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    "Users have to be aware that anyone asking for your bank account information via e-mail, regardless of their stated reason, is trying to steal your hard-earned money"

    Adam O'Donnell

    Fund Recovery Scam- Fake Investigators

    We are being made aware of so called detectives who are offering their services, for a fee of course, to track down a person's scammer. They promise to identify who the scammer is and for an additional fee have them arrested and bring them to justice. Many people have been contacted by fake officials asking for money to assist and we know this is just a continuation of the scams.

    But they are getting a little more professional here. There are some that have set up website's saying they are NET Detectives. There are some that are showing associations to different investigative organizations. We spoke with the FBI Internet Crimes Division about the affiliations and was told that they are PAID associations and anyone can be a member if they pay the fee. It in no way makes them legitimate.

    The FBI also said there is NO WAY for anyone to really trace who the scammers are from this end. They are cloaked behind phony names and identities. The most they can tell you is they are scammers, but then we can tell you the same thing right here and we do it for FREE. If the investigator is based in Nigeria, 99.99% they are also a scammer. They make it sound good, saying they will help you. After they have supposedly located your scammer, then they need additional money to have them arrested and brought to justice. The truth is all they are going to do is help you open your wallet again and give them more money.

    When many people are first scammed they want justice. They want the person found and prosecuted. But it does not work that way and anyone who tells you differently are lying through their teeth. So please, do not fall for these claims. These are either scammers who want more money, or these are people who are trying to profit off of everyone's pain.


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