Top 5 Best Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps and Sites Review

Popular especially in recent years, sugar daddy apps have caught the world by storm, allowing individuals the opportunity to find a sugar daddy from the comfort of their own home. We have noticed that it can be a quite complicated process in regards to finding a sugar daddy app or website that is actually worth your time, so we have decided to make a top five for your pleasure. 

All of these have been thoroughly researched to make sure that users actually enjoy using these.

It can be a very tedious process when in search for the best gay sugar daddy apps and websites. All of the five in this list are meant specifically for the gay population because trying to find a gay sugar daddy can prove to be an even more difficult process. Many gay sugar daddy websites are either inactive or have terrible UIs, so we are glad to create this list for those of you in search for that perfect sugar daddy!

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Best Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

Sugar Daddy For Me Review

Sugar Daddy For Me is one of the best gay sugar daddy dating apps on the market today

Known for their wide variety of both sugar daddy and sugar baby choices, Sugar Daddy For Me offers an unmatchable experience. They have been around for more than two decades, so it’s safe to say that they are a well known and reputable site, according to online resources. 

We should mention, though, that they allow you to view profiles without signing up to the website! This gives you the opportunity to see if it’s worth the sign-up, though we do certainly recommend it, due to fantastic results according to user reviews.

Once you have signed up and been approved by the moderation team, then you will have access to thousands of sugar daddies to choose from. The competition is low too, leaving you more options to choose from than many other websites. 


  •  Low competition
  •  Not many scammers
  •  Serious users


  • Poor graphics
  • Lacks great features without premium plan
  • Messaging only available with premium

Luxy Review


When you first open Luxy, you will first notice the very high end appearance of the app. Luxy set out on a mission to create an app that is easy to use, allowing rich sugar daddies to find their sugar baby. When you first sign up, it will ask you a series of questions to help set up your profile. Once you have signed up and input the basic profile info, you will then be required to upload a photo of yourself. 

Luxy has a unique system that, in short, only allows high quality people to be approved. Once you upload your photo, other users will be able to vote, based on your appearance, whether or not you can get approved as a user. This shouldn’t be a concern, though; this mainly weeds out the users who just sign up to look or those who aren’t serious. You are very likely to be approved, as long as you take a clear photo of yourself with a decent set of clothes on. 

Once approved, then you will be able to begin looking around for sugar daddies.

Luxy gives sugar daddies the option to display their earnings, so you will know what you are getting into before you decide to message them. Though not specifically a gay sugar daddy app itself, this is a major use within this app. Luxy also has a strenuous anti-scam system, which will undoubtedly improve your experience.


  •  High quality users
  •  Fantastic UI
  •  Great anti-scam system


  • Can be pricey
  • Sometimes you may be ghosted
  • Low possibility of not being approved

Sudy Gay Review

Sudy Gay review

Sudy is a proven app that has helped many people find the perfect sugar daddy. One of the biggest around, Sudy Gay is specifically made for those looking for sugar daddies, as well as those looking for sugar babies. 

Once you sign up, you will be asked a series of questions to ensure you are matched with a sugar daddy or baby who has similar interests. Chatting is free as well, so you will have the option of messaging your match without having to pay for a premium plan.

Another great thing about Sudy Gay is the UI design, since gay sugar daddy apps often have terrible UIs that make it nearly impossible not to rage-quit. They also have lots of cool features to take advantage of, like video chatting.


  • Great customer service
  • Scammers are a rare occurrence
  • Amazing premium features


  • Basic lacks important features
  • More sugar babies than sugar daddies
  • Premium needed in some cases

Gay Arrangement Review

Gay Arrangement review

Gay Arrangement is completely operated by those who identity as gay themselves, so you can rest assured it is tailored greatly to those looking to use it. A very cool feature of this website is the ability to browse through others profiles without signing up first, allowing you the ability to decide if signing up is worthwhile or not for yourself.

Users typically have great results using this website. The basic plan is actually pretty great, giving you the ability to avoid the premium plan in most cases.

Gay Arrangement has more than one hundred thousand users, which provides for you many options to choose from. They have also been given mainly five star reviews on most websites that have reviewed them, allowing us to give a confident recommendation.


  • Sign up not needed to view profiles
  • Great basic plan
  • Mainly five star reviews


  • UI could use updating
  • Isn’t as popular as others listed here
  • Not many users in rural areas

Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement has been around for quite a while; and with reason. They offer many features within their website and have a fantastic algorithm that will help you find the perfect sugar daddy or baby. 

Whether you are searching for that sexy twink or daddy bear, Seeking Arrangement has you covered all the way! After you get signed up and into the system, you will be required to upload a clear profile photo and fill out a brief description of yourself. 

After the sign-up process is completed, you will have the ability to browse through thousands of verified profiles with similar interests as yours. Seeking Arrangement is also 100% free for sugar babies, making this website a no-brainer to sign up to.


