InstantCheckmate Review in 2020

Are you getting paranoid that the person that you met online will only scam you? Is that the reason why you’re at this InstantCheckmate review? Well, there’s nothing wrong with ensuring that the person that you’re getting to know says who he is exactly. Of course, you won’t have to ask the person upfront, because you can conduct research about the person using Instant Checkmate.

Online dating has been part of the majority’s lives because of its convenience and great reviews. People who are looking for new friends or even someone to date rely on these online dating sites. There is actually no harm in doing so since online dating sites are made just for people like them. The problem occurs when scammers start signing up and looking for someone that they can victimize. 

These scammers can steal your identities and your money. That is why it is essential to conduct research or a quick investigation of the person that you have met online. Fortunately, InstantCheckmate is here to cater to your investigating needs. 

InstantCheckmate Review

InstantCheckmate is a site where people can search for public records. People can perform background checks on this site quickly. You can start searching for anyone who lives in the US, and you will immediately be able to see all their information. Some of the information that InstantCheckmate provides are known aliases, real age, addresses, arrest records, and criminal records. 

Ease Of Us Of InstantCheckmate

When it comes to the ease of use of InstantCheckmate, you shouldn’t worry because the site is very user-friendly. The reason behind this is because the site is very much organized. Everything can easily be navigated through the site’s sidebars. So whether you are a tech-savvy or not, you will surely be able to browse the site and do whatever task it is that you need to do on InstantCheckmate.

Features On InstantCheckmate

InstantCheckmate is equipped with features that will help to search easier for everyone. One of the best features that they have is that they have an InstantCheckmate app. This means that you can download the app on your phone so you can access it anytime you need to search for someone on InstantCheckmate. 

One of the best things about their app is that you can quickly swipe to each report, instead of touching each of the words on the report. This will make things easier for you when it comes to getting results about the person that you are searching for.

Another feature that you will surely love about InstantCheckmate is that things are lined up on their result in alphabetical order. White pages may also be the same, but the difference is that you need to go through all of them with is time-consuming. In today day and age, people are always looking for something that will make things easier for them. That is why InstantCheckmate is here to help you find everything that you need in just a few clicks. This will save you ample of time to do other things since you no longer have to spend the entire day investigation, someone.

Reports On InstantCheckmate

InstantCheckmate provides its users with a comprehensive search and result, which will help you find someone almost instantly. Whether you are looking for information about your friends or someone you met online, you will surely be able to see that on InstantCheckmate.

Once you type in the name or email of the person that you want to look up to, InstantCheckmate will gather days from a number of public records. Some of the public records that InstantCheckmate will check are sex offender registration files, census data, court dockets, and as well as arrest and criminal records. 

After collecting all of the data from these sources, InstantCheckmate will divide them into two different categories. The ones are for people who want free information and the ones who don’t care about paying. 

Standard Reports On InstantCheckmate

One of the categories that InstantCheckmate has is the standard reports, which is a regular search result. The result will provide you a combination of a person’s personal and as well as the criminal background. This is actually a good thing because some sites will let you pay to check someone else’s criminal background. 

Upon using the standard report, InstantCheckmate will provide you with some details of the person that you are researching. Some of this information include full name, known aliases, contact number, and known addresses. Also, if there is information about his or her family members those will also be included.

Another good thing about standard reports on InstantCheckmate is that they will explain every detail of the crime that has been committed by that person. Case number and description of their offenses will all be explained by InstantCheckmate.

Premium Reports On InstantCheckmate

The premium report is a paid service, and you can get more information in this category, For instance, InstantCheckmate will provide you with financial information and various permits. You will also be able to use the properties that the person owned. One of the best things about premium reports is that you will know if that person has a gun and an active license for hunting. 

Some of the other reports that a premium subscription will give you is that if the person has other possessions. This will include watercraft, aircraft, and any lingering tax liens. 

Searching For People On InstantCheckmate

Searching people on InstantCheckmate is one of the most straightforward tasks that you can do on InstantCheckmate. All you have to do is to use the Feld on the page that’s currently features. For InstantCheckmate to be able to get more information on the person, a full name will be required. The more data you add, the narrower the result will be. You can add the city and state, birthdate if you have them.

