SeekVerify Review in 2023

Are you planning on meeting the person that you have met online? Is that the reason why you’re at this SeekVerify review? Well then, go ahead and continue reading below so you can get to know what SeekVerify is all about. 

One of the most popular ways on how you can find a new friend or someone you can date is via online dating. The reason behind this is because people no longer have the time to go out and mingle due to their busy lifestyles. Fortunately, online dating sites are here to help you find that date that you’ve been looking for more conveniently. 

But due to the rise in online dating sites, there are also more and more people who are getting victimized by scammers. That is why having SeekVerify is helpful because it will help you investigate the person that you have just met online. There is actually nothing wrong with investigating a person especially if your primary purpose is to protect yourself. So continue reading below so you can get to know how SeekVerify can help you. 

SeekVerify Review

SeekVerify is one of the search people apps today, and it is known as one of the most intelligent tools on the market. The site will help you do a background check on someone and SeekVerify will give you facts instead of fake information. All you actually have to do is to have the complete name of the person or even the email so you can search the person on SeekVerify.

Once you have the information, all you have to do is to enter that information on SeekVerify. The site will conduct an investigation by getting through billions of public records available. All of the information will be revealed so you should also be ready once this information comes out.

Some of the information that you may unveil may include criminal records if there are any. You can also obtain phone numbers, email addresses, and even the residential address of that person.

Why Choose SeekVerify

With the many search people apps today, you may be thinking as to why you should choose SeekVerify. The reason behind this is because the site will help you know if the person that you are about to meet is someone genuine. This will also make sure that it is actually safe to communicate and eventually meet up with that person.

Also, using SeekVerify will provide you a complete report that’s auto-generated. You can also download this information so you can review it and so you can know if it’s worth your time getting to know this person. Another good thing about SeekVerify is that their primary goal is to ensure your security by making your safe during your meet up.

Lastly, SeekVerify is one of the most affordable search people apps today. They also provide you with 24/7 customer support, which can help you with your questions all day and all night. The peace of mind that you’re looking for is here on SeekVerify.

How Do SeekVerify Works

As mentioned above, SeekVerify is one of the most powerful backgrounds checker sites today. The site will require you to input the complete name, address, or phone number of the person that you are trying to investigate. Once done, SeekVerify will start running through different public records and gather them just for you. You don’t have to worry about anything because SeekVerify will surely provide you with the most accurate information that you need in only a few minutes.

Are SeekVerify’s Information Accurate

SeekVerify has the ability to provide data points that are accurate, and they all came from the public records of the US. They only operate in the US, which is why the only available data are the ones from the US. SeekVerify has the ability to provide financial information, sex offenders, and criminal records. 

They will also let you do a reverse search by email or by phone number. This will help you know where the email came from or the owner of the number who just called you. 

Some of the other records that SeekVerify can provide are legal records, like sex offender registry, bankruptcy, and the federal and state criminal record. You can also get past address, education and employment verification, and social media accounts. 

Cost Of Joining SeekVerify

SeekVerify offers you free access to their entire database for a dollar for an entire day. After a day, you will automatically be charged with a total of $39.95 if you have not canceled your subscription before 24 hours. So If you no longer want to continue, you can immediately unsubscribe to avoid your account from renewing. SeekVerify also has a monthly subscription, and they don’t offer any discounts for three months or six-month subscription, unlike other sites. For people who are not going to use the site long, then a day or the monthly subscription will surely work. 

Customer Service of SeekVerify

When it comes to the customer service of SeekVerify, they are available for their members 24/7. This means that whether you experience having problems during the day or late at night, you will still be able to get the assistance that you need. The site has a FAQ page where you can check some of the questions that you have about the site. If you can’t find it, then you can contact their customer service, and their agents will be glad to assist you. 

Now that you have read what SeekVerify is all about, it would be best to know the most common online dating crimes that can happen. In this way, you can avoid them from happening to you or to anyone you know. 

