Top 16 Best Books On Dating (Girls, Guys, Couples) in 2023

When it comes to our romantic lives, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Dating is hard. While there are so many fish in the sea, it’s no easy task to find your perfect catch.

Romance movies and social media provide us with so many unrealistic ideas about love. You can turn to blogs and forums, but again, sometimes there’s too much information to process.

The best place to turn if you’re tired of being single is a book. By taking the time to read about your potential love life, you learn from the wisest relationship experts and Psychologists. You’ll discover real tips that can change your life.

Some dating books are tailored to different and specific audiences, while others are more general.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best dating books for girls that provide you with the inner workings of every man’s brain. Don’t worry boys, we’ve got you covered too.

Women are beautiful and complicated. We don’t blame you for needing some inside advice! We’ll talk about some of the best books out there for men who are seeking some help locking down the one.

We’ll also discuss some of the best books that couples can read together to enhance their relationship and grow together.

Best Books on Dating For Girls: Top Picks

Dating books for single-women is an industry that is over-saturated with titles and authors. While we’d accept as much advice as possible, not every one of the guides out there is worth buying.

A poorly written dating book may give you dangerously lousy advice. Others will tell you everything that you already know.

To save you some time in your search, we’ve put together five of the top titles for girls and young women who are looking for “Mr Right.” These books are insightful, empowering, and designed to help you.

You Are A Bad Ass – Jen Sincero

You Are A Bad Ass

This book is all-around fantastic. After reading each page, you’ll be left feeling powerful. We always found ourselves saying “you’re so right” out-loud in total agreement with Sincero’s salient points.

While this book isn’t specifically about dating, it’s about being the better, more confident version of yourself. This isn’t your typical self-help book and is prepared for Sincero to call you out on your B.S.

The best part about reading this book, as a woman, is that you’ll feel like you’re not alone when it comes to the insecurities and doubts that you thought only existed inside of your own mind. This book is wonderfully charming and great for invigorating your feminine power!


  • Provides a holistic approach for being more confident in all aspects of your life
  • Stop doubting yourself in love and start putting yourself out there
  • It’s like listening to your best friend give you advice
  • Twenty-seven chapters of moving stories and wise words of advice


  • Not specifically about dating

The Power of The Pussy: Get What You Want From Men: Love, Respect, Commitment and More! – Kara King

The Power of The Pussy

We are obsessed with Kara King’s book full of dating and sex advice. She makes us so proud to be female. In this book, she highlights the magical powers of being a woman and tells us how to become man-eaters (in the best way).

The book is exciting and makes for a fascinating read. You’ll have a smirk on your face the whole time you’re flipping through these pages, eager to know what comes next.


  • Advice on how to be powerfully feminine and use your skills to attract the men you want in your life
  • King has an intriguing writing style that makes this book hard to put down
  • Amazingly blunt


  • A bit controversial
  • Focuses on manipulation tactics and is not for everyone

The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible – Ali Binazir

The Tao of Dating

Doctor Ali Binazir, gets straight to the point in this guide and presents a series of facts and theories to help women succeed in the dating game.

This book combines romance and wisdom. The advice presented is logical and refreshingly feminist. This is an excellent book to keep on-hand and to return to any time you are feeling stressed or confused about your dating life.


  • Focus on the positive aspects of life and love
  • Dr. Binazir offers a series of wise words of advice
  • A useful reference
  • You can contact and chat with the author directly


  • Emphasizes “being yourself”, which can get redundant

DateOnomics – Jon Birger


If you’re a numbers guy (or gal) who likes the facts laid out explicitly, this is the dating book for you. Birger uses a combination of game theory, statistics, and numbers crunching. According to Berger, there just aren’t enough men out there, and everything is about math.


  • Witty, factual, and eye-opening
  • Tailored to an educated audience


  • A very sobering read

He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding- Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

He's Just Not That Into You

This may be one of the most recognized titles on this list. The truth is, this book is seriously powerful. It’ll change the way you think about men and set you free from futile games and silly chases.

