Top 5 Best MBTI Dating Site and App Reviews in 2023

Have you ever heard the term MBTI type? Maybe you already know what it is, but you’re not sure how to use that knowledge in your life. If you’re still a beginner to the world of personality typing or a seasoned expert in this psychology, a little review into how it impacts your dating life can help!

Plus, you can see the best websites that you can utilize for online dating with your MBTI knowledge in clutch. We have compiled reviews of the best MBTI dating sites. Check them out!

Best MBTI Dating Sites

If you’re wanting to implement aspects of MBTI profiling into your relationships while online dating, you want to target sites that attract a large variety of people. You also want to look into sites where a lot of dedication is required. Many people on the free, dime-a-dozen apps have little personal insightfulness, and likely won’t really know where to begin with self-reflection and analysis.

Let’s get into the best 4 dating sites for those who want to use MBTI to their advantage on the online dating scene!

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As the largest and most reliable, safest dating out there to use on the net, it’s only natural that Match made an appearance today. Even with MBTI dating, Match brings in the most people from all over and provides the most features needed for successfully dating online. Though they offer no special features that revolve around MBTI, you can use your own knowledge to filter through members.


  • Amazing 6-month match guarantee
  • Lots of features for the best possible experience
  • Biggest site, so the most matches
  • The most stories of successful marriages of all dating sites
  • Free profile creation to try it out
  • Flawless scam management and responsive staff


  • A little on the pricey side
  • A pretty big site, so lots to learn
  • No specific MBTI content

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Following closely behind Match is the famous eHarmony, which brings almost as many visits and members as it’s a competitor. Whereas Match does a bit better in being open for many people, eHarmony is welcoming in their own right. The detailed profiles and analyzing algorithms for matching work well with the MBTI personality type report.


  • Secure call feature makes it the safest dating site out there
  • Personal consultant available for hire to make the most of your account
  • Matches provided for you who also like you
  • Best for serious relationships
  • Psychology-based matching system


  • Not LGBTQ friendly
  • Expensive
  • No specific MBTI content, like Match
  • No custom search feature

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For professionals in the working adult world, EliteSingles is the best site to match with others who are close to your level of success and ambition. Many times, online dating is compared to no-life losers in their mom’s basement, which is entirely false, the harmful stereotype for online dating. However, it doesn’t mean that you do encounter those types online, too.

EliteSingles totally makes that an impossible match since it only allows career-driven and educated members… which means you’re more likely to run into someone else who uses MBTI to their advantage!


  • Free membership
  • Successful, advanced singles with serious relationships in mind
  • Plenty of Psychology careers and majors who understand MBTI
  • Advanced safety and scam management tools
  • Intelligent matchmaking uses MBTI similar psychology
  • The online blog gives lots of advice for online dating


  • Personality test upon creation is pretty time-consuming (like the MBTI test)
  • You can only communicate freely with paid memberships
  • Not as big as Match or eHarmony
  • No specific MBTI content out there
  • Pretty basic layout

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Project Evolve

Project Evolve

This dating and friendship site actually is based entirely on the concept of MBTI and the synastry between the types. It takes your type and analyzes it against the type of person you matched, and gives you guidance as to what your personalities are best suited for.

In some cases, this could be romance or friendship, and other times it will give results like “curiosity”. Their psychology is very advanced and unique.


  • New site with lots offer the online dating scene
  • Introduction quiz to help place you
  • Member forums
  • Fun interactive polls to take
  • Meet-ups in big cities
  • Advanced psychology used in the matching algorithm


  • Still a pretty unknown site, so fewer members
  • No Facebook log-in available at this time
  • More community based than truly a dating site
  • No obvious scam management in place

Best MBTI Dating App

Busy lives make for less time to spend online, which is why dating apps for your phone have become almost more popular than the full-fledged sites that dominate the scene. While no specific MBTI-targeted app exists, like Project Evolve, you can still get the best out of both worlds by using this great, analytical app that encourages personal reflection.


OkCupid for MBIT dating

Out of all the sites and apps out there, OkCupid is a very forward-progressive site that is very focused on self-understanding and reflection. In fact, their massive, in-depth personality questionnaire in many ways is similar to soul-searching questions on the MBTI test itself. Because of that, it makes for a great place for MBTI enthusiastics to use their knowledge and perception to the best of its ability.


