Top 10 Best Younger Woman Older Man Dating Sites and Apps Reviewed for 2023

Dating someone outside of your age range can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s not always the easiest to find someone also looking for what you are. If you’re a younger woman seeking an older man or vice versa, these 10 online dating options will be the best for you!

Best Younger Woman Older Man Dating Sites: Top 5 Picks

Check out our top picks below:

1. Age Match Review

Age Match review

On this website, it goes both ways! Younger women seeking older men and younger men seeking older women flock to this site with the best chance of success at really connecting you with the person you desire. It’s simple, quick, and easy to get started and opens your horizons.

This site allows you both free and premium options, so you can test out the features and get a feel for the layout. When you enter in your search filters, only the age range and location of men or women you want show up. No time wasted!

As far as scam management on the website goes, it’s always good to use caution when using an online dating platform, and never send money to someone you haven’t met. Otherwise, the site is safe and secure and your information is never given out unless you choose for it to be! Chatting with age gap singles interested in this type of relationship has never been easier, honestly.

2. YoungerWomen4OlderMen Review

YoungerWomen4OlderMen review

Clearly, this dating site was designed with one goal in mind – connecting younger women and older men together! Since this website is a very niche spot to find exactly what you are looking for, the user base may be smaller here than that of other options on this list, but you won’t need to do any narrowing down of your searches.

Since at least 20% of women prefer dating older men, this combination is not as unusual as you may imagine, and this dating website is proof of that! With plenty of interesting, confident members looking for age gap singles, getting started here will give you a fast-pass to your preferred age range.

Of course, it is one of the lesser sites in popularity, so some patience may be needed as you navigate the platform. To test out the place, it’s free to sign up, view members, and even get their attention – if you find someone you like, you can choose for a premium membership to get in touch!

3. eHarmony Review

eHarmony review

As one of the most successful, popular dating websites there is, eHarmony has a special place on this list. It attracts a large range of ages, genders, lifestyles, interests, and more! It was designed with long term relationships and marriages in mind.

Many younger women who date older men are tired of the flirtatious games that younger men who are afraid of commitment may try to play. Using eHarmony can help you find a match that is older, mature, and ready for that serious level of a relationship.

Plus, eHarmony protects it’s users and enforces the chance for success on its website. While it’s not a niche site only for younger women and older men, you will be able to find plenty of men within the age range you’re most interested in quickly!

4. Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder review

It’s certainly not an uncommon interest for younger women to have when it comes to having sex with older men. And it is surely not a rare desire for the older man to crave a sexy, beautiful, youthful woman.

Maybe you are not looking for a relationship or a financially benefiting arrangement.  If you are just looking for a quick place to find young women or older men willing to take a bedroom romp with you, Adult Friend Finder is the best place to find a simple, no-strings, scam-free hook-up.

This website is not geared directly towards younger women and older men, but you can be selective in your search filters and narrow down the user base to the exact range you are looking for. Since it’s the most popular website for a hookup, there will be plenty of safe options for you!

5. Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement review

Sometimes these age gap relationships come with a specific level of financial benefit to them. Young women, often college students, will search for rich, older men interested in trading their funding for the romantic company of a beautiful young woman. 

Seeking Arrangement is a site with this type of dynamic in mind. Sugar babies and sugar daddies can use this platform to meet each other, schedule dates, payment plans, rules, and more! It’s a very safe and secure, plus discreet, website that is careful to ensure it’s members are protected against scams.

Best Younger Woman Older Man Dating Apps: Top 5 Picks

1. SeniorMatch Review

SeniorMatch review

Men 50 and above use this dating app to find women of all ages, including both youthful and mature. Search settings can be adjusted to find the age range of woman you are looking for, and with this simple, quick app, you will be connected to tons of real people looking for real connections.

It’s a stereotypical belief that the older someone is, the more they will struggle with navigating technology and websites, but this app can be used by anyone. With over 19 years in business and counting, and tons of success stories to back their reliability, you may find the person you are looking for right here!

2. Zoosk Review

Zoosk review

Like a couple of other platforms mentioned, Zoosk is not specifically designed to cater only to younger women and older men connections, but age gap dating is not at all uncommon on this dating app. With 40,000,000 members worldwide, there is no doubt you can find someone within your age range who is also looking for you!

Zoosk has been an award-winning dating app for over a decade, and sees over 3 million messages sent on their platform in a day. This means their user base is incredibly large and their history has been full of success and happy unions.

No matter what you are looking for, Zoosk has it, and with this much access to active members, you can find an older man or younger woman quite easily with their intuitive search settings. Plus, Zoosk goes above and beyond with scam management!

3. Hinge Review

Hinge review

Hinge is a dating app that draws a more mature, serious crowd due to the nature of the website and how it is set up. You are asked several thought-provoking questions and members are often there for the long haul when it comes to finding a partner. In fact, Hinge says it’s the dating app designed to be deleted, so you can tell where the focus to real relationships lies!

On Hinge, you can find a variety of ages, as well as adjust your search settings to better match what you are hoping to find. Again, this is not a age specific dating app, but it’s a little harder to find those given the distance between technology and the older generation.

4. Tinder Review

Tinder review

Anyone who has an interest in dating apps has surely heard of, if not already considered using, Tinder. Sure, it’s not an app designed only for older men seeking younger women, but you will find an abundance of these ages in those genders on Tinder’s interface.