Now, if the only thing that you have is the full name, then don’t be surprised to see multiple listings on that person. All you have to do is to make sure carefully look for that person no matter how many the results are. This will ensure that you’re going to meet up with a trustworthy person. 

Another good thing about searching for people on InstantCheckmate is that you can do a reverse phone search. Searching for people via their email or some of their credentials are also possible on InstantCheckmate.

Reliability Of All The Data Provided By InstantCheckmate

As mentioned above, there are two types of categories and if you want more information then purchasing the premium reports would be ideal. You shouldn’t worry about anything because all of the data provided are accurate, especially that they come from public records in the US. All the standard information are accurate as well, but if you want more, then the premium would be best.

One of the best things about InstantCheckmate is that they provide satisfying result about a person’s finances and criminal activities. This means that if you are checking if your date can actually be trusted then InstantCheckmate is the way to go. 

Pricing On InstantCheckmate

InstantCheckmate offers a free service and a paid service, wherein you don’t have to spend a dime if you want the standard result. But if you need more results, then you may have to subscribe to their premium search, which will cost you $34.78 per month and will be renewed if you don’t get to cancel it. If you are going to subscribe for a quarterly plan, then this will cost $83.47 and charged every three months.

If you are unsure whether you need to subscribe that long then you can use their free trial which can last for five days. This will help you get limited access to all the features on InstantCheckmate. 

Lastly, if you need premium data, then you can add an extra fee of $19.95 to your standard subscription. This will help you get information, including civil judgment, liens, and properties that the person owns. 

Customer Service On InstantCheckmate

InstantCheckmate has one of the best customer services today. The reason behind this is because they always have a remedy for the majority of the complaints that they are getting. Their customer support can be contacted via email or telephone during working hours of every day. 

InstantCheckmate also has a very active social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. This means that if you don’t get an answer to your email, you can just send them a message on their social media accounts. Just make sure to message them during working hours so you can get a response. 

Security And Privacy On InstantCheckmate

InstantCheckmate is very serious when it comes to their security. In fact, while you’re using the site, you will get a message that the page is being secured by a 128-bit encryption key. This kind of key is strong enough that it has the power to withstand the majority of the hacking attempts. 

Now, when it comes to your privacy, InstantCheckmate admits that they are actually collecting some information to their users. The reason behind this is because they need to figure out and tell you apart from people who are frauds. Also, they mention that they share some of your information with third party companies and advertisers. 

Everything that you need to know about InstantCheckmate is here, but did you know that it is essential to know how you can spot an online dating site scammer? This will help you save time before you go to InstantCheckmate and break your heart. The information below will help you spot a scammer before you fall head over heels with them.

Online Dating Site Scammer – Their Targets

Online dating sites are popular for people who are looking for new friends or someone that they can date. But scammers are also very rampant on these online dating sites. They victimized people in every part of the world, whether what their sexual orientation age or gender is.

One of their biggest targets are people who are often isolated and vulnerable. They pretend to be someone else let the person fall for them so they can start asking for things that they need and want from this person. Fortunately, I’ve gathered some information on how you can spot an online dating site scammer before you invest too much emotion on him or her. Continue reading below so you can get to know what these signs are.

Are You Talking To An Online Dating Scammer

Warning Signs On The Profile

The first thing that you need to do is to check the profile of the person that you’re talking with or trying to talk to you. The profile can help you check if the person may be a potential scammer. Check the profile if there are any images or if there are few photos. Typically, scammers don’t have many pictures in them, and if there are any, they are stock photos.

Check as to where they actually live in and where you live. Chances are, they live in a different country than yours, which is odd. Lastly, check if they mention about being deployed in a different country. The reason behind this is because scammers will usually say things like this. 

When it comes to dating apps, you will notice that they don’t put in too much information about themselves. Their accounts are also not linked with any of the available social media networks today.

Wants To Converse Elsewhere

One of the most common things that online scammers do is to try to talk elsewhere. They will ask you if you have Facebook or Skype or any other form of online communication. There are some that would like to do SMS on Whatsapp and any other apps. So always be wart of the people you are meeting online who are looking to move the conversation to any other platform.

