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  • Romance Scams

    Dealing with the Dangers

    Romance Scams Facts

    Scammers will not stop until you make them stop. When a scammer confesses they are a scammer and they fell in love with you; this another part of the scam. What usually happens is you get sucked right back into it and worse the second time. They will convince you to visit them in Nigeria. You will lose more money, if you consider visiting and even your life. We are dealing with one victim who is being held in Nigeria against her will and her child is the leverage to keep her there. She is scamming now, and could lose her life. The FBI warned us a couple years ago, if they (victims) go over they will be dragged into the scamming business and are in danger...and its true.

    So to answer your question yes its dangerous. To understand these scams you need to read the stories from other victims, and to read about these scams. These scammers will not stop, this is a business and very big one that is associated with terrorism.

    Save yourself time, money, your sanity and even your life- start to heal from this scam and move on by helping others.

    From a Romance Scam Victim

    I know that the group will be very disappointed in me but I let my scammer David Nickson back in because he told me he was still in love with me. He said he wanted to talk to me again; so we talked tonight. He wanted me to send him money and a credit card in my name; so he could put the money on it and withdraw off it. All he cared about was money and a credit card. He called me every bad name in the book he could think of.

    I wanted to believe that he was who he says he was, and not a scammer; but now I have learned that he is not David Nickson. He is truly a scammer. I did not want to say anything to the group about this because, I was so stupid, and dumb to think he really loved me. He is nothing but a liar who got back into my heart, and broke it again and hurt me.

    Please learn from me, never ever let your scammer back into your life like I did. I have blocked him, and deleted him from my yahoo; I will never let him back in again. All those sweet words he would say to
    me were just lies but I wanted to believe he was who he says he was.


    Victim Stories


    Scam Baiting Dangers

    Scam backing or scam baiting, is not a means of revenge or closure for someone who has been scammed recently. The practice of Scam backing is filled with lots of negative energy; it will also take a lot out of you. The risk of being sucked right back in to the scam is very high..

    Romance Scams does not advocate the practice of scam backing or scam baiting. Over the past three years we have witnessed victims being harmed in unimaginable ways by participating in this activity. We follow the advice of the FBI which is to remove, block and cease all contact immediately.

    From a Romance Scam Victim

    "Just needed to write a little bit about playing around with your scammers after you find out what they are. I thought they couldn't do anything to me, so every now and again I would send a little message. The Last one I sent was a copy of the news paper article that was written about my story. Well the other day I received a e-mail. I thought it was a response to that article considering I have received nearly one hundred responses to it. This one was different after opening it I discovered it was from my scammer and it also contain a virus that literal killed my new laptop. and on that computer was some irreplaceable data. This represented about a month of hard work. So please do your self a favor and not play with the scammers after you discover what they are doing to you. I just learned the hard way. This lesson just cost me about $2000. This is how they make their living, and is not a game to them; I know this first hand. "


    The Dangers

    • Whether you want to realize it or not you are playing with people who have terrorist connections.
    • Your computer can be hacked into and have your personal information (identity theft) stolen along with having many viruses installed onto your computer.
    • The scammers do not like their flow of money interrupted. This is not a game!
    • We have confirmation from the FBI. The authors of the book were placed under protection when their computers came under cyber terrorism.
    • Scam backing, may waste a bit of their time, but it does not solve the real problem at hand.

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    Most people want revenge on their scammer, so they try to scam back them. But in more cases then we would even like to remember, the victims still had feelings for their scammer and got sucked right back into the scam. More
    Scammers will say and do anything to have you send money including threatening your life, your family or something you hold dear to your self. To give into these tactics allows the scammer to win and accomplish their goal of stealing our money. More
    Over the past few years thousands of individuals from all walks of life have shared their personal experiences on how the scam affected them. How they were able to over came the scam by describing the process of dealing with the embarrassment, heartbreak, financial crisis, pain, and anger. More
    Web cams are more a psychological tool by turning on your web cam to the scammer you have become more vulnerable. They will use it to strengthen the relationship, telling the victim how beautiful or handsome they are. This creates more of a bond with them. More
    If you gave your scammer your banking information, and/ or credit card information you will need to close your accounts. More
    These types of scams are the more well know of Nigerian scams. Many people mistakenly confuse these with Romance Scams. There is a difference 419 scams are about gaining money and Romance Scams are about falling in love and helping the person you love. More
    After you discover the scam you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed, how to report the scammer or just how the scam works. This is a section that can answer those questions and direct you to other areas on our site that will have more details on how to understand aftermath of a romance scammer. More


    Please contact us for support when facing these dangers.