Bae Dating App Review for 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

There are many incredible dating apps out there, such as OKCupid and Tinder. However, it’s easy for someone to get swept away in the mass of people and never find a date. Bae gives people of color a better way to find that special someone online.

Bae Dating App Review

Bae Dating App review

This app was founded in 2013, and this platform was created by two brothers and a friend who was a first-generation Angolan-American. Since it’s inception, the application has grown to become one of the best places for African-Americans and other ethnic groups to meet and possibly find love.

When coming up with the app, the three founders discussed how popular dating services such as Tinder could feel degrading and unfulfilling. On average black members had to send as many as ten times the amount of messages than their white counterparts to meet someone in person.

With over 50% of African-Americans single (interracial dating is possible), it’s no surprise that they average 16 hours per month on dating platforms, and are almost 40% more likely to make purchases within these applications.

Bae received over 17,000 downloads in its first month and has since grown to have international support. Two-thirds of the users for the service can be found outside of the USA. This allows people from all over the globe to have a better chance of making a connection.

Short Signup Process

Featuring a seamless signup process, all that needs to be done when creating an account is to open the app and tap the prompt to sign up through Facebook. There is no other log in options available, so users without a Facebook account will need to sign up for one before using Bae.

Once a user’s Facebook account is authorized, and an account is created, information is taken from the social media to fill in a basic set of details on the Bae profile. This includes first name, age, four info fields, four recent pictures, and the profile picture used on Facebook.

It’s possible to change pictures, write a 500-word bio, and hide any of the four info fields imported from social media. After that, users are presented with options for popup notifications and geolocation permissions.

The default search distance can be set between 1-400 miles, all ages, and if you want to match with a guy, girl, or both.


While browsing through potential partners, users can swipe left or tap the red X icon to pass a profile. Swiping right or pressing the green check will indicate that you’re interested in them.

The profile preview of other users contains an image, name, age, and mutual friends. After viewing this information, one can quickly decide whether the profile on the screen is worth swiping right or not. Pressing the info, I button located between the X and check option will open the full profile.

Upon swiping right or tapping the green check, users are notified if they match with the person if they’ve already shown interest in the user. From here, it’s possible to start chatting or return to swiping through profiles.

If a match occurs with a previous interest while the app is open, a screen-filling notification will pop up. This display contains similar options for chatting or returning to the home screen.

Matches can be viewed by clicking a green chat icon at the top right of the screen. This opens a left side menu that displays two columns containing matches and chats. Matches display their name and match date while conversations show the name and a brief preview of the last message.

The Chat System

BAE dating app The Chat System

Unlike dating services such as Bumble, there is no restriction on who starts the chat or how long a user has to respond before the conversation disappears. The only way a conversation is removed is if one side unmatches with the other, preventing users from spamming one another.

Mutual Friends

This handy feature allows users to see if potential matches are in the same social circle. It’s a great way to find common ground while chatting and provides the potential for a safe way of meeting up for the first time.

It also allows people to get a better idea of a potential match by asking their friends about a person. As an added bonus, you can then ask your mutual friend if you feel as though you and the potential match will be a good fit for one another.

Pros and Cons of Bae Dating App


  • Quick sign up process
  • Simple and intuitive interface design.
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Well-designed profile previews


  • Advertisements appear as matchable profiles while swiping
  • Minimal profile feed ensures that pictures are the center of attention
  • They have a limited matching algorithm.

Using Bae is free, and users have a decent chance of finding a prospective partner while using the application. However, the app contains many advertisements that prove to be distracting and infuriating as they appear while swiping through other members.


For any person of color, Bae is an excellent dating application that won’t cost any money. It has many handy features that allow users to decide if they’re interested in a profile quickly. Signup is quick and imports plenty of necessary data from Facebook, but this can all be edited within the app. It’s easy to use and join, and having mutual friends shown is an idea that more dating applications should embrace. It is worth downloading and trying.

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