5 Signs someone is missing you

You might not be aware of the signs that someone misses you, but if they’re looking at your pictures, stalking your social media accounts, and attempting to contact you, they likely miss you. 

If this is happening to you, you can do a couple of things to remedy the situation. 

First and foremost, make certain that whoever is missing you understands how much their absence means to you by responding quickly and positively when they reach out for assistance. 

Second, don’t take for granted the person who has been absent from your life because they could disappear tomorrow (or even today) and never return! Let’s dive a little deeper and discover five signs someone is missing you right now.

5 Signs someone is missing you right now

1: The first sign someone is missing you is when they don’t text back.

If you are trying to spend time with them, it is only logical to know what’s happening. The lack of communication can leave someone feeling abandoned and ignored. You may feel as if you are not vital to them. 

However, this is only a sign that they may be busy and not intentionally ignoring you. A few hours should not cause you to worry. To be sure, wait a few days and see if they text you back. If not, then it is possible that ignoring them was their intention all along. 

Always remember that you cannot control their actions. You can only control your reactions to it. This means that if they don’t text back, it is up to you whether or not you should reply. 

You can either wait for them to contact you again or pull the plug on this relationship. You should never wait around for a person who doesn’t care about you. Knowing when to text back is essential as well

If they miss you, they will make an effort to contact you and apologize for their actions. However, you will know when they truly miss you because, in that case, they will fight for your relationship. Instead of ignoring you and giving up on the connection between the two of you, they want to keep it alive.

2: Other signs that someone misses you

Others signs that someone misses you are if they’re not as talkative and seem down. If a person is going through something recently, their emotions will be easily read by those close to them. 

Their depression could also lead to self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse, so it may be time for intervention if the friends notice this. For the friends, it is essential to make sure they are not getting into risky situations or making poor decisions. 

If a person misses you, they will want to talk more frequently, and with that, there usually comes open communication. They will be able to better speak about their feelings without the worry of judgment because the foundation between the two parties has already been established through trust. 

Often, when a person misses someone else, they want to be around that person more often, leading to constant communication. They may also start trying new things or making life changes to see the other party again because their absence has been strongly felt. 

In relationships, secrets are usually being told between each side of the couple, but if something is going on, one partner can tell who’s hiding things from whom just by how talkative they are with them. 

If a conversation seems forced, it might indicate that someone is not opening up about what’s really going on since it would likely come out through another source such as social media posts which have become increasingly popular recently among teens and young adults alike.

3: They may also do things to try and see or talk to you again

It’s no secret that people are often drawn to others who share the same interests, hobbies, or love of ice cream. When somebody misses you, they might also take on similar activities in an attempt to spend time with you again. 

If someone is missing you, they may start doing things like calling or texting more frequently because there’s a void without your presence. 

Or if you used to go hiking every Saturday morning together, for example, it would make sense if one day when you woke up and decided not to do that, they suddenly joined their friends at the park instead of staying home so that she could hike alone by themselves (and potentially miss out on seeing YOU). 

The person will do whatever it takes to be around what made them happy before… and that includes YOU. Someone might also take on activities they usually don’t like doing (or never would have thought of trying) and commit to them if it means seeing you again. 

If someone misses you, their imagination may run wild with different ways s/he can get in touch with you or how to spend more time together before the opportunity slips away again. They will do whatever is necessary! Just remember: absence makes the heart grow fonder… but not always for too long!

4: It can be hard to know whether somebody misses you

Often you can find a word or two in the other person’s messages that may suggest they miss you. For example, if your significant other texts, “I wish I could cuddle with you right now,” it might mean they do want to be close to you but are just too busy at work to getaway. 

If someone misses their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and tries to get over them, one of the signs will probably be wanting closure on what happened before moving forward without getting back together. 

Another sign could include avoiding talking about your ex altogether because this person knows how much hurt feelings it would cause by bringing up something painful for both of them. It’s expected that people who haven’t moved past an old relationship yet tend not to mention it at all. 

Another sign that someone misses you is asking how your day was and listening to what you say. 

Suppose the person seems distracted or their mind has wandered off. In that case, this doesn’t show much interest in spending time with you, so notice any signs like these because if somebody loves and cares about you, they will want to know everything there is to know about the adventures going on in your life.

5: Signs of a person who doesn’t miss you

Sometimes, separated or divorced people just don’t know how much they miss someone until they are gone for a bit of time. 

It can be challenging when you have kids with another person because children become very attached to one parent over the other, usually causing more stress on both parents once they separate. 

This is why if there are even signs that point towards your ex missing you, then do everything in your power to try and get them back! If this means starting by trying romantic gestures like sending flowers after work every day, so he knows extra special care was put into his daily routine, then go ahead! 

The worst-case scenario is that you’re wrong, and the person doesn’t miss your presence at all. But, of course, you can always tell yourself, “At least I tried!” then move forward with life without them if things don’t work out as planned. 

Plus, there are tons of fish in the sea, as they say! So if it does not work out, you’ll be glad that you at least tried to fix things.

Some Open Questions

What should I do if my ex is missing me?

You should try to get in touch with them. When you talk, make sure not to tell them what they should be doing or how they are feeling. You might even bring up the idea of getting back together again. Of course, this will depend on how much your ex misses you after breaking up.

How can I tell if my ex misses me?

You can figure out if your ex misses you by using the signs mentioned in this article. However, it is best to forget about them for a while so that they miss you even more. If you’re serious about getting back together with them, be careful not to come across as desperate when reaching out.

Should we get back together?

This depends on your ex. Of course, you should give them space, but you can also try getting in touch with them. If they’re missing you, the more time passes, the harder it will be for them to get back together again. But, if you keep reaching out, they may eventually give in.


Now that you know the most common signs of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend missing you, you can tell if your ex is thinking about you. 

If your partner believes you are missing them, they will try to remind you of the good times you shared. For example, you may have noticed that they frequently write poems and post pictures of themselves having a good time. 

Additionally, you may notice signs of loneliness in the form of snide remarks about new partners. If you are experiencing this, they are likely missing you. Yet, on the other hand, they may be thinking about you all of the time.

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