Ashley Madison vs BeNaughty: 2023 Dating Site Comparison Guide

Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty

Dating sites aren’t always about finding the perfect match for the rest of your life. As you must already be aware, virtually any dating site will give you a chance to hook up with someone you like.

Still, not all of them cater to this need only, and you may come across judgment on some sites. Some dating sites, though, are there to help us release sexual tension and have fun without strings attached.

Today, we’re looking into two of the most popular websites that help people do just that.

Both BeNaughty and Ashley Madison will help you find someone to, to put it blatantly, hook up with for one night. We will take an in-depth look at them across various fields to help you pick the one that suits you.

Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Overall Review

While they do cater to the same need, there’s a slight difference between the approaches of these two websites. BeNaughty is open about what they bring to the table, and Ashley Madison goes for a more discreet method.

Ashley Madison – 9/10

This website was established as a dating platform in 2001. Its main goal is to find discreet affairs for people who are married or in relationships. As such, this is the most popular adultery website online.

Still, it appeals to a broader audience, although their target does consist of attached people. Their membership base contains those married, in a relationship, and single looking for an affair.

Most members are women looking for men and vice versa. Nonetheless, you’ll find people of all sexual orientations brought together by their desire to have an affair. The member base consists of mostly young women and older, successful men.

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BeNaughty – 10/10

BeNaugthy started as a chat and flirt site in 2005. It boasts over 14 million members looking to, well, be naughty. It aims at people looking for casual fun in the sack and temporary connections.

It’s not impossible to connect more earnestly and in more depth on the website, but the general approach is geared towards relaxed singles. It features all sexual orientations, as well as couples, aged primarily between 25 and 34 years old.

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Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Pricing

The pricing is similar for both websites when it comes to the amount required. However, Ashley Madison brings a more affordable price per service on more expensive plans, while BeNaughty offers exclusive perks per policy.

Both sites work towards maintaining an active user base of females. For that reason, they both offer special treatment, so to say, to the ladies on their website.

On BeNaughty, women may answer messages for free, while Ashley Madison requires no premium membership from its lady members.

Ashley Madison – 8/10

The cost of registering on the website will depend on your gender – it’s free for women, but comes with a price tag for men. This policy may seem sexist, but you won’t find either gender complaining.

Both genders may join as Guest members, too, but such membership doesn’t allow sending messages. You may only browse and send winks to get a taste of the website.

Premium memberships come in credits or subscription packages. There are several pricing options:

  • Elite – the highest package level on the site
  • Classic – a mid-level plan
  • Basic – only the essential subscription

However, the pricier package you choose, the less the cost each of your credits will be. Any of them allows you to send messages and view entire profiles of your fellow members.

BeNaughty – 9/10

As a free member on BeNaughty, you may browse for an unlimited period, as well as put its advanced filters in use. Unfortunately, though, only paying members can message one another, but females can answer all those enticing messages without paying.

  • This dating site only offers one-month subscription plans, which is following its philosophy of short-term commitment. There are three premium plans available:
  • The premier dater – this package is the most expensive, including extra security and highlights for your profile besides messaging.
  • The Chat-a-tolic Pack – this package provides unlimited messaging as well as the ability to see when your correspondents opened the message.
  • Extra security – this package is for those who want to go on the down-low. It gives you full encryption of all your information. Besides, there will be automatized history cleaning after each of your sessions. If you don’t trust this completely, you may also browse incognito with the extra security plan.

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Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Demographics

Both websites are open for people of any sexual orientation, looking for casual encounters. Still, Ashley Madison is slightly geared towards older men looking for young girls, while BeNaughty doesn’t discriminate in that way, featuring all ages and genders.

Ashley Madison – 9/10

This dating platform is the best place for finding sugar daddies and sugar babes (or boys). However, we won’t discriminate. Sugar mommas can also find boys (or babes) to date.