Common Online Dating Crimes

Extortion Or Blackmail

One of the most common crimes today is extortion or blackmail. This is where the other person on the screen will blackmail you or extort money from you. For instance, if you have been talking to this person for quite some time and you two have become close, the chances of you talking about intimate stuff are possible. In fact, the possibility of you sending photos can also be possible. 

This can become a problem especially if the person that you’re talking with has a goal to extort money from you. If you don’t give in to extortion, blackmail will be his next shot. The person may threaten you that he will expose any sensitive information about you if you don’t send that person some cash.

Online Harassment

A lot of people today are using the internet that for fun but for them to get even with someone. In fact, there are some instances where people are creating an account just to harass, threaten, abuse, or annoy the person. This is popular in most social media sites today and accounts that are related to politics. Fortunately, the government is doing something about these people, and they try to track them using their IP addresses. Once caught, the sanction will be given depending on the level of the crime.


Another popular online dating crime is that these scammers will try to get your trust and obtain sensitive photos from you. This is of course by giving in to sexual request, including video sex chats and such. They can screenshot the video and immediately spread the photos or even sell them for a price. Now, if you want this to stop, you will have to buy those photos of that person. 

Other Side Of Online Dating

Just like other things, online dating also has a different side. And it is essential for you to know all of these to avoid yourself from getting hurt. Some people think that online dating sites are all butterflies and flowers, but the truth is, there is also another side from it. Let’s find out by reading the information provided just for you below.

People Do Lie Online

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who lie online, and they usually lie about their profile information. This is common because everyone wants to find someone online and they need to be appealing to everyone. In fact, one example would be people who are using an old photo of themselves to make them look younger than their real age. This is a big no, no especially if you are planning to meet that person in real life. But people still do it anyway, and that is not a good thing. 

Either way, you need to be cautious about this and make sure that you are not being lied to. If your instincts are telling you that something is already wrong, then all you have to do is verify it. You can verify it by asking the person about some information that you find to be not truthful. There is always nothing wrong with asking. Just make sure that you won’t look like you’re accusing him already. 

Relationship VS. Sex

Yes, online dating sites are for people who are looking for a friend and someone that they can eventually date in the long run. But online dating sites are not specifically for that, because more people are actually looking for sex. This is quite the norm today so don’t expect if your conversations with someone turn into a different way. 

Before online dating, it’s not that easy to find someone that you can hook up with. This is because you can’t just come up to someone and ask if they can hook up with you. But with online dating, this made things easier because you don’t have to ask face to face. In fact, there are online dating sites that cater to people who are looking for casual encounters. So if you come across one, then don’t be surprised. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you and the person that you’re talking with are on the same page. 

Relationships May Not Last

When it comes to online dating sites, a relationship develops but this doesn’t mean that it may last or may not last. It will always depend on the people who are involved in the relationship. Other couples have met online and have gotten married and now have kids. But there are also ones whose relationship don’t last at all. The reason may depend on why, but it will always be because of the people involved. 

Choosy And Judgmental 

Another side of online dating is that people become choosy and very judgmental. Gone are the days where people value a person’s characteristics. The reason behind this is because of the many online dating sites today. The first thing that people check before messaging someone is the looks of the person that they are eyeing. 

Some people who join online dating sites use these sites to help them choose the most good-looking person on the site. The problem with this is in the long run, and once they get to know each other’s characteristics, they will realize that they are not actually compatible. 

Getting Scammed

This is one of the most common sides of online dating. The reason behind this is because not only the ones who are looking are joining online dating sites, but scammers as well. This is also the reason why people who get victimized by scammers are rising in numbers. Fortunately, SeekVerify is here to help you investigate the person that you are talking with online. This will help you know if he is worth your time or someone who will just scam you. 

Are You Being Catfished

Catfish is one of the most common worlds in the online dating industry. The reason behind this is because a lot of people are getting catfished by the people that they meet online. It can be frustrating to be catfished because you already gave every single information to that person. This is harder if you have already developed something deeper with him or her. That is why I’ve gathered some tips on how to watch out for catfishers online.

