Top 6 Best Pagan Dating Sites in 2023

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With over 2,500 different active dating sites there are bound to be plenty of niches. That includes all kinds of sites for different interests, body types, ages, and religious beliefs. This means that if you are looking for love and fall into a very specific group, chances are you can find a dating site for it.

When it comes to Pagan dating sites there are plenty to choose from, in fact the pool of people who identify as Pagan is pretty deep. In the United States there are over a quarter million people who identify as Pagan. There are actually plenty of dating sites specifically for people who identify as Pagan. However, are they worth your time? We will look at and review the best Pagan dating sites for you.

Best Pagan Dating Sites (Top 5 Services)

For smaller, less mainstream niches of people and religions like Paganism and related practices, online dating is the easiest way to connect with other singles who share your beliefs. Especially for small or rural areas, it can be difficult to find anyone who is as devout in Paganism as you may be.

Luckily, with hundreds of platforms online for dating and flirting, you can still find a Pagan partner easily! Consider one of these 5 websites.

Match Review: Find Top Pagan Singles

While Match is not the most obvious choice for Pagan dating it is a really good choice. The site had a plethora of members, all with diverse backgrounds, and can be utilized for free for as long as you want.


Some cons, however, may include the fact that it is not strictly a Pagan dating app. That doesn’t mean that your chances of finding someone that does have similar beliefs is smaller, just that you may have a larger pool of people who don’t have similar beliefs.


The site offers many features such as free profiles, free photo uploads, and even tools to figure out compatibility. You are even offered a 6-month Match Guarantee, or another 6 months free if you didn’t find someone suitable in that time.

Is It Scam Free?

Using Match is very safe, and there are no scams that could happen on the platform. Since it’s a paid membership, everyone online is dedicated to finding their perfect person, and the accounts are verified. Of course, using safety precautions while online is important, but you don’t have to worry much on

Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles is another site that may not be the first thought for Pagan dating. But, like Match, they have a large user base, a lot of diversity, and many other people who identify as Pagan. The thing that sets Elite Singles apart from the others is that it’s for professionals with full educational background and successful careers.


Unfortunately, Elite Singles comes at a price, and you’ll need a membership to actually message other users. It also doesn’t have any specific spot for religion that includes Paganism, so you may have trouble finding only a Pagan date.


The fun personality profile and direct, upfront approach to dating makes Elite Singles quick and simple to use. From all the features available to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and the no-nonsense memberbase, getting a date is easy.

Is It Scam Free?

Elite Singles has been vetted by many professionals in the online dating business, me included. From their account verification method to the paid service aspect, the members are legitimate and genuine, and the chance for being scammed is very low. Just take a look at those qualified members!

Pagan Harmony Review

Pagan Harmony is the newest hit site for Pagan dating

As the newest hit site for Pagan dating, this platform brings together aspects of all the hit sites with a very spiritual spin. Payment is easily done through Paypal, and the site is gorgeously designed to attraction Druid supporters.


Pagan Harmony is UK based, so most of the members won’t be from the USA, even though the website allows people from any English-speaking country to register and use their service. Plus, it’s a new website still, so despite the excellent quality, it costs money for full access and the memberbase is smaller.


Not only does this site have a fully functional blog and news section with great articles and meet-up information, Pagan Harmony has a free and paid offer, but doesn’t limit your communication with either tier, so you can send a smile without paying. Considered the top site for worldwide Pagan meet-ups, you’ll find a spiritual partner with their help.

Is It Scam Free?

Aside from their transparent and secure privacy disclosure and website settings, there wasn’t much to be found about the genuinity of the members. However, Pagan Harmony allows you to easily block users and carry on worry-free, so as long as you’re mindful, Pagan Harmony is scam-free and safe to use.

Pagan Singles Dating Review

Pagan singles dating is considered to be the #1 Pagan dating site online

Considered to be the #1 Pagan dating site online, and believably so, this platform has everything you could hope for from a service of its kind. While the mainpage is a bit.. Outdated, the features are innovative and modern. Take a closer look!


So, despite being pretty great for a small Pagan dating service, there are some issues. The mobile compatibility is pretty poor, and the accounts seem far less active than some found on Match. It also seems to be far more women than there are men, and not quote LGBTQ friendly.


The best part about this site is that it’s free to use! Before even registering, you can browse potential matches to get a great feel for who you may meet, and then you can start messaging after simple account creation. Most members are 30+, which offers lots of variety for vetted, long term Pagans.

Is It Scam Free?