The most prominent member groups, as we mentioned, are:

  • Young girls (aged 20 to 29), usually students or seeking a career
  • Older men (aged 35 to 55), successful business people

Any type of relationship status is available, although the majority of members are in committed relationships of some kind. Still, single people curious to discover what’s out there make up a portion of the user base.

Almost half of Ashley Madison comes from America. The rest is in the majority from the UK, Spain, and Brasil.

BeNaughty – 9/10

The target group of BeNaugty consists of anyone over 18 years old, single, and looking for a sexual encounter. The only excluding factor, besides age, is being in a relationship.

Although this is not common for dating sites, female members are much more active than males. It may be since the site boasts more Short girl than guys, in the proportion of 60-40.

When it comes to age, most users are 18-34 years old, although you may find even 55+ members on the site. They come from all over the world, with a bit less than half of the users being American.

Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Who is Better at Being Scam-Free?

Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty

Both of these websites gather a lot of information from their users, which they don’t want to be shared. So, they feature high-end encryption to protect user info.

When it comes to scammers, though, Ashley Madison does very little to protect their users from pestering profiles. BeNaughty boasts a much more functional anti-fraud protection.

Ashley Madison – 4/10

Ashley Madison values privacy and security, both for obvious reasons. So, they go to extreme lengths to protect their members, their privacy, and their personal information.

During your registration process, they offer assistance to keep your profile as secure as possible. Besides, all payments on the site are entirely anonymous, no matter the payment method you decide to use.

However, when it comes to scammers making fake profiles, you’re on your own. The registration procedure on this website allows anyone to start using their services without verification.

BeNaughty – 9/10

Safety is a top concern for BeNaugthy, too, as their users are putting up a lot of personal things on the website. So, the team behind this dating site did a lot to keep its environment a secure and trustworthy place for all users.

They protect user information using encryption. Also, they encourage their members to report and block anyone exhibiting unwanted or suspicious behavior. This anti-fraud system even goes as far as the team calling the user to verify their identity.

You may also switch to the ultra-safe mode on BeNaughty, which enables only verified users to send you messages. Profiles get verified through photographs, and it also helps the team see if a person is trying to make multiple profiles using different email addresses.

Ashley Madison vs BeNaughty: Features Comparison

Neither of the two websites boasts many bells and whistles to satisfy their user base. It makes sense, though, as the key to both is ‘fun and fast.’ There are differences in what they offer, though.

Ashley Madison offers extra features to help your profile become more successful. BeNaughty, on the other hand, focuses more on the fun and safety aspect, turning their dating site into a very straightforward and quick social network.

Ashley Madison – 10/10

Ashley madison features review

Signing up to the website is fast, after which you get to explore a host of useful features.


The communication tools on Ashley Madison are many. You may send winks and gifts to get the attention of another user, as well as join group chats or send private messages. A useful feature when it comes to communication goes under the name Priority Messaging.

When you send another user a priority message, they will get it first – it will show up first in their inbox. That way, you are more likely to get attention from users who enjoy many people flirting with them.

Another feature called Message Plus allows you to talk to anyone who you have contacted in any way. This feature comes in the form of a free trial once you purchase a membership. After 30 days, you need to pay for it.


Your notifications may come to you via email or on your phone. This feature can be useful as it means you don’t need to spend all your time on the website.

Besides, there’s an app available to use while you’re on the go. It’s not the best of apps out there, but it hosts all basic functionalities of the website at your fingertips.

Golden Status

This feature comes with a premium membership. It makes your profile appear third on the list of all search results, even if you don’t meet the criteria 100%.

Special Features

There are some extra perks on Ashley Madison to spice up your experience, too. They include the following:

  • Favorites list – in essence, a list of up to 100 of your favorite profiles on Ashley Madison. It helps you remember who caught your eye the next time you’re browsing.
  • Discreet photos – to keep your identity private, the site allows you to upload discreet pictures. You may blur it out or add face masks. Then, when you meet a person you like, give them the key to access the explicit version of your pictures.
  • Winks – this feature shows people that you’re interested in them. It helps initiate contact without having to think of an icebreaker.
  • Traveling man – as the name suggests, this feature caters to those on the go. It allows you to text up to 30 members in the area you’re traveling to before you arrive, so you have a date ready once you land.
  • Priority man – similar to the golden status, priority man helps your profile stand out. It may appear on other people’s search pages even if you’re not EXACTLY what they seek.