In fact, you can even set your search parameters to only show accounts that fit your preference, and who only have you in their filters. That means if you see someone you like, it means they are looking for you, too! Plus, Tinder has exceptional success and a massive user base.

You should also know that Tinder is used by every age group, but young women especially flock to the site. In general, Tinder has shown great ability to prevent scams and make actual connections for both relationships and sexual needs.

5. SugaDaddy Review

SugaDaddy review

Mutually beneficial relationships in age gap dating that include the trade of funding for companionship are a common age gap dating niche. For younger women looking for older, rich men to help them financially in return for their affection and attention, getting connected to the right type of sugar daddy is key.

And sugar daddies, of course, want the perfect sugar baby to spoil. Thanks to the dating app & companion website, you can find plenty looking for similar mutually benefiting relationships, and get connected to someone who can fulfil your needs and desires.

This app is relatively new on the sugar daddy/sugar baby dating scene, but it has been steadily growing in user base and popularity. It’s also considered to e the cheapest option for quick and satisfying matches!

4 Things Younger Woman Should Consider When Dating Older Man

1. Unless Stated, These Men Are Not Sugar Daddies

One of the most harmful things a younger woman seeking an older man could do is assume that every gentleman over the age of 50 is wanting to give her money. While these mutually beneficial relationships do exist, and there is nothing wrong with them, they aren’t what every older man is looking for.

2. You May Face Judgement & Misunderstanding

Many women find that people doubt their intentions when dating older men. Several harsh opinions and names can be used for women who seek out the companionship of an older man may come up when your relationship begins, so you need to be ready to face that. Understanding that some people just won’t “get it” is key, and as long as you are happy, that is what matters!

3. Way Less Drama In Your Relationship

Older men are not looking to play games. The maturity difference in a man over 50 than a man in his 30s or below is very contrasting, so be prepared to be rewarded with a drama-free dating life. Of course, this means they expect you to also have a unique sense of maturity, and avoid games and drama, too.

4. They May Have A Prior Family

Older men will likely have previous marriages or even children. This doesn’t go for every older man, but a good majority of them. Even if you’re not looking to become a step-mom, be aware that a divorced man over 50 is more common than you’d think. If you feel comfortable with this, it won’t be a problem! Asking questions and communicating is a great way to get past this potential hurdle.

4 Things Older Man Dating Younger Woman Should Consider

1. Unless Stated, These Women Are Not Sugar Babies

Not every younger woman who shows interest in an older man is desperate for your money, and it would be wrong to assume so. Of course, it may be a concern about getting “used”, so it’s very important to pay attention to what their motivation seems to be. Talk to them and find out their expectations, but don’t assume every young woman is in it for a cash payout.

2. There Will Be A Difference In Life Experience

Let’s face it – a younger woman is not going to have had the experiences you have. They may not have children, former marriages, fully successful careers, or even be fully out of school yet. The walk of life they come from will be different to you, so try and be understanding about where they come from. In return, they also don’t know what you deal with, or have experienced. Together you can learn and grow… sexually, and romantically.

3. It May Be Harder To Find A Relationship

Realistically, there are more older men who are open to age gap dating than younger women. Sometimes location and personality can affect this, so this is not to say that it is impossible to find a younger woman who is interested in dating you… it may just take a little more time or effort. Don’t let this discourage you! Good things come to those who wait, and you’ll be even more grateful for the one you find.

4. You Will Need Patience

Chances are, you’ve experienced more relationships in your life than your younger partner. Both sexually and emotionally, some patience will be required here. Help teach your younger woman how to function in very mature unions, and in the bedroom, be communicating together to discover what you each desire and what works best!

Open Questions on Older Men Dating Younger Women

Any time you begin a relationship that could be considered outside of the social norm, you will face some new experiences, challenges, and rewards! Many people have questions about this type of age gap relationship and it’s best to have a good idea of what you should expect and get any answers to your pressing questions.

What Difficulties Does Age Gap Dating Have?

Of course, every relationship will have it’s struggles, and age gap dating is no different. You will face the potential for judgement, people who don’t understand, and even haters who shame your union. Facing these outside forces can be very tough, especially if it’s a new relationship.

Plus, online dating alone has its downfalls, but the benefit of finding the perfect person for you is worth the tough times! Facing it together is key.

What Is The Benefit Of Age Gap Dating?

There are lots of benefits to be gained from dating outside of your age range. Here are a few of the most common praises that age gap dating have received from those in happy relationships or arrangements have said:

  • Each partner comes from different experiences
  • There is a special kind of commitment
  • Facing animosity together keeps you close & strong
  • Breaking the mold can be exciting and invigorating
  • You learn a lot from someone in a different walk of life

Are These Relationships Like Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Dating?

While many financially beneficial unions are done with this dynamic, that does not mean all age gap relationships are part of this niche of dating. In fact, many relationships between younger women and older men come from a place of mutual love, affection, and care!

You should never assume the reasoning behind an age gap couple, nor should you go into these dating sites with that specific goal in mind. Instead, there are several sugar baby/daddy websites geared towards this form of dating.


Age gap dating is a very common way for those in different walks of life who are looking for the same thing to find each other. Now you have 10 new websites and apps to check out, discover, and explore, plus some new information and knowledge to help you make these age gap relationships work. If you’re just looking for sex or even a marriage, expanding your options to someone a decade or more outside of your own age may be a greatly rewarding idea!

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