UbLove Review: Is This A Legit Site

Are you currently looking for a dating site that caters to Korean women? Is this the reason why you’re here at this UbLove review? Well then, by all means, continue reading below and get to know if this is a legit site or not. 

UbLove Review

Dating other race has never been this easy with the growing number of online dating sites. People can now get to meet different races from different countries without even boarding a plane. The internet makes everything possible, including finding a date anytime and anywhere you are in the world. But you can’t just sign up to any dating sites today; you need to make sure that the site is legit and is free of scam. 

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What Is UbLove

UbLove is an online dating site that caters to Asians and most specifically to Korean women. The site targets men who are into dating Asian women, although there are also some western women on the site. Of course, women can also join in here and find their matches. UbLove is not only for people who are looking for love but as well as pen pals or international friends. In fact, due to the site’s flexibility, UbLove received an award in the year 2005 for being the best online dating site internationally. 

Design Of The Website

Unfortunately, UbLove has a somewhat cluttered website. The reason behind this is because there is just a lot of information that is stuffed in one single page. In fact, if you visit their website, you will notice that there are a lot of hyperlink texts and buttons. The fonts are also too much, and there are just a lot of icons moving around. 

Another weird thing on this site is that there is a section where members can purchase Korean cosmetics and other Korean stuff. I don’t think this is necessary since this is an online dating site and not an online shopping one. 

Of course, there is still a good side to this. They have an interactive tour, which will let people know as to what UbLove is all about. It’s a very useful feature to help someone decide whether this online dating site is for them or not.

Registering On UbLove

When it comes to registering on UbLove, it’s pretty easy because it will only take you a couple of minutes. All you have to do is sign up using your email address and fill out all of the information needed. You will also have to include the kind of person that you are looking, for the site to know with whom you want to match up with. Of course, you need to add a photo of yourself and a short description of yourself.

Membership On UbLove

People can register for free and essential features are also available for them. But if you want to enjoy all the features that the site has to offer, then it would be best to get their premium membership. Besides the premium membership, they also have a Premium Reply Me, which usually have additional features. 

Here are their price lists for the Premium Membership:

  • One month of premium membership will cost you $25
  • Three month of premium membership will cost you $50
  • Six months of premium membership will cost you $75
  • Twelve months of premium membership will cost you $100

Here are their price lists for the Premium Reply Me:

  • One month of Premium Reply Me will cost you $35
  • Three months of Premium Reply Me will cost you $70
  • Six months of Premium Reply Me will cost you $90
  • Twelve months of Premium Reply Me will cost you $120

You can pay for your subscription via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Features On UbLove 

Members who are under a free membership can browse through other members’ profiles. They can also reply to messages that they receive, and as well as send free winks. As for the paid members, they can enjoy advanced features. Here are some of them:

  • See members who are interested in you
  • Go through the members’ profiles and get to click the button for Request Chat
  • Get access to the different tips when it comes to successful dating

Customer Service At UbLove

UbLove has excellent customer service, wherein all you have to do is click the contact button below of the page. But you should know that the only way to contact them is through a message via their site itself. There are no contact numbers that they can be reached, which can be disappointing. 


With all these being said, if you are into Asian women especially Korean women, then UbLove is the site for you. You may get their free membership or opt for the paid one, so you get to use their advanced features.

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