SoulSingles Review in 2019

Are you looking into SoulSingles? This may be the reason why you are looking at this SoulSingles review. Whatever your reasons are, this review will surely help you know what’s in store for you once you sign up at SoulSingles.

SoulSingles ReviewMore and more online dating sites are emerging because of the numerous benefits that it has. Besides getting you a date in a matter of minutes, it is also a convenient way for people who are too busy to find one that they can date. Luckily, our world is evolving and online dating is becoming acceptable in today’s society.

One of the online dating sites today is SoulSingles. Let’s get to know what this online dating site is by reading the information provided.

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SoulSingles Review

SoulSingles is an online dating site that focuses on finding a date for Jamaican, Haitian, African-American, and Interracial individuals. The site is equipped with all the needed features that will help a member to maximize its chances of finding someone to date. This online dating site is a great contender for people who are looking for the love of their lives online. SoulSingles is known in the industry of online dating. In fact, they have been featured in the JET magazine and other African-American publication.

SoulSingles Cost

Just like any other dating sites, SoulSingles does come with a price and it has already increased lately. But don’t worry because they are still not as expensive as the others. Plus, you’re going to be able to get what you’re looking for in an online dating site. The membership  price ranges from $11.83 to $24.99, which will usually depend on the subscription’s length.

Profiles On SoulSingles

As a member, you can add various information on SoulSingles for other members to get to know you. You will have to put your information, such as your name, age, birth date, and everything that you want the person to know. Of course, the site will also give you the ability to add photos of up to 20 so members can get a glimpse of you more. But you need to make sure that the images are not bigger than 200kb. You also have the option to add an additional video profile so you can record a message, which will help members to get to know your personality and of course your look.

Personality Match Feature

SoulSingles has a personality match feature that will let you take a personality test. This test will help you to automatically matched with other members. The match will always depend on the question that will be given to you. Of course, you should not expect that the match will be 100% accurate. You still need to work things out if you want the match to be a success.

Messaging Features

Once you found your match, you can start communicating with them through the messaging feature. You may opt to communicate through the messaging feature or through the site’s web mailing system. Whichever messaging feature you want, if you do it right, then you wouldn’t have any problems with communicating with someone.

Scammers at SoulSingles

While scammers are everywhere, the site has a low instances of scammer reports. This may be because of how the site protect its members or the members are becoming cautious now.


SoulSingles ReviewWith all these being said, SoulSingles is a safe dating website for black people and other race. Just make sure to always practice caution to avoid getting victimized by scammers. Start signing up and who knows, you might meet your true love here today.

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