Truthfully, it seems the worst “scam” you could encounter on the site is an inactive profile, but even that is easily avoided. Pagan Singles Dating informs you of the last time someone has logged into their account, with times ranging from 1 hour to 1 week, sometimes more. Other than that, the members are legitimate, and it doesn’t look like an ideal spot for a fraudster to target.

Pagan Dating Service Review

Pagan Dating Service

The website boasts; “Druids, Shamans, Wiccans, Heathens, Odinists or Sacred ecologists – take your pick because we have them all right here!” It’s a Pagan central for online dating, and it has a great layout and a promising tune when it comes to beating the loneliness.


Now, some of these dating sites for Pagans can start to feel a little run-of-the-mill. Different platforms, same design. Pagan Dating Service is actually an umbrella account with a different domain, so when you sign up, you aren’t getting only Pagan dating but added to a group of dating services. Not everyone wants that.


Despite the URL name, all forms of Paganism are happily welcomed on the site. The site provides daily matches to you, so if you’re not pleased with the morning’s picking, just wait another 24 hours. You can browse by location or interest, and it’s got seperate rooms for sexuality preference. Plus – 100% free!

Is It Scam Free?

Honestly, with free sites, it’s always hard to tell if it’s safe and legit. Niche dating sites, though, tend to be targeted less by frauds and scammers, since the membership is smaller and there is an amount of knowledge required to pass as a real member. So, you’re pretty safe here.

Best Pagan Dating App

Most online dating apps have mobile apps available for its members, but not all. If you’re looking for a dating service that has the best mobile companion and can be accessed anywhere from your phone, read on!

Zoosk Review: Top Pagan Dating Service

zoosk for pagans

Pagan dating has a limited scope when it comes to mobile apps, but since Zoosk is rated the #1 most downloaded and used on both Android and iOS stores, you can have faith that there are Pagans on the app.


You have several options for filling out your profile and promoting it to reach a variety of people. The app is much more refined than any of the other dating sites, and fast! Plus, you have tons of unique little gadgets to use that enhance your online dating experience.


Like any mainstream dating service, Zoosk isn’t going to have a “Pagan” option, or even chatroom for you to use. Instead, you’ll have to just swipe through the majority of the members and hope for the best. Also, it’s a paid subscription, like Match, if you want to message anyone.

Is It Scam Free?

Since the premium service is a little pricey and the app is secured and monitored, being scammed on Zoosk is near impossible. You should still stay safe while using any dating service, but you have no risk of encountering fraud on Zoosk.

Everything You Need to Know about Pagan Dating

There is a lot to know about dating within specific communities and how best to operate within them. How many Pagan singles are there, what are they looking for in their partners, are Pagan dating sites successful?

What is Paganism?

Paganism is a collection of religious beliefs that is the oldest religion in history, now of course there were probably religions before Paganism, but they have not been documented or survived. Paganism is often attributed to pre-Christian Europe, however many beliefs also came from Northern Africa, and Asia.

This set of beliefs incorporates elements of animism, polytheism, and pantheism. Much of its’ currently used folklore dates back thousands of years, much of which survived mostly through oral storytelling. Since there is so much diversity in Paganism the current practicers don’t have a single set of beliefs, rather a large group of beliefs that they may choose from.

Pagan Singles

Everything You Need to Know about Pagans

The exact number of singles is a little hard to find. In the U.S. the government doesn’t directly ask about religion so all the statistics involving religion are from third party sources. However, modern society has been making Paganism and other subcultures related to it such as Wicca and Druids more easily understood, accepted, and accessible. We’ve seen a spike in Pagan practice, and with that, comes a need for online Pagan dating sites.


In the United States, nearly 0.4% of people identify as Pagan or Wiccan. Of this group of people about 27% say they live in urban areas, 22% in suburban areas, and 15% in rural areas. 90% of U.S. Pagans identify as white/caucasian, 9% identify as Native American, and nearly 2% identify as Asian.

This means that someone you may meet through a Pagan dating site could live pretty much anywhere and even though the diversity is skewed toward Caucasians there are all kinds of people who follow the practice.


Paganism is one of the fastest growing religions in the USA, and in 2019, connecting with someone who shares your faith has never been easier. Thanks to dating sites and apps like Elite Singles, Match, or Zoosk, you can connect with hundreds of others Pagans, or try a smaller, more intimate setting with one of many Pagan dating services.

Staying safe while pursuing online dating is just as important as finding love, so be aware of how to avoid romance scams and only stick to websites and apps that are approved as being scam-free and employ safety measures for its members.

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