Date In Asia Review in 2023

Are you planning to sign up at Date in Asia? Then knowing more about the site before actually signing up would be best. In this way, you will know what to expect once you start looking for that Asian dating that you’ve been dreaming of.

With the many dating sites today, one of the most searched are Asian dating sites. The reason behind this is because many westerners are into Asian women because of their loving personalities. One of the websites that are offering men a chance to get to date Asian women is Date in Asia. Whether you have already heard about this dating site or not, it would be best to get to know it in a deeper level.

Better Alternatives to Date in Asia

If you are looking for asians to date, there are much better alternatives. These other dating sites have a larger asian member base to match against, improved features, and protection against scammers. See our highly-recommended sites below:

Date In Asia Review

Date In Asia is one of the leading Asian dating websites today. But this does not mean that you can only find partners here. The reason behind this is because the site also lets you see potential friends. Majority of the members are Asians, but of course, the website does not limit the ethnicity and nationality of their members. Everyone can join this dating website, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Joining Date In Asia

Date In Asia

Joining Date In Asia is just like joining any other dating sites today. One of the good things about this website is that you can quickly sign up for free. You don’t even have to worry about their paid version because it just does not exist. This is, of course, a fantastic news, but since the site is free, moderation can be a little problematic. So in short, all you have to do, for you to be able to get to meet new people is to sign up.

Another issue that you might come across with Date In Asia is that because it is free, there will be ads on the website. But don’t worry because these advertisements will not distract you from finding a potential Asian date.

Finally Signing Up to Date In Asia

Date In Asia

Signing up to Date In Asia is just the same as when you are signing up for the majority of the websites today. Typically, you will need to give the site your name and an email address that is valid. You will also have to think of a username and the gender of the person that you would want to meet. Entering your mobile number is a requirement because an activation code will be sent there.

User Profiles on Date In Asia

Date In Asia

The profiles on the website will let the user fill in information about themselves. You can write about anything and everything. You can also write something about the partner you are looking for or hoping to meet up with. But if you don’t feel like filling this section up, then that’s fine. But your chances of finding a partner might be low since people prefer meeting people they can get to know through the profiles.

Always put in mind that the best way to initially get to know a person through online dating sites is through their profiles. So it would be best to fill up this part of your profile. Besides, you don’t have to create an entire essay about yourself. All you have to do is to put in a little information about yourself so members can get to know you.

Features of Date In Asia

Date In Asia

Date In Asia is quite a basic site, wherein their primary focus is to help you find the right match. Once you have signed up and have verified your account, the next thing that you will be able to do is to checkout the profiles of the site’s members. You can communicate with the other members using their email and talk about everything and anything under the sun.

When it comes to the search features, a lot of people love this because there are tons of questions which can help narrow down your search results. This will help you find the match that you have been looking for. There is also an option where you can search the username of a particular member that you’re interested in. If you are trying to find extensive information, forums, or blogs, then you won’t see any here. The reason behind this is because the site is just all about you meeting other people from across the globe.

Positive Features

  • Keeps their promise to let you meet people from all over Asia
  • Tons of users from the USA and the Philippine
  • Basic matchmaking
  • Basic search feature, but well organized
  • Can easily register on the website

Negative Features

  • Only supports the English language
  • Upon registration, there’s a geography filter.
  • The website will not allow members from certain countries, even from some Asian ones.
  • Can easily delete your profile

Women on Date in Asia

Date In Asia

Of course, you’re probably curious about the quality of women that you might meet on Date in Asia. Asian women are known to be cute and bubbly, but this does not mean that all Asian women are like this. There are also ladyboys since moderation in this online website is quite limited. Asian women are also shy, which means that you will have to initiate the talking. If you notice that the woman is not responding, then this just means that she’s not interested or she has already a lot of members chatting with her.

Members on Date In Asia

Date In Asia

One of the good things about the members on Date in Asia is that you don’t have to worry about scammers because the site had already addressed this issue a long time ago. Dating sites have a reputation that they are full of people who are joining just to scam people. Fortunately, Date In Asia was quick to fix this issue despite them being a free dating website.

As for the members, they are all legitimate ones. But as mentioned above, there are ladyboys so if you are not into them, then it would be best to be wary. Just be clear as to what sexuality you are looking for to avoid confusion and such.

Communicating with Members

Date In Asia

Every profile has a messaging box, which is located at the top right. Upon accessing that box, you will notice that there is a fair warning that messages should always be clean. The messages and as well as the replies will always be seen on the profile page of the user. There are no chat features on this site. So the only way for you to be able to communicate is through that particular messaging system. Also, there is no known limit for messaging a user so don’t be surprised if you receive a lot of messages.

Support of Date In Asia

The support on Date in Asia is non-existent. Of course, you can still report any inappropriate content or report any scammers if there are any. According to the website’s FAQs page, they will only be able to reply within 5 to 7 days. They will also be responding if they deem that the request is important. Since you did not shell out a single centavo, the only time that they will be attending to your needs is if you start reporting scammers.

Why Should You Join Date In Asia

The apparent reason as to why you should join Date In Asia is for you to be able to find that potential Asian date that you’ve been waiting for. Some people may say that this dating site is somewhat simple and very basic, but if your goal is to find someone, then there won’t be a problem. The site may be very basic, but it is a clean website so everything should be fine.


If you are looking for an Asian dating site that will help you meet Asians. Then Dating In Asia would be fine for you. The reason behind this is because it has the basic features that one will need when it comes to dating sites. But if you are going to look for more features, then you may try some other dating Asian sites that have the features that you need.

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