  • A very active user base
  • Excellent scam management techniques used by staff
  • Full, detailed profiles better than any other dating app
  • Includes actual MBTI information that you can use in your profile


  • A bit left-leaning in terms of politics
  • Geared more towards the 30 and under crowd
  • Can be a little intimidating at first with all those questions

What is MBTI?

What Is MBTI

The letters in the acronym stand for Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. It is a tool designed for labeling personality types and accurately sorting them into advanced categories that cover general tendencies and emotional abilities.

In simpler terms, your MBTI results indicate your personality type. There are 16 different types of people in the world, as determined by the creators of the questionnaire, and it’s been proven to be extremely accurate.

You can take the free MBTI placement test for yourself and discover which of the 16 personality profiles you fit into best. By answering the 100+ questions as accurately as possible, or using the official test for $49.99, you can discover your own personality type.

What Are The 16 Personality Types?

The 16 Personality Types

Sort of like how astrology is separated into elemental powers (water, air, earth, and fire), MBTI has sections as well. There are 4 categories with 4 specific types each.


  • The Architect: INTJ
  • The Logician: INTP
  • The Commander: ENTJ
  • The Debater: ENTP


  • The Advocate: INFJ
  • The Mediator: INFP
  • The Protagonist: ENFJ
  • The Campaigner: ENFP


  • The Logistician: ISTJ
  • The Defender: ISFJ
  • The Executive: ESTJ
  • The Consul: ESFJ


  • The Virtuoso: ISTP
  • The Adventurers: ISFP
  • The Entrepreneur: ESTP
  • The Entertainer: ESFP

Each letter in the acronym for each type stands for a different meaning. The “I” is for introverted, and the opposing aspect of that is “E”, extroverted. Similarity, S, and N represent the opposing sensing and intuition. T and F are for feeling and thinking, and the J versus P is for judging and perceiving.

Example: The Mediator personality type is INFP, which means they introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive. Their exact opposite type would be the Executive, which is an ESTJ (extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging).

How Does MBTI Work

By accessing your natural reactions in social settings, personal decisions, relationships, and career choices, the results of the test can place you within one of the above-listed types. Each type has been well-researched by professional Anthropologists and broken down to explain how the mind’s of each type of work.

Is it accurate? In most cases, yes. As humans, we are very unique people with no one being exactly like the other, but many of the general insight offered to each personality type resonates well.

Can MBTI Affect Your Dating Life?

Getting a better understanding of yourself and how you function is always some valuable insight that could help you in your dating life. Plus, by researching your partner or crush’s own type, you can see a little more how they react, and get to know them better on a level of deep understanding.

It can be beneficial in solving problems or realizing why they act in certain ways that are confusing to you. Dating purely on an MBTI type isn’t wise, though, so try to keep an open mind even if you’ve had a negative experience in the past with certain personality types.

That being said, you may begin to see types you already know you would work well with more than others. Personality conflicts are very real and often cause a resulting breakup in relationships if not handled properly. MBTI knowledge comes in handy in this area of dating because you pinpoint some red flags sooner.

Wrap Up

Using the psychology behind the MBTI personality placements is useful when dating because it helps you understand your potential dates and identity things early on. You can know more about the type of person you’re attracted to, who is best for you, and some red flags to avoid. MBTI is especially useful when you are online dating because it’s harder to get a real read on people through the internet. With the help of the 16 personality types, you can understand each other better and decide faster if you feel the desire to continue the connection.

While there is a limited selection available for the best dating to use as someone who studies MBTI, you can use your knowledge and reasoning on nearly any site that is safe and has enough members in your area. The selection of the best MBTI dating sites and apps in this guide can help you get started and direct you on how to stay safe while navigating the online dating world and still using MBTI psychology to your advance.

For your convenience, here are the top MBTI dating sites and apps that we recommend:

5 Star Dating Review #1 Hookup website for over 20 years! Large member base. Free to try.

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eharmony is a great dating site 5 Star Dating Review #1 Dating Site. Largest active member base at 16 million. Free to try!

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