Women spend so much time making up reasons why men aren’t behaving the way they want or showing them the affection that they desire. In this book, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo expose the ugly truth. Hearing it will transform the way that you approach dating.


  • Insightful and entertaining to read
  • The book encourages women to stop wasting their time and energy
  • Salient advice that will stick with you for years
  • Accept the love that you deserve


  • Brutally honest

Books on Dating For Guys: Top Picks

What do women want? How can you charm them? Throughout history, men who are successful in picking up women have made a point to share their secret with their less-smooth counterparts.

If you’re struggling to master the art of the pick-up, or you want to improve, then these reads are for you.

The Art of Seduction:  An Indispensable Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power – Robert Greene

The Art of Seduction

This book is not necessarily meant to be used as a guide, but rather to provide the reader with an insight into the dark inner musings of human nature.

Greene is an exceptional and sensational language that is intoxicating. His perspective on love and seduction is captivating, and the stories are beneficial.

Be careful not to take the words too literally, as they may lead to acting a little too self-centred.


  • Engaging rhetoric and storytelling
  • Provides useful knowledge


  • A bit longer than it needs to be

The Dating Playbook for Men – Andrew Ferebee

The Dating Playbook for Men

This guide is about as straight to the point as you can get. This no B.S. Guide includes raw content that you can put into action to become the strongest version of yourself.

This playbook will provide you with a set of eleven mental models that you can adopt to transform your mindset and social skills.

It almost functions as a workbook and incorporates a three-hour a week strategy that you can use to find, meet, and attract the women that you desire.


  • A proven 90-day game plan to transform your action
  • Real, honest dating advice
  • Presents you with actionable information that you can use to become the most confident version of yourself


  • The writing style is redundant

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists – Neil Strauss

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

This ethnography is a must-read for men, women, singles, and people in a relationship because it is ridiculously entertaining. Neil Strauss chronicles his time living in houses called “Projects” in underground seduction lairs.

According to Strauss, these secret societies are hidden in almost every city around the world. This is an explosive and controversial book. Readers will travel through the bestselling author’s journey from a frog to a prince.


  • Useful insights into the mind of women
  • A thrilling storyline
  • Will make you think critically about romance and society


  • Not necessarily a self-help dating book

Mate: Become The Man Women Want – Tucker Max

Mate: Become The Man Women Want

Ever since the release of his bestseller, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell,” Tucker Max has been recognized as a hook-up hero and the pioneer of “fratire”.

Did you know that this once infamous party boy is now married with kids? We’re telling the truth! In “Mate: Become The Man Women Want,” Max pairs up with a psychologist to create this fantastic dating book.

This book wonderfully speaks to years of research conducted both in life and in the ivory tower. This is a seriously funny playbook that will boost your confidence and leave you feeling more sexually attractive.


  • Straightforward and ethical
  • No BS “seduction techniques.”
  • Websites and podcasts for additional resources and advice


  • Some self-help advice that is too fluffy

How to Be the Man Women Want – Romy Miller

How to Be the Man Women Want

Men have such a hard time trying to figure out what it is that women want. If you are feeling like you just aren’t doing anything right when your sitting across from the opposite gender, this book is for you.

Romy Miller will let you in on what women want in a man. It turns out that you actually can meet those standards that you thought were impossible! After reading this book, you’ll feel like you just had a solid pep-talk.


  • This guide will help you get and maintain healthy relationships
  • Learn about what women want in a man


  • Many ideas seem dated

Best Devotional Books for Dating Couples: Top Picks

One of the best ways to grow together is to read together. While it may seem tedious, taking the time to enjoy a book written for young couples can change your relationship in a fantastic way. These books can help you get on the same page (pun intended), and understand each other’s love languages. They also provide insights on how to enhance your intimacy and establish a strong foundation for your partnership.

