Top 7 Best Greek Dating Sites and Apps in 2023

When you think of the country of Greece, your first thoughts are likely either Sparta, the invention of math, the origin of the Olympic games, or some other historical staple that this nation is known for. Greece isn’t just all about the awesome food and amazing landscape; it is also home to some of the most unique and interesting people in all of Europe!

This Southeastern European country is famous for its gorgeous beaches, incredible cuisine and rich culture, along with vital contributions in the invention of many huge concepts that we still use today, such as philosophy, medicine, astronomy, and the influence of architectural structures and art. Greece is unlike any other place in the entire world, and its residents are just as outspoken and distinctive as the country itself.

When you find yourself searching for love within the Greek community, you will find that dating in Greece is certainly different than anything you have ever experienced in the dating world before. The people are gorgeous, and although they’re competitive and “spoiled” by their parents, they are some of the most passionate, caring folks you will ever encounter in your life. Today we will discuss everything you will need to know about the best greek dating sites and apps.

Best Greek Dating Sites

Technology is no stranger to the country of Greece, especially when it comes to dating! Greeks have a few dating sites that they swear by, whether it be from meeting their soulmate, or picking up some lifelong friends along their way of searching for love. You can utilize any of these sites when you’ve decided to take the plunge into the sea of dating, where there are thousands of fish just waiting to meet you!

Check out our Recommended Dating app below:

Eligible Greeks

Eligible Greeks for Greek dating

This dating site was established in 2002 and is considered the largest and most effective dating site in not only the entire nation of Greece, but anywhere that Greeks are located! You can meet some friends and share stories pertaining to you Greek heritage, or find the love of your life and have that happily ever after you’ve been dreaming of.


  • Absolutely free to join
  • Not exclusive to the country of Greece; can be used internationally
  • They offer a Platinum membership
  • Unique 5-star safety program, which insures that you have the tools to control who can contact you and what information is visible on your profile
  • You have the option to be anonymous until you decide to reveal who you are


  • While the site is free to join and use for the most part, you cannot truly have the full experience until you upgrade to the Platinum membership

Agape Online

Agape Online for Greek Singles and Greek dating

Founded in 1998, Agape Online prides itself in uniting fellow Greeks with one another, or anyone who may be interested in finding someone of Greek origin. This site offers many different utilities and options, while still managing to be easy to understand and navigate. The Greek word agape means “the highest form of love” so you know you’re getting an authentic, genuine Greek experience with this site!


  • Very simple and easy to understand for everyone who signs up
  • Lots of features
  • The ones who run the site really listen to suggestions and add new features on popular demand
  • You have the option to fill out their multiple choice section and/or the “essay” section, which is more descriptive
  • Mobile friendly!


  • The site does not mention whether or not there is an option to upgrade or if there is any cost involved with the site at all
  • Pretty much local to Greece only

Greek Friends Date

Greek Friends Date

You’ll find that this site is a safe mix of those looking for friendships and those looking for love, and that can definitely be a positive thing! Not everyone is ready to just dive into the dating world, and in that case, they can find some platonic companionship along the way. Who knows– that friendship may sprout into something more!


  • A slower introduction to the dating world
  • You can meet friends or lovers on this site– it just depends on what you are currently looking for
  • Mobile friendly
  • Greek users can bond over their heritage or taste in cuisine


  • Not a lot of security so safety can’t be guaranteed
  • Site doesn’t do any sort of background check, so literally anyone can use this site

Greek Dating Net

Greek Dating Net

Greek Dating Net seems to lean slightly more toward the “hookup” type of website, which is perfectly fine, if that’s what you’re looking for! Greek Dating Net is a great platform if you are looking for personals and one night stands, but it can also be utilized in the sense that you still have a chance to meet your soulmate.


  • 100% free to sign up and use
  • For singles and personal ads
  • Pretty much exclusively Greek folks


  • Much smaller user base than the other options
  • Site hasn’t been updated in a while
  • Probably the least amount of security out of all options

Good old Match– the largest, most widely used dating site in the world! While the site itself may not be specifically dedicated to finding only Greek people, you can certainly narrow down your search to insure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Since 1995, millions have used Match and tons of people have shared their success stories!


  • GIANT user base
  • Internationally used and renowned
  • Caters to over 20 countries
  • Oldest and most well-known/trusted dating site
  • Thousands of success stories are proven on the site


  • While it may be free to join and start using, you usually end up having to pay monthly for most of their services
  • Site is not exclusively Greek, but there are still tons of users who are Greek!

