Top 5 Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites in 2023

On the lookout for the best lesbian cougar dating sites in 2019? Did you know that because same-sex marriage is becoming legal in different US states and other countries, the rise of lesbian dating sites is increasing? So, if you are someone who is looking for a lesbian cougar dating site, then the information below will surely help you out. 

Maybe you’re a younger woman who is looking for a cougar to date for different reasons. The reason may be because you want someone mature enough to handle relationships, or maybe someone who is well experienced. Well, you are in luck because there are lesbian cougar dating sites today that you should know about.

Being a lesbian and dating one is no longer a problem because the society is welcoming same-sex relationship with open arms. In fact, same sex marriage is becoming legal in more countries today. Also, this is the reason why dating sites under the LGBTQ category is increasing. But if some lesbians prefer women their age, there are also ones who prefer older ones, or lesbian cougars. 

To help you out, I have listed the 5 of the best lesbian cougar dating sites below. Get to know these sites so you can get to know them first before signing up.

Top 5 Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites

Check our our top picks below:


one of the older lesbian cougar dating sites is Match

One of the older lesbian cougar dating sites is Match, wherein it was established in the year 1993. There was a time where Match gave free membership to their first few users, which helped increase their members. Match is on my top list of best lesbian cougar dating site because it welcomes everyone. The database is a mix of straight, gay, lesbian, and transgenders, which means that Match has a very diversified member database. 

Majority of the members on Match are from the US, and the distribution of members are proportional. So if you’re looking for a cougar lesbian partner, then you’re definitely at the right lesbian cougar dating site.

When signing up on Match, you will have to disclose your current relationship status. The reason behind this is because Match discourages third-party relationships. Signing up is free, and all you have to do is to fill out your personal information and upload a recent photo of yourself. Once you’re done, you’re definitely ready to find that lesbian cougar that you’ve been searching. 


Another great cougar lesbian dating site is OurTime

Another great cougar lesbian dating site is OurTime, which was released in 2011 by People Media. The member database of this online dating site is very diversified, wherein you can also find a lot of lesbian cougars. Majority of the cougars on OurTime are looking for friends, long-term relationships, and there are even some who are looking for someone to marry. 

When signing up, the process will only take a maximum of 3 minutes. All you have to do is to fill up the form with all the needed personal information that is required. Once done, you will be asked to upload a recent photo of yourself. The maximum number of photo required is 30, which means that you will be able to upload more photos if you want. 

One of the best things about OurTime is that the entire website is user-friendly. This means that whether you are a tech-savvy or not, you will surely be able to navigate through the site easily. Another good thing about OurTime is that they have a mobile app, which means that you can search for your lesbian cougar no matter where you are.


If you want a fun lesbian cougar dating experience that BeNaughty is the one that you’re looking for

If you want a fun lesbian cougar dating experience that BeNaughty is the one that you’re looking for. This online dating site is encouraging their members to be naughty. BeNaughty is specifically made for people who are looking for hookups, and sexual encounters that are adventurous. This means that if you are looking for a fun lesbian cougar dating site, then BeNaughty is the one for you. 

When signing up on BeNaughty, you have the option to skip some of the details that you don’t want to answer. Some of the information that you need to provide is our email address, location, age, and your gender. You may skip some of the questions, but, the site will require you to at least upload one recent photo of yourself. The picture should not be a celebrity’s profile photo or related to nudity or pornography. Once you’re done with the registration, the last thing that you need to do is to verify your account using the email address that you provided.

One of the best things about BeNaughty is that it is equipped with a lot of features that will help you find your lesbian cougar. Also, you can avoid scammers on this online dating site because of the Full Safe Mode feature. This means that you can communicate with members who are verified and avoid ones who are not. Lastly, BeNaughty has an app, which will surely help you browse through gorgeous lesbian cougar even without your computer. 

Lesbian Cougar Dating

Lesbian Cougar Dating

As the name says, Lesbian Cougar Dating is an online dating site for lesbian cougars and lesbians who are looking for older women. Joining is free, and the sign-up process will only take a couple of minutes. But, the website administrator will have to approve your profile first before you’re able to use the dating site. Typically, the approval process will take a maximum of 24 hours.

One of the best things about Lesbian Cougar Dating is that there are a lot of profiles that you can browse here. There are also a lot of people online, which simply means that the site is pretty active. Majority of the members on Lesbian Cougar Dating are looking for someone that they can have a relationship with or someone that they can have a casual encounter with. 

