Tips On Dating a Traditional Asian Woman

Are you planning on dating a traditional Asian woman? Did you know that it’s entirely different dating a traditional Asian woman compared to the modern ones? If you want everything to go well, then the tips below will surely help you out.

Thai DatingAs you all know, Asian women are known for being religious and traditional. Some women even follow their oldest traditions, while the more modern ones prefer to ignore them. In fact, there are modern ones who have already incorporated the western traditions in their daily living. But this does not mean that they are all the same. The reason behind this is because there are still traditional Asian women who prefer staying that way.

If you’re someone who is going to date or who is currently dating a traditional Asian woman, then you should know that the rules in Western dating are different. Let’s talk more about them by reading the information provided for you below.

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Avoid Saying Konnichiwa

Traditional Asian WomanA lot of western men think that it is okay to greet Asian women with “Konnichiwa.” The best way that you can do is to approach these women in your local language. A simple “hi” will suffice. Avoid acting like Asians, because this won’t do the trick. You will only end up annoying her, which you surely don’t want to happen. Avoid saying Konnichiwa or any Asian greeting by all means, because you will just look annoying and ridiculous.

Avoid Complimenting the Eyes

Traditional Asian WomanAs you all know, Asian women have chinky eyes, and they are very much aware of this. So completing their eyes is no longer necessary. You can instead compliment how gorgeous their long black hair or you can say how you are fond of their cuteness. According to some Asian women, they hate it when foreigners compliment their eyes. Of course, if you want to try complimenting their eyes, by all means, do so for you to be able to experience this yourself.

No Lecturing Of Cultural Knowledge

Traditional Asian WomanYou may know about her culture, but impressing her with your knowledge about your culture won’t be best. Of course, it is great that you are an expert when it comes to Asian culture. But this doesn’t mean that you need to shove it in her face. She definitely won’t be impressed by this, so just skip it. There are some instances wherein a guy talks about her dates culture for the entire duration of the date. This only made her feel annoyed the entire date. So if you don’t to annoy your date, then skip the cultural lecturing.

Eat Using Your Usual Utensils

Traditional Asian WomanAsians are known to eat using chopsticks. If you don’t eat using chopsticks, then it would be best to skip it. Use a fork if this is your usual utensil when eating. But if you are using chopsticks, then, by all means, use chopsticks. If you try eating using chopsticks without even a single knowledge about it, you will only end up embarrassing yourself. You don’t have to worry much about it. She won’t be mad if you don’t use chopsticks.

No Need To Be A Chili Expert

Traditional Asian WomanFor people who don’t know, Asians are known to love chilis. If you are someone who likes eating spicy foods, then there won’t be a probe, But if you are someone who is eating spicy food for the first time, it would be best to skip it during your first date. You surely don’t want anything bad to happen with your belly while you are out with her on a date. You can order whatever food you’re comfortable in eating. You don’t have to prove something to her by eating spicy foods.

Practice Good Manners

Traditional Asian WomanAsians are known to be people who are very polite. The reason behind this is because traditional Asians always teach their kids to have manners and have respect. In fact, you won’t even see an Asian woman chewing loudly or having her elbows on the table. So if you are going to date a traditional Asian woman, then it would be best to pay attention to your manners. Of course, this trait is also essential for women from other races. So practice good manners at all times.

No Need to Pay the Bill

Traditional Asian WomanYes, your date may be a traditional Asian woman, but this does not mean that you need to shoulder the bill. If you want to keep the gold diggers away from you, then not paying for the first date would be best. Some Asian women, even the traditional ones will offer to pay for their share. You can also talk about sharing the bill with her, and you need to be very confident when talking about this. Don’t worry about any negative reactions, because if she is not a gold digger, then she won’t mind sharing the bill with her.

Be Ready To Do The Talking

Traditional Asian WomanTraditional Asian women are known to be very shy. Some men will take this as a sign that the woman is not interested in them. This may be the case when it comes to dating western women, but with Asians, this is different. They are just too shy about dating a foreigner. So the best thing that you can do is to do all the talking first and make her feel comfortable. Now, once she gets comfortable talking to you, she’ll start conversing.

Mind Dirty Talking

Traditional Asian WomanDirty talking can be risky especially if you are not sure if you are doing it right. You surely don’t want her to think that you’re a pervert or a creep. If you are going to blurt out the right things, then the night may lead you to a better ending. But take note, remember that you are dating an Asian woman. They have a low tolerance for dirty talking, so it would be best to skip it until you are both comfortable with each other.

These are all of the things that you need to know when dating a Traditional Asian woman. Follow the tips, and you will surely have an successful Asian date.

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