  • Amazing Design
  • Well-trusted
  • Completely free for sugar babies


  • High competition
  • Sugar babies out number daddies by 4x
  • Cannot view profiles until you sign up

How to Get a Gay Sugar Daddy: Tips & Tricks 

Sugar daddies are becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger generation. Let’s go over a few different ways that can help you find the perfect sugar daddy that fits your specific criteria!

Gay Sugar Daddy Apps

Fortunately for you, we have included five fantastic apps to get started with in this interesting journey! Nonetheless, these gay sugar daddy apps are probably the best way to find a gay sugar daddy in today’s society and world, as most are usually busy with one thing or another. Gay sugar daddy apps allow you to browse through thousands of potential sugar daddies, allowing you to chat and get to know the person better before getting too caught up.

Go to the upscale gay bars

Going to upscale gay bars is another great way to find gay sugar daddies, as they sometimes go there specifically to look for younger sugar babies. Plus, the mood is already set, so hitting on a sexy daddy will not seem unordinary. Not to mention, without a gay sugar baby, sugar daddies have to get their fix somewhere, so this gives you the perfect opportunity!

Head to the rich part of town and hop on Grindr

Though not specifically a gay sugar daddy app by design, this is oftentimes used for this very reason. Grindr allows you to chat with those located nearby using its location. This works by showing the distance between you and the person you are chatting with, which gives you the perfect opportunity to head over to the rich part of town, maybe even in an upscale shopping area. There have been many reports of finding sugar daddies on Grindr very easily; so this is a great option to consider!

FAQs about Gay Sugar Daddies

What is a Sugar Daddy? 

Sugar Daddies are older men usually over the age of fifty or so, who look for younger people, usually under the gate of twenty-five, to spend lavishly on. 

This could be anyone from a rich businessman, to an individual with a hefty retirement. On the flip side, a sugar baby is the younger person that is spoiled by their sugar daddy. Most times, they find each other through an online app, social media, or even a location such as a gay bar.

Once they decide they would like to move forward, the sugar daddy will set a few boundaries and requirements, like various favors and funding. More often than not, this arrangement is long term, meaning that they meet up for fun once or more each week. This could go on for years.

Sugar Daddies usually make quite a bit, with the average sugar daddy earning into the six figure range; however, some sugar daddies are multi-millionaires. In some cases, sugar daddies may run large businesses that can lead to them having a very busy life, allowing the sugar baby to relax with their rent paid without even having to do much.

In very rare cases, sugar daddies do not even ask for sexual favors, though this is very uncommon; but it does happen. Nevertheless, sugar daddies are in it for the sexual pleasures that the younger generation can bring them. They are looking to implement a bit of spice back into their life, especially if they are single.

Approaching a sugar daddy online

Gay sugar daddies are straightforward, so it normally isn’t something to worry about. A few things you should consider before messaging them is your availability from a personal standpoint, because once you are his, then you will have to dedicate a lot of your time to him. 

You could simply ask him what he is looking for, what he is into, and what sort of bonuses come with it. The last thing you want is to go meet a sugar daddy — only to find out he’s a cheapskate.

Once you both have some sort of basic knowledge of each other, he will likely invite you out for dinner. Although there is usually nothing to worry about, be safe; and tell someone where you are. If you are closeted, simply state you are with a friend.

Types of Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies come in all types of forms. Some want occasional fun, others want it everyday — and some have very interesting desires. Let’s look at a few examples of different kinds of gay sugar daddies.

The Smooth Talker

This type of sugar daddy is a smooth-talking and handsome rich real estate agent, with grayed hair driving around in a Rolls Royce. Though finding this type of sugar daddy is a long shot, it is not impossible to find one like this, in especially large cities.

The Target Shopper

This sugar daddy has 10 million I’m the bank, yet shops at Target. He lives well below his means and is looking for someone in need of luxury — in exchange for a bit of fun. These sugar daddies live to impress and show off their ability to spoil you blind.

Boss Man

This sugar daddy isn’t great with small talk or showing affection, so he shows it with a shower of gifts and Benjamin Franklins. However, he is quite controlling and likes it to go his way.

The Player

This sugar daddy has multiple sugar babies — and may even be married. He is discrete and doesn’t care to learn much about you, only interested in having a bit of intimate fun when he’s not busy with work or his family. 


You will quickly find yourself being spoiled with expensive material items such as watches, jewelry items, or even a car. This sugar daddy has way too much money for himself and enjoys dropping a thousand just so you can have a fun night out.


Whether you are looking for a sugar daddy to help with paying your student loans, assist in paying your bills or simply looking for someone to spoil you, then this guide will surely help you determine the best ways to begin this journey. We covered the best gay sugar daddy dating apps and sites in this guide.

This is actually completely legal in the United States, so you are free to practice this whenever you’d like! Just remember to go over the terms with your sugar daddy first, in order to prevent any confusion in the future. Some sugar daddies only like to occasionally mess around, while others may be outright obsessed with the idea and have the urge to do this daily. However, they will splurge on you probably more than anyone has ever splurged on you in the past. It is completely your decision to determine if this is worth the potential cons.

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