought them to the US.

Could You Be A Victim Of A Romance Scam?! 

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Wrap Up

When it comes to romance scammers falling in love with their victim it is something that does happen, but clearly occurs more in certain situations than others. Romance scammers who only operate online to catfish their targets rarely fall in love, just as romance scammers who want money and gifts may have the brain chemistry that makes falling in love not physically possible.

These two groups can fall in love with their victims, but it is uncommon. On the other hand, romance scammers who are trying to get a green card or American citizenship often seem to fall in love with their targets, not intending to do anything besides be a legal US resident, but realizing the person who cared enough about them to get them into America is someone they have fallen in love with as well. At the end of the day, most romance scammers are bad men, but even terrible people sometimes fall in love when they least expect it.

chelsea king - chief editor of romancescams
Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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