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Romance Scams Resource Links


This is the page to be when you're researching or reporting a scam. When you need immediate assistance please contact a Peer Counselor for guidance.

Government Links

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Official FBI Site
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Communications Commission Filing a Complaint
Your Local FBI Office
Field Divisions
US Secret Service Financial Crimes Division
US Secret Service
Secret Service Field Offices
US Dept of Justice
DOJ Agencies
Financial Crimes Task Force
US Marshals Service US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): Cyber Crimes Center US Postal Inspectors
The SEC's Office of Internet Enforcement Complaint Center Better Business Bureau National Association of Attorneys General


Assistance Links

Fraudaid Fraud Victim Advocacy CUFF
Citizens United to Find Fugitives
Internet National Fraud Information Center Watch
Help for American Victims Overseas
Report Fraud Hotline ConsumerAffairs.Com
Consumer Alerts Ebay Fraud Tips Federal Communications Commission
Phone Fraud
Fraud GuideStar Legitimate charities in the US and the UK. National Insurance Crime Bureau
U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS)
Travel Advice by Country Social Security Administration
Report Fraud to the Hotline
Net Credit ID Theft  

Nigerian Links

Economic & Financial Crimes Commission
American Citizens Services - US Consular Section Nigeria United States Diplomatic Mission To Nigeria: Consular Section
Nigerian Embassy on Bank Fraud The Nigerian Embassies and High Commissions
Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website
Artists Against 419: Large ongoing list of fake bank web sites.


International Reporting Links

Scam Watch Australia AFP
Australian Federal Police
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Reporting a Scam
Making a report in the UK

The Canadian Anti-fraud
RCMP Canada
Scam Reporting Addresses International Cybercrime Reporting Organizations Met.Police.UK
Metropolitan Police Service
Interpol-International Criminal Police Organization
Financial Fraud
Ghana Embassy Nigeria Embassy

Identity Theft Links

Identity Theft Resource Center Free Credit Report
Protect Your ID UK- Identity Theft Resources
Credit Report

Credit Report
Credit Report

VISA & Passport Links

US Travel from Nigeria Costs and Fees Passport Find a Embassy
Help for American Victims Overseas
REGISTRATION / EMBASSY LOCATION Citizenship and Immigration Services-US
American Citizens Services - US Consular Section Nigeria
United States Diplomatic Mission To Nigeria: Consular Section
Country Specific Information - Medical Insurance Travel Abroad-UK
Embassy of Ghana Visa Information UK Embassy of Moscow-Russia
Embassy of the Russian Federation VISA Information Visa Applicants Russian
Visa Information Ghana
Visa Applicants Singapore Visa Information Russian -Fiance(e) Visa

Nigerian, Ghana & UK Hospital Links

Hospitals Worldwide Accra Healing Centers, Hospitals, & Clinics Hospitals In Ghana
Lagos Hospitals and Clinics
Hospitals in the UK The World Clock

Research Links

Fake Passports Fake Documents
International Dialing Codes
Picture of a Money Order Western Union
Iban Checker Verify international bank account numbers GuideStar Legitimate charities in the US and the UK. US Postal Inspector's Office
IP Address Tracking Program National Check Fraud Center The World Clock
Find Your Nearest Postal Inspector Merchant Risk Council Ghana Telephone Directory

Scam Education

YouTube Videos on Romance Scams YouTube Videos on Romance Scams US Dept of State Bureau of Internat'l Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Nigerian
Advance Fee Fraud
Advance Fee Fraud
Most Recent Postal Scams A Common Currency for Online Fraud
Ebay Scams Counterfeiting Laws

Speak Out

U.S. Governors U.S. Representatives U.S. Senators
State Legislatures
Alaska New York Tennessee
Arizona North Carolina Texas
Arkansas North Dakota Utah
California Ohio Vermont
Colorado Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Oregon Washington
Delaware Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia South Carolina Wyoming

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