Best Greek Dating App

While dating sites are all fun and easy to use and whatnot, not everyone is able to sit at their computer at home and browse matches all day. With that being said, downloading a dating app or two may be the ideal option for those who work often or are always on the go! There are a couple that are especially popular in the country of Greece, so let’s have a look at them now so you can decide which is best for you!


Tinder for greek dating

Probably the best and most well-known dating app nowadays, Tinder has roots in many countries all over the world– Greece included! It’s free to use and so very easy to find yourself a match, whether you’re wanting to look for a quick hookup or a long term relationship.


  • Extremely popular
  • Free to download and use
  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Completely mobile friendly
  • Option to upgrade to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold


  • Mostly leans toward a “younger” crowd– typically 40 & under, but those over 40 are coming around to the app!
  • Also not exclusive to Greece but you can narrow your searches



You may or may not have heard of this one, but Bumble is an app that has gained lots of popularity over the last few years! While it is similar to Tinder in a few ways, it’s also equipped with some unique features of its own. When two people match up on Bumble, the woman has to send out the first message, and she only has 24 hours from the match to do it. Once she reaches out, the man also only has 24 to respond to her message!


  • Free to download and to use
  • Modern and easy navigation
  • Once you’re past the 24 hour hurdle, there are no more messaging deadlines
  • Premium subscription offers the ability to add an additional 24 hours to the match countdown, opportunity to re-match with expired matches, and access to a feed of users who have already “liked” your profile
  • Same swipe left/right concept as Tinder


  • Everyone might not be entirely crazy about the whole 24 hour deadline thing, and might not want to upgrade in order to avoid these deadlines
  • Still not quite as popular as Tinder, so there may not be as many users as other apps

Need to Know about Greek Dating

Need to Know about Greek Dating

Although Greece has been in an economic decline for almost an entire decade straight, it is still a heavily populated country, with just under 11 million current residents, and they are no less happy despite the recession. With a decent percentage of illegal immigrants taking up the population (approximately 762,000– that’s 7%!), Greece still has plenty of people for you to explore!



  • 91% Greek
  • 4.5% Albanian
  • 0.7% Bulgarian
  • 0.4% Romanian
  • 0.3% Pakistani
  • 0.25% Georgian


While a whopping 98% are Orthodox Christian, the remaining 2% are either Muslim, Catholic, or Jewish for the most part. Any and all religions are respected in the country of Greece, no matter what it may be!

Other Demographic Info

  • 100% of residents have access to clean water
  • The literacy rate of Greek residents over the age of 15 is 98%
  • Ranked #79 out of the world in “Overall Happiness”
  • Primary languages spoken are Greek and English

What Do Greeks Look For

The nation of Greece is unique in many ways, but there aren’t many countries– especially in Europe– that have residents who are so very tight knit with their family! Let’s go in depth on what exactly Greeks are looking for in a partner.

Like I stated above, Greeks are known to keep their family and friends extremely close. It’s not totally uncommon for a Greek person to still be living with their parents well into their 20s, or even 30s, or until they marry and move away. Chances are, if you happen to snag yourself a Greek man or woman, you won’t be very far from their families, as they love to have gatherings and holidays together!

A Greek man will likely want a woman who is willing to cook family meals, take care of him, give him lots of children and, of course, love his mother. Greeks are extremely close with their families and it is considered a deal breaker if you can’t get along with the parents!

Greek women also want to be taken care of, but in a slightly different way. They are used to the expectations of keeping a man, but they also want to be not only financially secure, but financially free. Greek women have lavish taste and will be most satisfied with a man who can please her financially.

Best Things About Greek Dating

Greek people enjoy lots of things, both as a part of their heritage and other stuff that is common in other countries as well. Dancing, home cooked meals, competition, superstition… These are all things that can be found around the world, but are extra special in the Greek household. They are physically expressive no matter what emotions they may be feeling, they make a HUGE deal out of birthdays, and the women are seriously naturally good at cooking! Greeks are certainly a unique people, and if you ever stumble upon the opportunity to have one on your arm, consider yourself extremely lucky!

You’ll find that dating a Greek man or woman is one of the most interesting, rewarding, and fun adventures you’ll ever embark upon! You definitely won’t meet anyone else like them, and just know you’ll have a family for life if their loved ones consider you one of their own.


When entering the dating world, whether it’s your first time or your tenth, you can be sure that these resources will help you find whatever it is you are looking for in a Greek man or woman! You might be searching for the love of your life, or just some weekend fun with someone interesting and up for a good time. Regardless, spending time with someone with a Greek background can not only be life-changing, but just a completely unique experience all around!

We hope this exhaustive list of the best Greek dating sites and apps will help you find love.

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