The Mastery Of Love: A Practical Guide to The Art of A Relationship – Don Miguel Ruiz

The Mastery Of Love

From the bestselling author of the revolutionary self-help guide‌ The Four Agreements, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make their relationship work.

Don Miguel Ruiz uses ancient Toltec wisdom to illuminate any beliefs and assumptions that are fear-based and can undermine love. His words are insightful and backed by stories. The goal of this book is to heal emotional wounds and restore playfulness and joy to romantic relationships.

This book examines why we behave in ways that cause drama and suffering. The author provides a set of actionable tools that we can use to communicate our needs and emotions to our partner. Learn to forgive and accept yourself and others.


  • Words of wisdom that can seriously transform your life
  • Learn how to communicate what you need
  • Well-written and remarkably insightful


  • The first section is a review of the Four Agreements, which is only useful for those who are not familiar with that book

52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide to Praying, Playing, and Staying Together – Randy Southern

52 Uncommon Dates

Randy Southern’s love guide will teach you and your partner how to speak each other’s love language, expand your spiritual connection, and have fun together! The author incorporates Bible passages that are natural to love and relevant to real life.

Take God with you on all of your dates and ignite playful connection.


  • A fun and unique Christian devotional
  • Playful writing
  • Practical and actionable ideas


  • Some of the ideas are common sense
  • Only for heterosexual couples

The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra – Lance Dane

The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra

This is a beautiful rework of an ancient devotional guide for romantic partners. While this book focuses on sex, it’s implications are far more spiritual than they are physical.

The wisdom in this book is almost 2000 years old. With these tips, you can add some metaphysical elements to your bedroom sessions to enhance your intimate relationship with your partner


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Ancient guide to relationships and sex


  • Focuses mostly on history

Devotions for Dating Couples – Ben Young

Devotions for Dating Couples

This book was written for an audience of young Christian daters who are looking to involve God deeply in their relationship. Young has put together a collection of prayers and stories.

This book provides insights into the importance of spiritual connection, community, and shared values. The book includes a series of weekly disciplines and practices for you and your soulmate.


  • Dives deep into the essentials of spiritual connection and devotion
  • Written for young couples
  • Settles questions of compatibility


  • Negative and over-critical at times
  • Doesn’t touch on building a relationship foundation

Love, Sex, and Staying Warm: Creating a Vital Relationship – Neil Rosenthal

Love, Sex, and Staying Warm

This love guide will help you and your partner establish and maintain a relationship that is intimate, close, and honest. It provides actionable and practical strategies that can help you make a positive change in your life.

The author, Neil Rosenthal, is a marriage counselor, relationship expert, and advice columnist. Throughout the chapters, the reader is instructed on how to identify cracks and meld them if a relationship is feeling less-solid.


  • Learn effective communication tactics
  • Re-vamp your sex life
  • Advice from an expert with over 37 years of experience


  • More for marriages and long-term relationships than short-term dating

The Five Love Languages: Secrets to Love that Lasts – Gary D. Chapman

The Five Love Languages

Everyone communicates their inner emotions differently, which is why this book is one of the most practical and insightful of all time. For years, this book has been a pillar of may young relationships.

While it seems like this book has been around for ages, it continues to be popular. There are continuously new additions with updates to reflect the complexities of modern relationships.

This book is revolutionary because it addresses some of the fundamental romance truths and presents relevant and actionable knowledge. The book includes a “couple’s personal profile’ assessment so that readers can identify their love languages.


  • Chapman presents actionable and relevant information and tools
  • Identify you and your partner’s love languages
  • Learn how to communicate and establish a solid base


  • The book could include more real-life stories that appeal to emotion.

The Verdict

Whether you’re single, in a new relationship, or married for years, it never hurts to receive some relationship advice. Love is a touchy subject, and while everyone may think that they’re an expert, they aren’t. If you’re seeking some wisdom, it’s best to read a book written by a relationship expert, psychologist, or counselor. The title’s that we have mentioned are authored by specialists and designed to provide you with real-life tools that you can use to find and keep the partner of your dreams.

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