They Make Plans To Meet Up With You

Also, scammers will pretend to make plans with you, but the truth is, they will never going to meet you. The reason behind this is because they are not the person that they say they are. They will make excuses not to meet up with you. Sometimes, they will even tell you that it is hard to be on deployment and meeting you is not possible right now. 

There might also be some instances where they will pretend to need money so that they can purchase a ticket to meet up with you. Or there will also time where they will say that they are currently detained and a certain amount of money is needed for their release.

Professing Love Too Soon

Another move that scammers usually do is that they would profess love too soon. They will admit to having an emotional connection with you. Yes, even if you have just met for a day, they will say that and that they felt very connected with you. Of course, all of these is part of their emotional manipulation. 

As mentioned above, people who are isolated and vulnerable are the ones who are their desired targets. The reason behind this is because they are the ones who crave for connections. If you notice that someone that you have just met keep on profession his love for you, then that’s a big sign that he’s a scammer.

Voice And Video Chatting Will Never Be Okay

They will always turn down a video chat request no matter what. These scammers will come up with hundreds of reasons just to not video chat with you. Voice chats may not be possible especially if they come from Malaysia, Ghana, or Nigeria because their accents might give them away though there are some instances that they can fake accents just to fool to the person that they are trying to victimize. 

Some scammers will even make shyness as their excuse. But this can be a red flag, especially if they keep on professing their love for you but are not yet ready to be seen even on video. All smartphones today have cameras, and video chatting is definitely easy.

Sending Your Links

There are scammers who will not catfish you or make you fall over heels for them. But what they will do is send you a link which will redirect you to another website. The website can be where you can download apps or sites with services and such where you will need to provide financial information. 

There are also some instances where you will be asked to download something. What you don’t know is that you’re downloading a malware that can steal on your information on your computer. 

Requesting Money 

One of the most obvious signs that they are scammers is that they will start requesting money from you. This is actually the primary goal of every scammer today. They will create different reasons as to why they need to money. Some may say that it’s become to travel issues, health problems, or may even say that they have family emergencies. 

There will also some instances where scammers will tell you that they have a package for you, but customs fees are needed. Usually, scammers work with others, which means that you might get documents or phone calls from someone asking for fees for the package. 

Also, they will ask for you to invest with whatever fictional business that they have. Whatever kind of financial request that they do make sure never to entertain those requests. The best thing that you can do is to report the person immediately. 

Financial Transaction Assistance

There are also reports where people from online dating sites are being scammed in a different way. They will ask for assistance with you and will turn you into a so-called money mule. This is where you will become an accomplice in money laundering. 

This can happen by the person sending you money, and you will have to send a that certain amount to a different account. Or you will be sent money, and you will have to replace that money using a gift card. There are even times where the scammer will request for the victim to open a new bank account for the scammer itself. What you don’t know is that you are becoming an accomplice to their illegal activities and might also get you in trouble.

Tips On Avoiding Online Dating Scammers

Besides the above warning signs, you need to know some tips on how you can avoid them. Here are some tips that can help you avoid scammers who will do you no good.

Reverse Image Search

The first thing that you need to do is to run their photo or photos on a reverse image search website. You will be able to verify the person’s identity by doing this. You will know if the picture comes from different profiles under different aliases. Or you may also know that the picture is a photo of someone else and not the person that you are chatting with.

Be Aware Of Dating Scams

Keep yourself updated on the different dating scams that are happening around the internet. Remember that not all scams are the same and some scammers are looking for new ways on how to effectively scam people online. So always be aware and be updated.

Avoid Giving Too Much Information

Whether you’re meeting a scammer or not online, it is not ideal for divulging too much information about yourself. The reason behind this is because the scammer will use your financial situation or any of your issues. Revealing too much will let them know how vulnerable you can be and can become a target. 

Use InstantCheckmate

Of course, to ensure that you won’t get scammed or be a victim of any, doing some digging on InstantCheckmate will surely help you out. This will help you know if your online friend is worth meeting up or talking with. 


With all these being said about InstantCheckmate and how to spot a scammer, your chances of becoming a victim are low. Make it a habit to use InstantCheckmate to ensure that you are talking to someone online that’s trustworthy.  

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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