Another good thing about Lesbian Cougar Dating is that it helps bring young and mature lesbians together, and you can do all of this for free. There are a lot of features to use, which will help you meet your cougar or your cub, whichever lesbian criteria you fit in to. With the particular privacy setting of Lesbian Cougar Dating, you no longer have to worry about your details getting out of the site.



Another great lesbian cougar dating site is CougarLife, which will help you find your cougar lesbian in no time. There are also other cubs here like you who are into matured women. Just make sure to check the profiles thoroughly so you can avoid chatting with fake people who are on this site to scam people. 

When signing up on CougarLife, you need to fill up the form that will be provided to you. It will only take you a couple of minutes to do that so you shouldn’t worry about anything. Once you’re done, you can start searching for members on the site. You can use the different search filters, including ethnicity, height, and your body type. CougarLife can also filter your search via distance and profile fields. 

Another good thing about CougarLife is that you can send virtual gifts to your cubs or if you are someone younger, you can also send virtual gifts to cougar lesbians. Another feature is that you can find a date by checking as to which cougars are also looking for a date at the moment. Whether you are a cougar or a cub, CougarLife will surely help you find that lesbian match that you’re looking for.

What Do Lesbian Cougars Look For

Someone Fun

What Do Lesbian Cougars Look For

Lesbian cougars are also seeking more fun, simple because lesbians their age also lead a similar life that they have. They have a lot of responsibilities and little to no time to have fun. But with younger lesbians, they expect to have a lot of fun, whether it be going on a road trip or just in bed. Younger lesbians are spontaneous and fun-loving, which is why lesbian cougars always prefer younger women. 

Also, younger women will also be not that busy with life’s responsibilities. So if a lesbian cougar decided to go on a date with her or has an impromptu vacation, she can immediately go with her.

Someone Independent

As mentioned above, lesbian cougars tend to be very busy when it comes to their careers. They don’t like anything or anyone that will add stress to their already stressed lives. That is why they are looking for a young lesbian that can handle herself without being too clingy with her. She wants a young woman who is independent enough not to disturb her during busy hours. 

Of course, she also wants you to give the independence that she needs. Lesbian cougars love their independence, so always see to it that you provide them with some time alone. Be it because of their career, or they maybe want to have some time apart for a while. Respecting her independence, and showing her that you too are independent will definitely go a long way.

Someone Who Doesn’t Expect Special Treatments

You may be younger with her, but don’t expect her to treat you differently. For instance, if you are sick, don’t just expect her to show up at your door with a bag of chicken soup and medicines. The reason behind this is because she expects you to know how to take care of yourself. Lesbian cougars are also like this since, as mentioned above, they are very independent. So they don’t need someone who will deliver them meals if they are sick or if they can’t cook. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show care or affection. A little affection will surely go a long way, and you can do this by mere gestures. You can ask her for a spa day or if she invites you, make sure to say yes. Remember, no special treatments, but know how to be affectionate at the right time.

Someone Who Has Her Own Interests

As mentioned above, lesbian cougars want someone independent. This means that if she is out with her friends, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. You need to have friends of your own and interests that are outside the relationship. Avoid getting jealous of her friends or her interests because she’s been friends with them even before she met you. So don’t expect her to just leave them like that because she will never do that. On the other hand, she will never ask you to leave your friends for her. But just make sure to have time for her, especially if she’s someone who is busy.

These are all of the tips that you should be aware of so that lesbian cougar that you’re eyeing can get to like you. Remember to avoid coming in too strong because just like others, they don’t like someone who comes in too strong. If you take note of the tips above, you will surely be able to find a lesbian cougar that will be interested with you in no time.


With the list of lesbian cougar dating sites above, my top one is definitely Match. The reason behind this is because of how good its reputation is when it comes to finding the right match even for lesbians. Also, Match always makes sure that their members are safe from scams and fake profiles. This is to ensure that their members will safely enjoy finding their lesbian cougar match or lesbian cub that they have been dreaming of. 

Start deciding as to which of the 5 best lesbian cougar dating sites you want to sign up to. You can even sign up to all of them if that is what you prefer. Just make sure, to be honest in your profile and to avoid members who seem too good to be true. The reason behind this is because, most likely, they might be scammers and such. 

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