How To Find Out If Someone has a Dating Profile: 10 Techniques in 2020

Are you worried about your significant other spending too much time on his or her phone? Is that the reason why you’re at these tips on how to find out if someone is on dating sites for free? Worry not, because a lot of people are wondering on how will they found out if someone is on the hundred of dating sites today. You are definitely not alone, and we are here to help you out. 

Nowadays, people can tend to get glued on their laptops and their phones for numerous reasons. Some people are doing that because they are working or sending out those last minute emails to their workmates and such. But some people are glued on these devices, not because of work, but because they are working out something on someone that they have probably met online. If they are single and no one’s going to get mad about this, then there wouldn’t be a problem. But if the person is already committed, then that can become a problem.

There are different ways on how you can find out if someone is on dating sites for free. You can conduct your investigation even without spending a dime. But you will surely be able to spend a lot of time if you really want to know if that person is on one of the many dating sites today.

Is It Paranoia Or Your Instincts

Some people think that conducting things like this can be their paranoia talking to them. While some people believe that this is their instincts another are instances that they were right. This is typically the case especially if you have met your significant other on a dating site. The chances of you thinking that he or she might go back to the site is quite high, and this is normal. 

We can’t honestly tell if this is our paranoia or instincts working not unless we conduct an investigation ourselves. So here are some tips on how to find out if someone is on dating sites for free.

Creating An Online Dating Account

The first thing that you need to do is to create an online dating account because the majority of the sites won’t let you snoop through the profiles’ members on the site. So the best thing that you can do is to create an account using a different email address so you can verify your account. Of course, when it is the to complete your profile, change the information as much as you can. 

Avoid using your own information, including your appearance, age, photo and such. There are online dating sites that let a member know if their profile has been viewed. You surely don’t want the person to be alarmed so be discreet as you can when snooping around. Of course, do not forget to change your goals, personality traits, education, and even your profession. 

Also, it would be best to sign up on dating sites that are popular because the chances of them signing up to these sites are high. You can always delete your account after your feelings are verified.

Searching Their Browsing History

The next thing that you can do is to search for their browsing history. This is quite easy if you and your significant other shares a computer. You can check the browsing history or type anything you want on the search tab on the history. Of course, there are some people who tend to delete the browsing history especially if they are hiding something. But there may also be a chance that they forgot especially I they are in a hurry. Searching through the browsing history may not be reliable since it can immediately be deleted, but if you find what you are looking for, then there is the proof that you need! Just remember to avoid accessing any device that is not yours as this can be an illegal thing to do.

Searching Through Emails

Searching through emails can only be done if you and your significant other is sharing an account. Avoid logging in without his or her permission as this is known as illegal. You can browse through the emails and check if there are anything that comes from any dating sites. Typically, these sites won’t appear in the primary inbox, though sometimes it does. Of course, you should also check the other folders on the email, including trash, spam, and even the junk mails. The chances of them being there can be a little high, especially if the emails are marked as spam or deleted. 

You can also click on the all mail, and you can immediately search from there. If you don’t have the time to browse each page, then you can type in the name or even a few keywords, like “dating,” and if there are any, it will immediately come up. You can also check their emails on their phone especially if your significant other lets you borrow the phone. But if all of a sudden, borrowing his or her phone is becoming an issue, then this can be worrisome. 

Search Online For Their Information

The next thing that you can do is to search for the information of your significant other online. You can search using their email address, full name, and even their phone number. Of course, you can also search for using their photos. All of this information may come up with results that you may or may not want. Another thing that you can do is to search using their profiles and conduct an image search and check if anything will come up. The best thing that you can do is to choose a photo that your significant other may use or ones that they usually use on their social media accounts.

Logging In To Dating Sites

Another thing that you can do is to try logging in to dating sites that your significant other may have created an account. You can use their email address and log in and of course, make up a password. Once you get a “wrong password” message, then this is a confirmation that they already have an account. Avoid using the forgot password because the site will send a password reset to that email. Your significant other will be prompted about that and might cause a problem.

Check Their Phone

Avoid getting their phone without permission as there is a risk of you getting caught. The best thing that you can do is to borrow their phone and come up with an excuse. Make sure that you already knew how you can find a specific app or how you can browse through their phones. Once the phone is already in your hand, you can immediately check for notifications whether there are notifications from dating sites or dating apps that you know of. 

Check Their Computer

As mentioned above, some people may delete their history search on the computer. But some don’t know that there might be information lurking around the computer that even you are not aware of. Using the computer, check the saved passwords on the computer through the setting on the browser. If you are both using an Apple device, then you can go to the “Keychain” app so you can check the passwords there. Typically, the password will be accompanied by the name of the site, and you can definitely see if that is a dating site or not. Once done, you can even log in on the website or leave it like that and confront your significant other.

Act Like You Know Something

If you are sure that your significant other is on a dating site, but you don’t have any concrete proof, you can confront them. Act like you already know something and say something like a friend saw him or her on a dating site. Ask as to why he or she would do that to you and make sure to watch their reaction and always do trust your own gut. 

When doing this, make sure that you do this in person instead of doing this over the phone or via text. Gain the courage to do this in person as you will be able to gauge their reaction and responses. Always be confident when doing this because if that person sees you worrying, then they will be able to conceal their true behavior no matter what. No matter what the outcome may be, make sure that you are willing to accept the outcome. 

Hiring A Private Investigator

Now, if you are done doing the above and you’re still not convinced that he or she isn’t in any online dating sites or apps, then you can hire a private investigator. This will cost you money but if you are willing to spend, then go ahead and hire one. One of the best things about hiring a private investigator is that they have access to a lot of resources that are truly useful. But put in mind that they may conduct a thorough investigation, but it is not their job to hack into phones and computers. The reason behind this is because this is illegal and they surely don’t want to put their life and profession at risk.

Why Is Your Significant Other Still In An Online Dating Site

If you caught him or her in an online dating site, you might be questioning as to why. You may be wondering if you are enough and stuff like that. But there are different reasons as to why this is happening, especially if the two of you are not yet married. Here are some of the ideas that he or she may say to you.

It’s Not A Relationship Yet

What you and your significant other have is not yet a relationship for him or her. This could be hurtful especially if you thought that you are already into a relationship. If you believe that both of you are still in the getting to know the stage, then there’s actually a reason why he or she is still in an online dating site. Of course, if you want someone to be exclusively yours, then he or she may not be the one for you right now. So let go and find someone who is willing to be in a relationship with you. 

Expanding Options

Another reason that may be because he or she may want to expand his or her options when it comes to dating. The reason may be because the person is having second thoughts about having a serious relationship with you he or she is still looking for the spark that he or she’s been looking for. This can be hurtful as you might think that you are unattractive, but this is not all about you. This is about the person not being contented and is still on the lookout for someone who he or she thinks can bring the joy that he or she’s been looking for. If this is the case, then you might want to let go of the relationship that you think you had. 

You Never Talked About Being Exclusive

This can be confusing since you thought that there is nothing to talk about. But the truth is, there will always be something to talk about especially when it comes to a relationship. You need to clarify things and stop assuming because this will never be a good idea to do. Now, once the two of you get to talk, if he or she wants to be exclusive, then deleting the account online will be necessary, but if he or she is not yet ready, then you have to think things through. If you are going to wait till the person is prepared, you might only get hurt in the end especially if the person will never be ready.


Knowing if someone is still in an online dating site can be worrisome, but if that will take out that heavy feeling with you, then do it. Just make sure to avoid anything illegal to avoid escalating the problem into something bigger. Talking things through with your significant other will always be essential, so always find the time to communicate.

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