7 Signs she is developing feelings

Finding out when your partner has developed feelings for you can be one of the most difficult decisions you will make in a relationship. 

It can be difficult to determine how someone feels about you, especially if they are not verbally expressing their feelings. 

However, if you’re concerned that your significant other has lost interest in the relationship or that they are developing feelings for someone else, some signs can help you determine whether or not your concerns are justified. 

Continue reading to find out more about these five crucial signs that she is beginning to feel emotions!

7 Signs she is developing feelings for you

1: She wants to know your personal life

Knowing whether or not a girl has feelings for you can be difficult. Here are some signs that she is developing feelings: She wants to know your personal life, although it’s probably already clear from talking with her regularly. 

When you have a major or minor argument, she won’t let go of the issue until both people understand each other better and conclude together. 

You two seem only to appreciate the moments when you’re alone together rather than out doing activities with friends/family members. She talks about growing old together even if there isn’t any real commitment between the two of you yet. 

She tries to spend as much time with you as possible, even if it’s just watching a movie at home. A lot of little things she does for you don’t go unnoticed. Whether it be a cute text message wishing you good luck or bringing you food when you’re sick. 

You catch her staring into space and smiling at the thought of being around each other more often. If any of these sound familiar, there is some sort of feeling developing on her end. 

Don’t let this rush your decision-making process, though! Make sure she’s right for you before diving headfirst into something profound together.

2: She’s always in a good mood

If she is always in a good mood when you’re around, she could be developing feelings for you. She doesn’t have to show her opposing sides just because she’s having a bad day or so. 

If she seems happy with the way things are going between the two of you and starts blushing at your compliments or jokes, it may be time to start thinking about whether she has strong romantic feelings towards you as well. 

This does not, however, mean that she will start showing her romantic side right away. Remember that a woman’s mind can be complex, and you might have to wait for the signs to pile up before it becomes clear what exactly is going on in her head. 

For you to know that she likes you, there’s no need for her to be constantly smiling around you. But, on the other hand, if she is always in a bad mood every time your paths cross or starts avoiding you, it may mean that something happened between the two of you, and now she feels awkward about being around you. 

If this happens, the chances are big that things won’t work out between the two of you, so don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what went wrong if this is how your last encounters ended up.

3: She’s interested in what you have to say

For example, if you’re talking about your day or a recent trip, she will ask questions that go deeper into the conversation. If this is something she’s never done before–asking specific details of what happened on your date night, for example–that could indicate that her feelings are beginning to develop beyond friendship. 

If it has been a while since you’ve hung out with her and suddenly she initiates plans, make sure you take note. 

She may want to catch up and get reacquainted more intimately by planning activities like grabbing dinner together or watching a movie at home instead of going out somewhere new where there will be other people around distracting from getting to know one another better. 

It could be a sign that she’s looking for more than just friendship. If you notice she is asking about your dating life, don’t brush it off as if the topic doesn’t interest her when in fact, it does and could indicate feelings of attraction are beginning to grow inside of her. 

Ask questions like “Do you want me to set you up with someone?” or “What type do I need to introduce you to?” giving hints that maybe something is going on between the two of you but nothing serious yet because the both of you aren’t quite sure where things stand currently and maybe testing different waters by talking about your love lives instead.

4: She listens when you talk and asks questions about your interests

It is essential that your lady shows interest in you and the things you are passionate about. If she is talking to you, giving her undivided attention, smiling at whatever interests you, this could be a sign of developing feelings. 

It’s great if your date pays attention to what makes you interesting as well as sexy. Look for signs they’re interested in your career dreams or hobbies. This is a great sign they’re really into you! She looks at me and smiles; she watches the things I do. If your woman seems to be watching your every move with admiration or affection, this could signify deeper feelings. 

It’s possible that you’ve got her attention in more ways than one! It doesn’t matter if it’s just once or twice, but these are general signs of developing feelings, so pay attention when you notice them happening during your next date night out. 