No Video Chats 

People who are chatting with a catfish will have a hard time requesting for video chats. This person may have endless of reasons as to why video chatting is not happening. It can be because the internet connection is currently not okay today or it may because of other reasons. If you have been chatting for quite some time and this person still refuses to video chat with you, then that can be a big sign that you’re chatting with a catfish.

No Selfies In The Moment

This is quite understandable especially if the person doesn’t like to take selfies at the moment, just because she doesn’t have makeup. Or maybe he just woke up and he doesn’t look his best during that time. But if in the long run, this is still a problem, then there must be something that a person is hiding. 

If you are getting suspicious, the best thing that you can do is to ask them for a specific photo. Like something with a peace sign or something where they are holding something. If they still don’t do it, then they are catfishing you. 

Photos Are Showing Up On Reverse Search

If you want to verify that you are being catfished, then it would be best to run the photos that they have been sending you. If they keep on popping up on reverse image search, then that can be a clear sign. Also, if the information on that photo is different from the things that the person is saying, then he or she is undoubtedly catfishing you. 

Looking Definitely Good

Of course, everyone deserves to be with someone that they like. But if the person that you’re chatting with seems like you have met your dream person, then you should start thinking. This person may look like a model as well based on the photos sent to you. It won’t hurt to confirm if that person is them or someone that they just got from the internet. 

No Phone Calls

There will be instances where phone calls will never be allowed. If they have been sending you videos of themselves talking or something, but don’t want to phone call, then that’s a big warning sign. The reason behind this is because they sound different over the phone. They will get busted if you let them call you and hear their voices. 

Sometimes this can happen if the person catfishing you is familiar with you. That person definitely doesn’t want you to recognize their voice. 

No Meet Ups

When you meet a person online, it’s always nice if you can meet them in person. This is especially if you two have already built something deeper. But if the person that you have met online keeps on making up excuses, then you should be worried. This can be a sign that this person is not the person that he or she says he or she is. 

There will also be instances where this person will come up with a dramatic excuse. Some of the excuses might be them getting into an accident or them not feeling too well. Distance yourself and find someone new.

People Around You Are Suspicious

Of course, when you get too excited, you sometimes end up telling the people around you about this new friend that you found online. If after telling them about this person they start to get suspicious, then that means that there might be something wrong. 

Sometimes, we can be blinded by the people that we are into and we can’t see the real them. But the people around us can help us especially if we listen to them. So make sure to try to listen to them and start investigating yourself using SeekVerify.

Your Instincts Are Telling You Something

Your instincts may sometimes get you out of something that is not right. For instance, if you keep feeling that something is off with this person, then there might really is. It would be best always to trust your instincts because it will help you in the long run. You can always ask the person if you are having doubts, this person will probably be mad at you especially if they are indeed catfishing you. 

What Do People Have To Say About SeekVerify

I lived in San Francisco for four years back in the 80s. Then I later moved to many different states. I always wanted to locate my good friends in a family in San Francisco. For so many years I didn’t know what to do. One of my friends told me that I could try TruthFinder, which I did. It was so quick that with a few clicks that I found my friends and got reconnected again. How happy I was with the service that I would certainly recommend that anyone wants to find somebody that they love! – Mitch, 32

The reason I signed up for TruthFinder was to learn information for my Aunt about her past. She was adopted by my grandparents and recently obtained her adoption records. I wanted to use TruthFinder to find out why she was taken from her birth parents by CPS. I was having trouble with my search, so I called TruthFinder and Amber was so helpful and tried to help me with my search. Also, I was able to find out information about her biological father. I plan to use TruthFinder to research other family members so that my Aunt might be able to connect with her biological family. – Sandy, 29

Catfishing can be frustrating especially if you already have developed something profound with that person. That is why checking the tips above and taking note of them will help you to avoid getting victimized by these people. Also, don’t forget to use SeekVerify not only for looking for someone but as well as for investigating that person that you have been talking with online. In this way, you won’t be wasting your time talking to someone who is nothing but a catfish. 

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