FilDate Review: Is This A Scam

Are you wondering where to find Filipino women? Have you heard of FilDate? Well, whether you have heard of it or not, this FilDate review will help you decide whether you should hit that sign up button or not.

FilDate ReviewOne of the most in-demand women in the world are South East Asian women, and this is because if their traits and exotic beauties. A lot of western men are into them because some of the women from South East Asia are the exact opposite of western women. This is just one the many reasons why more and more Asian dating sites are emerging today. With the increasing demand for online dating sites, it is no longer a surprise that you will get to see a massive boom in online dating sites in the coming years.

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What Is FilDate

FilDate is an online dating site where you can get to meet, chat, and date women from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. This online dating site is free for everyone to join and they offer features that will help you find that South East Asian woman that you want. But one of the problems that I noticed is that there are not enough women online on the site, which can become a challenge. Also, the profiles are not that detailed, and the photos don’t have the same quality as the ones in other established dating sites. But don’t worry because there are still plenty of features to choose from. 

FilDate’s Platform

FilDate is a professional and polished looking online dating site, which can easily be navigated even for members who are just new to the site. You can join for free as mentioned above, and all you need to have is a bald email address so you can validate your registration to the website. After signing up, you can instantly look around and find a woman to date. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to know how many members are signed up at the site. But you can see the number of members who are currently online. 

Fake Profiles On FilDate

If you browse through some of the photos, it can be frustrating see profiles that don’t even have a picture. These profiles are usually faked ones and are scammers, which can only cause you problems. Or this can also mean that they are inactive, which can be annoying. FilDate’s staffs are entirely ineffectual especially when it comes to removing scammers and time-waster members. 

Members’ Profiles On FilDate

As mentioned above, the profiles on FiDate are not that detailed. Majority of the members are from Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. But there are also some members who came from the other parts of the globe. If you are mainly into Filipino women, then it would be better to check other dating sites that are meant for them. 

Another thing that I have mentioned is that if there are photos, they are of low quality. Most of the images are taken using a webcam. There are of course excellent profiles with video or voice intros, but you need to upgrade your membership for this. 

Searching On FilDate

Now, when it comes to searching, there are different options to choose from. You can use the basic search, wherein you can find members depending on specific criteria. You can also use a filter, so you will only be able to see profiles with images. Now, if you are a premium member, you can use different categories. This will include demographic information, personality, and as well as physical appearances. You can also search by username or search which is currently online. 

Contacting Members On FilDate

You can contact members on FilDate by sending flirts or exchanging emails. You can also join chat rooms or invite certain members to a chat that is exclusively for the both of you. To make things easier for you and other members, you can add them so you can easily access them anytime you want. 

Memberships On FilDate

FilDate ReviewAs mentioned above, you can register to the site for free. There are also some features that are available, including chat rooms with webcam access. But you won’t be able to read or send any emails. You also won’t be able to access your mailbox with a free membership. You can upgrade and pay $6.33 per month if you sign up for their membership of 12 months. But with the information mentioned above, I don’t think it’s worth it. 


With all the information said above, you can always try FilDate, especially that it’s a free dating site. But if you are going to think about upgrading, then you better think twice because it’s not going to be worth your money. 

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