And even though it may seem like nothing much had changed between now and before where everything was all about having fun together. Slowly but surely, there will come along changes that indicate something way different is going on here. You’ll see for yourself soon enough how significant it is that you didn’t just let this woman slip away from your grasp.

5: You make her laugh

You make her laugh. If you are doing something that is causing your girl to laugh, she will develop feelings for you. She can’t help but smile when around you, making it hard to keep the relationship platonic. 

You may wonder why she keeps laughing at your jokes or comments because they may not even be funny, but because of how happy it makes her feel to hear them come out of your mouth- so don’t let up! 

This creates a unique connection between two people, which leads down an inevitable path towards love. This is a sign that she is developing feelings for you. Many times, she isn’t even aware that it is happening. 

Moreover, she can’t help but smile when around you, making it hard to keep the relationship platonic. 

6: She starts confiding in you more than ever before

If you are not friends with her already, this is the time to become friends. She needs somebody on her team right now. 

She likely will be more open and honest with you than she has ever been before because it’s no longer just about being “fair” or even really caring for your feelings at all anymore – it’s about making sure that YOU are there for HER to keep somebody else out of the picture. 

If she can’t have him, then neither can you! So don’t fall into that trap by staying close but still keeping your distance emotionally. 

Letting her do all the talking during these times may help things faster if you choose correctly which battles to fight; however, make sure not to let yourself get walked over either! If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just shut up. 

It may be a good idea to invest in some drama if things start getting too deep. But, on the other hand, she will likely appreciate the effort and love you bring her – even if she doesn’t initially show it! 

However, if all else fails and after spending countless hours listening to your BFF complain about another man while pointing out his flaws for what seems like an eternity, do not take this personally when she stops confiding in you altogether! 

It’s very common for women who are hung up on somebody not to want anybody talking badly about them behind their backs no matter how much they deserve it.

7: You’re the first person she wants to call when something happens to her, whether it be good or bad.

You’re the first person she wants to call when something happens to her, whether it be good or bad. For example, if you’ve been together for years and suddenly you find yourself being pushed aside in favor of work more often than not, there’s a chance that your girlfriend might have developed feelings for someone else. 

As time goes on, every couple deals with this problem differently, but if you notice some familiar signs, then the chances are that things aren’t going according to plan between just the two of you anymore. 

She may start spending most of her free time away from home, which could indicate newfound interests outside of what was once “your world.” 

Other clues can include moodiness; a sudden urge to talk about her ex or a new guy she’s seeing; and the most significant indication of all: feeling uncomfortable when showing affection. Plus, she might feel the need to fill you in on everything going on with her new boyfriend. 

If she’s always talking about him and never seems interested when your stories start flowing, then maybe it’s time for some tough love or a serious heart-to-heart talk.

Some Open Questions

How do I know if my girlfriend is developing feelings for me over text?

When a girl is developing romantic feelings for you, she sends you texts about her past relationships. These texts are in-depth and enticing. She will share all of her secrets with you. Her texts will be more interesting and in-depth than your own, and she will be open with you. 

Why does she act cold when we are together?

When a girl is developing romantic feelings for you, she sends you texts about her past relationships. These texts are in-depth and enticing. She will share all of her secrets with you. Her texts will be more interesting and in-depth than your own, and she will be open with you. A girl who doesn’t show her feelings isn’t interested in your friendship.

Is flirting considered cheating or not?

Flirtation is a form of communication, and the decision to flirt is entirely up to the individual. It’s a way of expressing yourself, and it can tell you whether or not your girlfriend is missing you. If she flirts with other people while you’re together, it’s a sign that she no longer cares about you. You must demonstrate to her that numerous men are pursuing a single female in the world!


Knowing the warning signs, you shouldn’t be surprised if your girl begins to develop feelings for you. 

There’s a good chance that she’s thinking about you more than usual and showing an interest in everything that has anything to do with you, which means she’s developing romantic feelings for you! 

When a girl begins to share more intimate and personal information with someone, it is a sign that she is developing strong feelings for that individual. These can range from their deepest secrets to their favorite movies and everything in between.

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