Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews in 2019

With the many Asian dating sites today, it can be daunting to choose which dating site to accept from. But when it comes to Asian dating sites, the most popular site for dating is Date In Asia. The site is perfect for people who are looking for Indonesians, Filipinos, and Thai people. You may be asking as to why, well, all the answers will be right down below!

Best Asian Dating Site

Date In Asia

One of the most popular dating sites in Asia is Date in Asia, where you can’t only find a date but as well as friends. The site focuses on Asia, but they welcome every single individual from all over the world, no matter what the ethnicity or nationality is. 

In this dating site, you can easily publish your profile and browse for different members so you can message the ones you’re interested with. The best thing about this is that signing up is free so you don’t have to worry about spending a single penny. 

Why Choose Date In Asia

One of the reasons why you should choose Date In Asia is that majority of gorgeous Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino women dominate the site. This means that, if you are a westerner who is looking for beautiful Asians, you no longer need to look no further because they are here in this site, waiting for you to sweep them off of their feet. 

Of course, another reason is that they are offering free membership. This means that if you are not into spending to get into a dating site, then Date In Asia is for you. You can sign up and create your profile so you can start searching for that Asian woman that you’ve been dreaming of. 

Also, Date In Asia has a real-time messaging which will let you chat with different users comfortably. If you find a particular user annoying, just hit the block button and they’ll be gone in just a second. This means that you can browse and chat with people on the site with ease and without worrying about bumping into those annoying users.

Sign Up Process

Signing up on Date In Asia is easy and as I’ve mentioned above, free. All you have to do is to key-in all of your necessary information, which includes your email, username, password, birthday, and your country. You also need to choose your gender and the gender of the person that you are looking in this website.

Once you have key-in your email, a link will be sent to your email which will help activate your account. You need to click it so you can validate your Date In Asia account. You also need to verify your mobile phone number using the code that you will receive upon activation. This will help ensure the legitimacy and the security of the site.

Amazing Features On Date In Asia


One of the features that Date In Asia has is Shout. It is a feature where members can chat with other users, or choose a specific room to chat in. A lot of members find this feature impressive because not everyone is confident enough to message the person that they like. So the best way to do this is to send a random message through Shout and hope that they respond to your message. 


To ensure that you can locate all of your favorite Date In Asia members, the site has a Favorites feature where members can keep all the favorite members that they have. In this way, you can easily find them and chat with them if you please. 


Now, this is one of the features that a lot of members like. The reason behind this is because this is where they can find the members who are interested in them. This feature will help you know the people who are genuinely there to get to know you. Also, this will help you know if pursuing a relationship is possible with that particular member or not. 

Overall, Date In Asia is one of the best Asian dating sites on the internet today, with all these amazing features and the ease of registration as well. Make your dreams come true by finding the Asian woman of your dreams at Date In Asia today.

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