BeNaughty – 8/10

Once you create a profile, you must upload at least one photo which needs to pass the standards. Afterward, it’s off to browsing and taking advantage of the many features BeNaughty offers.


The messaging functions of BeNaughty are a lot like popular social media sites. So, a message will pop up the moment you receive one. You may also send and receive photos and videos using the chat option.


As we mentioned above, the messages arrive in the form of push notifications as soon as you get them. If you’re on the go, you may also get notified on your phone once a message arrives.

The app is clear, features all functionalities of the website, and is free to download. You will also find some fun games on the app to bide the time while you wait for a response. However, it’s available only for Android users at the moment.

Extra Features

There are many optional special features for you to enjoy as a BeNaughty member. Some of them are:

  • Promote account – if the site’s algorithm finds you potential matches, it will send promotional messages and winks on your behalf.
  • Match suggestions – to save you the browsing, BeNaughty will suggest matches based on your location.
  • Full/Basic Safe Mode – the full safe mode, as we discussed, allows only verified users to contact you. The basic mode automatically blocks messages from flagged members.
  • Cute or not – this is a game you can play, where the site gives you profiles, and you swipe on them, Tinder-style.

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Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Dating Success

Ashley Madison vs. BeNaughty: Dating Success

As both of these websites cater to those seeking non-traditional relationships without a future, there aren’t many success stories to read out there. Still, both show high rates of achievement in what they aim to do.

The goal of both, and Ashley Madison more than BeNaughty, is to create an accepting environment. The experiences of those who took advantage of this service show the same results.

Ashley Madison – 9/10

Ashley Madison creates an environment that accepts people exploring their options, even though they’re committed to someone. It promotes extramarital affairs. As such, it is open for people frustrated with their sex life for whichever reason.

The users say that the experience of using Ashley Madison is liberating. It helps you meet people who understand how you feel and don’t judge you for it. Indeed, it’s one of the most open-minded, non-traditional dating websites online.

BeNaughty – 10/10

BeNaughty boasts one of the largest user bases of singles looking for fun, no strings attached. It is blatant in encouraging everyone to explore their naughty desires, both in words and in the way it operates.

The members tend to be so responsive that you’ll feel far from judged upon joining. On the contrary, the user base of active members, and females, in particular, offers an additional boost.

The site encourages you to ask for what you want and don’t shy away from your desires. It’s open-minded in its way. The only drawback in terms of dating success may be that the decisions tend to be based on physical appearance.

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Our Verdict: Which is Better?

It’s not easy to say which site is better for your experience. Although BeNaughty is better across the fields, it may not be best for your needs. First of all, both will help you discover a bit more about yourself while having a lot of fun, as long as you’re smart about it.

The most significant difficulty we had in announcing a clear winner lies in the fact the websites cater to different things. Both are very light and fun, judgment-free, and responsive. Let’s reiterate.

Ashley Madison is your go-to website if you want an affair. If not, you may still join, but keep in mind that you will run into married people. It may be what you want, as it ensures the no-strings-attached philosophy. However, if you are open-minded to finding something more long-lasting, it may not be best for you.

Visit BeNaughty if you hope to have fun without expectations and hope to see what the future brings. However, if you’re married or dating, don’t mention it on your profile – you won’t be approved! This website is not a place for swingers and threesomes. In the end, we may say that AshleyMadison offers a more significant boost of adrenaline, while BeNaughty feels more casual. If you’re still struggling, visit them both. Signup is free, and you may browse through the gallery to see which works better in your case.

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